Ubujiru – Aroma Rose

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Ubujiru has now become my new favorite lubricant. But unsurprisingly, Magic Eyes seems to have anticipated such a success for the first “regular” version of their product and hence also released two variant featuring the same delicous loli ~ Ubujiru Aroma Rose & Ubujiru Cool Mint.

This review will be dedicated to the first one, which was kindly sent to me by OtonaSekai. Normally I should get the Cool Mint version too so stay tuned for a third and last article of the aweosme Ubujiru (LOLI) series !


From left to right ~ Ubujiru ; Ubujiru Aroma Rose ; Ubujiru Cool Mint

The overall look of the bottle is basicaly the same as for the regular ubujiru ~ we still have our cute naked loli on the front side along with that nice and funny storyboard at the back. All in all, everything is just the same except for the background color which now switch from yellow to pink/red in order to match the color of a rose.

I personnaly love those two bottle which are to me the most beautiful artwork you can find regarding lubricant bottles. Flat naked lolis are justice so no matter the background color as long as there’s a cute one on the front I’m fine =)

The design of the bottle is just the same as the previous version so I don’t have anything to say on that point ~ it’s still the same screwing type of cap which can be annoying to some people even if I personnaly don’t mind.

In case having to unscrew it everytime to refill bothers you too much, the solution is simple : simply leave it open until you finish faping !

I swear Magic Eyes knew right from the bat the type of people with “special fetish” who would be the most prone to buy this lubricant more than any other. Not because of the quality only, the picture of such a cute naked loli on the bottle is sufficient to justify the purchase, from my LOLICON point of view at least :3


Now to the performances ~ the texture is as expected completly similar to the regular Ubujiru. The only add-on you’ll find while pouring some juices in your onahole is of course that “Aroma Rose” smell.

How does it smell like ?

GOOD. VERY GOOD. That was actually my very first try with a lube featuring a smell fetish and I really enjoyed it. It’s not really a rose smell but more a strawberry one. It’s very sweet, childish and refreshing… as you can see I simply love it.

But well, when you’re using it withing a hip or a torso you don’t really have the smell reaching your nosetrill so you can’t really enjoy it. That’s a bit of a shame but it still gives a really nice strawberry scent to your entiere room. It’s quite funny because the first time I smelled this lube, it directly reminded me the taste of the strawberry toothpaste I was using when I used to be a child LOL

All in all this add-on is truly a nice thing which can only benefit the mind stimulation of your faping session, mostly if you are faping with loli themed product ! ~ of course since lolis panties and pussies are supposed to smell like  sweet strawberry, this is just the best item you could use !


This lube gets off pretty easily, just rince it over clean water a few minutes and you should be good to go. I noticed that sometimes the strawberry scent used to stay on the onahole after washing so this is a good thing too =)


AkaiHebi reached the same conclusion as me regarding this product : Ubujiru truly is THE best lubricant along with Ontasuyu that you can find on the market. For onahole use, it’s just perfect and completly fill the bill. Same goes for hand use. Now with the Aroma Rose version, you get to have a nice and lolicious strawberry smell for the same price as the regular one so I would just say GO FOR IT !

The last one, Cool Mint will also be reviewed by me once I’ll get me monthly order from OtonaSekai so stay tuned =)

Ubujiru Aroma Rose
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


+ Good texture + Nice strawberry scent + Last long, easy to wash + Nice bottle + Cute loli
– NONE !
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10 Replies to “Ubujiru – Aroma Rose”

  1. Any idea if US customs is going to let this through? The artwork worries me, but you make the lube sound so nice.

  2. I’ve used this with Fuwa Cyun Triple and Sujiman Kupa Cocolo so far, bought it after reading this review and seeing it’s on par with Onatsuyu (which I love).

    I found them quite similar and they also last quite a while in general – maybe this one lasts slightly less longer than Onatsuyu, but will know for sure after more uses.
    Either way, the fragrance definitely puts this above Onatsuyu for me, it’s not that the other smells bad or anything, but it’s just an edge when I found them to perform so similarly.

    Will be repeat buying this in the future for all my hole uses.

    1. The strawaberry scent is really tasty right ? 😛
      Yeah, just how a loli pussy should smell like, definitely u_u

  3. So, I’m pretty new to all of this…

    I’ve just ordered 5 bottles of this one (shipping from Japan is expensive, so I’ve ordered more to justify the shipping costs) along with Puni Ana SPDX.

    Now I’m just looking for a nice Dakimakura cover and I’m all set. 😀 Any recommendations? If possible with cheap shipping to Europe? Also, which pillow would you recommend? I understand the “original” pillows from Japan are quite expensive (€ 200+), do you think they are necessary for a good experience?

    1. Ok, so I’ve ordered a DHR6000 from Plamoya for about € 150 including shipping which seems ok to me – there really aren’t any high quality pillows you can buy “locally” in Europe so I figured I’d just go with the most recommended one (even though, according to Reddit they’ve changed the manufacturer and the DHR6000 not as good as it was before).

      I’ll probably go with some Dakis from Cuddly Octopus, I like quite a few prints there, the quality seems okay and it’s a lot easier than importing straight from Japan. I also love the fact that you can still order every print they ever did which doesn’t seem to be common in the Daki scene – there are some great Dakis from the artist As109 that I’d have liked to have, but the originals are like € 1000 on ebay now since they’ve long been out of print.

      Oh, and one of the (imo) best artists working with Cuddly Octopus is working on Kuro from Fate/kaleid which will hopefully turn out great! I remember you mentioning on the Puni Ana SPDX review that you like Fate/kaleid a lot as well. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      1. Yeah I love fate kaleid, I just rewatched all the seasons xd
        With ubujiru aroma rose and the SPDX you’ll have a great time that’s for sure… even better if you are addicted to loli like me

        1. I hope provider will agree to send these :3
          Usualy hip aren’t really tight, cocolo is by far the tightest I’ve ever tried so far.

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