50 Bottles of Lotion Powder

Hello everyone! From Magic Eyes comes a neat little something, but with great potential. One bottle of powder, with which you can make 50 bottles worth of lubricant?! Let’s take that under the magnifying glass!


Lubricant. One thing you must have within reach whenever you use a sextoy or explore certain sexual practices with your partner (or if either of you wants to enhance comfort), is a bottle of lube.

There are many kinds of lube, like the well known petroleum jelly (aka Vaseline™),  coconut oil, non-drying silicone lube, Cowper’s fluid, and water-based lubricant.

For sextoy use, water-based lubricant is almost always a safe choice. In fact, avoid any oil or silicon with onaholes, or silicon dildos/vibrators/plugs. So, especially if you’re an onahole blogger or otherwise use onaholes almost daily, you’ll see your water-based lubricant bottle emptying fast. And getting 360mL bottles shipped from Japan can get costy, due to the weight.

But rejoice! Magic Eyes has a solution. Since you pretty likely have tap water in your home, let’s simply ship you the dried remaining ingredients!


The product comes as a little bottle of powder, weighting approximately 130g. The powder itself looks a bit like sugar, so make sure no one sprinkles the powder into their coffee!

The ingredients are (Google Translated):

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Arginine
  • Tonkat Ali extract

No anime girl as illustration, but Magic Eyes made sure the number “50” can’t be missed out. 50 bottles of standard 360mL lubricant, if we consider Magic Eyes’ Ubujiru lube then it would amount to 400 USD (not including shipping), meaning one would potentially save about 389 USD!

Now we’re talking.


preparation instructions

And the preparation instructions are fairly simple:

  1. fill a bowl with 360mL of water
  2. sprinkle about 2g of powder into the water
  3. stir well with a chopstick, spoon or fork

In practice, I’d recommend some additional steps. Time to call in my cooking assistant, Kuroki Tomoko!

h-HelLo GuUuuYyzzz~

Okay, so. First, take a bowl, and fill it with 360mL of water.

Next, sprinkle 2g of powder in the water. 2 grams, it is.


Now, don’t worry if your scale is inaccurate, like mine. The recommended 2 grams give a quite “watery” lube, so you may want to top up to 3-4g for more viscosity. No disaster 🙂

the water, with the powder soaking up at the surface

Now, grab chopstick and stir the powder and water, while your Nendoroid monitors the process.

As I quickly noticed, it’s not very efficient and can lead to “clumps”. So I grabbed a whisk.

Yet, there are a few clumps in the lube. So, I recommend this additional step: use a sieve to filter out the soup.

the lube slowly flows through the sieve, a quite satisfying sight!

You can stir the soup to accelerate the filtration somewhat, or simply let Earth’s gravity do the job for ¼ hour. Then, pick your empty bottle, and pour the filtered lube in.

Close up the bottle. Done! Thank you Tomoko-chan for your assistance, here’s your share!


I bet the question itching you now is: how does this homebrewed lube perform?

Having used it for uh various uses, overall it does pretty fine! Of course it doesn’t snatch the podium from ready-use lubes like Onatsuyu or PePee, but it’s definitively more useful than the sample lubricant of Magic Eyes’ toys who comes out as a “jelly” sometimes.

You can adapt the viscosity of the resulting lube with the amount of powder you put in. The suggested 2g gives a very watery lube, you may want this to replicate “saliva” for your mouth-type onaholes. To get close to Onatsuyu/Ubujiru viscosity, about 4g should do. Even if it means the full powder bottle only gives 25 bottles worth of lube.

Now the 4g-grade lube performs good with standard onaholes, and for anal toys it works pretty fine too. Just keep in mind that, like other water-based lubricants, but this one especially, it dries out over time and may require reapplying.

One other aspect to consider with this lube, is the kind of water you use. My tap water is very calcareous, I think there may be a difference with bottled water or distilled water. How do the minerals affect the viscosity? I’m not sure. If you want to be extra safe with delicate membranes (vagina, rectum,..) use distilled water as ingredient. My butt’s fine despite tap water, if you wonder 🙂

Being safe for membranes (and so absorption into blood stream), the lubricant can be used for oral too for extra slickness.


