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And there we go, after having reviewed Ubujiru and Ubujiru – Aroma Rose it’s finaly time to conclude this lolicious lubricant series with the Ubujiru – Cool Mint !

I’m a bit sad to see this streak coming to an end but well, all good things has to stop someday. At least, all those test definitely pleased me and made of the Ubujiru line my most favorite lube ever. Yes my former one was Onatsuyu ~ Female Nectar Lotion which I still really love, but since Ubujiru has different version featuring scent fetish and mostly a fully NAKED loli on the bottle, it got a bit outdated ^^

Anyway, let’s now check this new bottle of sweet loli juices supposedly smelling like mint !


As for the previous version, the bottle remains partially the same regarding both the design and the style. The only thing that differs is once again the background with this time a blue color used to match the new “mint” theme of the lube.

The cap doesn’t change either, which is a really good thing because that shape simply is the best in order to apply lube inside an onahole/onahip/torso without spilling any.

Every drop of that lolicious pussy juice is precious after all !


As expected, the texture is once again totaly similar to the two previous versions. Just the right viscosity, does not leave stains, last quite some time before getting dry, and since it’s a special edition you even have that cool mint scent in addition !

Combined to an already awesome bottle, this definitely is the very best lube to use with onaholes but also if you are a lolicon ~

The mint smell is not too difficult to describe since it’s just the exact same one you would find in a package of mint flavoured chewing-gum. So if you already tasted some before, there you have the odor of this version of Ubujiru.


Just rince it under clear tepid water for a few seconds and rub it with your finger to get all the lube off. It really gets cleaned easily, not like with other lube so it’s an other good asset of the Ubujiru.

This is really important after all, because when you clean an onahole, hip or whatsoever in the bathroom you wanna make it quick to not get caught by anyone ! So the less time you spend in there, the better it’ll be for you.


To conclude the Ubujiru (loli) lubricant series, this Cool Mint edition was definitely top-notch. Honestly I can only recommend those lube because they all are so good, easy to use, efficient, and mostly VERY affordable for the quantity of lotion you get (370Ml).

Then it will just come to your own personnal tastes, if you prefer either a lube with no smell at all or some that features a strawberry/mint flavour.

Personnaly my very favorite of the 3 will remain Ubujiru – Aroma Rose since having that sweet smell combined to those loli love juices is definitely a huge turn on for me !

That’s it for the Ubujiru line. I hope you enjoyed all the review on this awesome lubricant =)

Ubujiru - Cool Mint
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


+ A good visual on the bottle + Perfect cap for best onahole use + Amazing texture and durability + Nice mint scent + Easy to clean + Very affordable for the quantity and quality you get
– NONE !
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