An onahole made by EXE/Outvision long time ago: Coron !


On the box, an illustration made by mama showing a girl in summer clothes sitting on a bed. The backside shows a view from above, exposing her naked breasts.

The overall clean design can be compared to products usually sold under the G-Project brand (the “quality stuff for otaku” branch of EXE/Outvision).


Inside the box, you’ll find the onahole in a sealed plastic bag, and a 15mL sample of “Excellent” lube (which is, well, rather good quality water-based lube).


First, when opening the plastic bag, you’ll encounter a fierce plastic smell. Like, yuuurrrg. Without any air exchange, you will smell all the subtle noose-stinging fragrances brewed by your onahole. You know, that certain “new car” odor.

The onahole features a triangle-shaped entrance for easy insertion, and it’s external surface is rib shaped to allow a good grip with the hand.

It is non-penetrated type, and although it has a lot of padding it doesn’t include a vacuum chamber. You will not experience a suction effect when using.

The internal structure consists of a very smooth tunnel, slightly curving upwards, and with subtle waves.

EXE/Outvision’s idea was certainly to imitate the colon (hence the name and structure), yet a few shops describe it as… a vagina. Judging from the entrance alone, I’m rather on the anal hypothesis ^^  Whatever floats your boat !


On the first look, I knew that very smooth internal structure won’t be a disruptive masturbatory experience, and that was correct.

Coron has a lot of padding, and provides a noticeable tightness. Despite the smoothness, you’ll probably need to reapply lube after 20 minutes or so. As mentioned, no suction effect: let go and it will pop away.

Smoothness smoothness smooth. You’ll feel a slight brushing along your shaft with each “wave” or “ring” in the structure, but aside that it’s null. Being the perverted sexplorer you know, I…

Long story short: that’s close enough to anal cavity structure, although connoisseurs will miss the distinct tightness of the sphincter.


Despite it’s thickness, Coron remains a single-layer onahole: you can safely turn it inside-out to thoroughly wash and clean the inside with water and soap.

Coron gets rather oily so it’s a good idea to apply baby powder on it’s surface to keep it dry and smooth. I soaped up mine a dozen times but there’s still a bit of that out-of-the-box smell.

Pat dry and let dry completely in the air, away from direct sunlight, and you can optionally use silica gel desiccant should you care about maintaining it in a good condition for the long term.


A bit of a mixed feeling about the fundamentals. Coron grabs good points on the concept and the illustration, noteworthy is also the good price for a total weight of 425g.

Yet, it is an ancient toy that is already sold out on several shops, and suffers from one problem of toys back then: the out-the-box smell. I’m not going to be too harsh on that since a few reputable makers still stumble upon that today (hey Magic Eyes), but even on the recent Kimoi Onaho Outvision still didn’t do major improvements.

As for the sensations, yeah okay they can really be compared to “the real thing” and help the fantasy, and sure enough you’ll end up cumming eventually, but given a small onahole collection Coron won’t be your first pick.

  • 2/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 2/10
  • 5/10
    Materials and cleaning - 5/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 6/10
    Price - 6/10


+ uncommon theme + cute illustration character + okay price
– weak, too weak sensations – out-of-the-box and remaining smell
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  1. The new car odor doesnt show some dangerous chemicals in the toy? I have bought a reusable tenga, and the odor is almost nonexistent

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