Like usual water-based lubricants, it’s easily washed away with clear water. It doesn’t require immediate washing, for example you can use the lube in the morning and go about your day until your evening shower, or you can keep it dry during night if you had a before-sleep fun.


Depending on the amount of powder you use for each, you’re looking at 20-50 worth of 360mL bottles of lube. Kinda amazing the little bottle that fits into even a woman’s pants pocket can provide at least 7 liters of lubricant!

So in terms of quantity/cost, 50 Bottles of Lotion Powder completely destroys even the big 50-liter jerrycan of lube NLS once sold (for all your bathtub-slime fantasies and such).

The preparation instructions are very simple, yet inspire yourself from the recommendations above to get the best result (whisk, sieve). Experiment around with quantity of powder, and type of water. However do NOT try making lube with coke or other soft drinks: the acid in them is a promise for pain and membrane issues.

Performance-wise the lube doesn’t has to shy away from it’s “senpais”, when correctly done it does the job perfectly fine for any sexual or sextoy uses, and the cleanup takes mere seconds flushing with tap water.

I am nicely surprised!

I am doggo and I stand 100% behind this product, woof!
50 Bottles of Lotion Powder
  • 8.5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 8.5/10
  • 9.7/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9.7/10
  • 6/10
    Packaging and addons - 6/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


+ so much lube for that price!!! + straightforward cooking recipe + very decent performance
– Magic Eyes doesn’t sell this powder in 2 liter bottles, to turn your swimming pool into slimy hell *sob sob*

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8 Replies to “50 Bottles of Lotion Powder”

  1. My experimentation results:
    – 2 grams result in a relative watery lotion
    – 4 grams result in a normal lotion
    – 6 grams result in a thick lotion

    Best way to prepare:
    1. fill a plastic measuring bowl with 400ml distilled water (around 40ml will vaporize)
    2. put it for 3 minutes into your microwave
    3. use a precision scale, to determine the exact powder weight
    4. slowly add the power to the hot water, while stiring with a fork or chopstick
    5. wait 20 to 30 minutes and stir from time to time
    6. put it for another 2 minutes into your microwave
    7. wait another 20 to 30 minutes and stir from time to time
    8. if you don’t like bubbles and want a clear lube, just wait

    You may add some food flavor, if you like.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Someone tell me if this ever gets put on Amazon.com.

    Also can someone inform me of anything you can get on amazon.com? Preferably things that are available for >$25 order free shipping and won’t be shipped separately from things I’m already planning to buy. (Amazon’s weird, sometimes.)

  3. Which temperature was the water you used? I used 360 ml of cold water with 4g of powder and it didn’t solve very good. Many clumps and the result is watery.

  4. “However do NOT try making lube with coke or other soft drinks: the acid in them is a promise for pain and membrane issues.”
    Imma make ma’ lube using Monster Zero Ultra! B-) (lol)
    “– Magic Eyes doesn’t sell this powder in 2 liter bottles, to turn your swimming pool into slimy hell *sob sob*”
    That’s some MrBeast shit right there.

    Well, this seems like… very revolutionary! If this turns out to make some decent lube, it would be perfect for me, I’m really tired of running out of lube. Once I made an order for around 80 EUR of JUST lubricants, and it still not enough for me (burned them in like… 1 year or less?).

    I’m definetly gonna try this, and perhaps I might write a review as well 😀

  5. Oh, I’m so getting this. I love the Puni Ana think juice, but now I can practically make far more of my own at a fraction of the cost…

    Great find! I’m on it my VERY NEXT PAYCHECK.

    1. follow up on this post…. hot water is a big NO with this….

      the powder pretty much clumped on contact like this….

  6. This is very interesting, thanks you for reviewing this. 😉

    Last week, I have a doubt between buy this powder or buy 2 litre of CHEAP lube(just 760 yen).
    I saw this powder release 1 year ago but still got only 2 customer reviews on Amazon JP and that cheap lube got more than 280 customer reviews, so I purchase that cheap lube and wasting big money on shipping costs instead.
    And that’s a bad decision i had (shipping cost still haunt me this day).

    But, hey… , don’t worry, be happy.
    OtonaJP turn 3 years old today!
    Anyone can put discount code : BDAY
    to get 12% off until 22 September.
    Have a good lube and have a great time!!

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