Age series: Seven

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In no way they imply, suggest or promote sexual abuse or harm of real human beings.
If such illustrated packaging is forbidden in the buyer's country or if the buyer doesn't wish to receive it, selected vendors can ship products without the illustrated packaging upon request during order.
If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual abuse, the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) has resources that can help.


Do girls have such breasts at 7 ? Of course not. ToysHeart did depict a more 13-like girl, because… that’s the age of consent in Japan. Guess what ? It’s quite popular (still in NLS’ top 30 today).

Do ANY girl have a so “mechanical screw”-like vagina structure ? Of course not. Oh wait… the kind of structure Hatsune Miku parody holes have. Now that you’re pretty sure that ToysHeart isn’t as sick as you might believe before, let’s give a word to the very high quality of the materials, the “safe skin” type. It’s very soft, isn’t oily, doesn’t smell (all of the following have it too). But well, that’s not enough: the internal structure is too simple and too “ribby”, the little bottom provides only weak vacuum and overall it could have been a little more tight.

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Age series: Seven
  • Feeling and pleasure - 6/10
  • Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • Price - 6/10
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For lolicons.


Author: AkaiHebi

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4 Replies to “Age series: Seven

  1. Just received this one with virgin admission and chu!4 and well, at least it smell good ( strawberry) but low stimulation, not very tight ( it is but very flexible so …). For the price, well it’s a good thing^^
    I prefer a lot the virgin admission πŸ™‚

    1. A simple google search reveals otherwise

      n China, the age of consent is 14, in Iraq it is 18, while in Japan it is five years lower at 13.Nov 17, 2013

      1. I believe that’s the national age of consent. Each prefecture has its own higher age (18) law that override the national one. So while 13 is technically the AOC in Japan, it effectively is not.

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