Daisyuki Hold

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Grabbing you, hugging you tight and clinging hard around you, Daisyuki Hold by ToysHeart and provided by NST !

You know, imoutos are cool. They say “onii-chan”, they grab your arm and play around with you. Who doesn’t want such kawaii imouto ? At some point, the imouto grows up, starts developing breasts, and starts loving you more. Loving you very much. Gets jealous when she finds out you’re going out with another girl. Wants you for her alone. Wants you to be forever with her. Jumps on you, makes you fall on the ground, kisses you, makes you both dive into something else than pure brother-sister relationship. “γ„γ„γ‚ˆγ€γŠγ«γ„γ‘γ‚ƒγ‚““, you’re not blood-related. だいしゅき. We all love imouto. And that’s what this onaholes is about πŸ™‚

The “daisyuki” holding is when the girl is hugging you during sex, holding tight with her arms and locking you with her legs, basically squeezing your vital energy through your penis inserted deep in her. Like in the last of the pics:


Oooooh there’s plenty to talk about ! Do you like the packaging ? Here, have a hi-res scan:


“Hey onii-chan, can we hold hands ?”, and a sudden breeze lifts up her dress right there at the important spot, revealing white pantsu with ribbon and a camel toe. Looking to the right, you see…  “Daisyuki Hold”.

Illustrator @saida_kazuaki made more: a manga strip where the girl says “it’s alright, shoot it inside”.  (yeah well, manga girls often say “iino, konomama chuni dashite”). This is a good thing to bring some happy fappy mood for your onahole. Let’s open !


Onahole, Vanessa & Co lube bottle, that’s standard features with ToysHeart. While the lube is pretty decent, you run out pretty quick: 1, 2 uses maybe ? So have a bottle of Onatsuyu ready πŸ˜‰

Fairly good vagina-shape
Fairly good vagina-shape

Non-penetrated, length of 15.5cm, it feels smooth and stretchy like most ToysHeart onaholes. Yet I noticed that this one has an out-of-the-box smell comparable to what Magic Eyes usually do, it smells somewhat of plastic. I mean yeah it’s TPE rubber, but ToysHeart go me used to toys that didn’t smell noticeably on opening. But that one, did. Not to worry: the smell wears off very quickly after a few washes. But please ToysHeart, be careful πŸ™‚


Daisyuki Hold is a dual-layer onahole: the skin-colored outer layer is softer, “spongier”, while the pink/salmon colored inner layer is harder. Dual layer onaholes aren’t easy to make as layers tend to separate after some time, but ToysHeart improved fairy well on this matter and here the layers are well blended together. As you can see, the structures consist of a small entrance, a bunch of ribs, then a field of bumps, a cervix opening and a vacuum-uterus.


This onahole is rated as tight, and indeed, it’s tight. Not a penis-bully like Virgin Age Admission, but she really clings onto you. That’s some serious daisyuki holding going on.

daisyuki hold inner

But before that, you have to enter it. The vag-shape guides your tip to the entrance, but that entrance is fairly small. Close to “too-small”. Reminds me of Kirino. Once in, you barely have time to catch your breath and you’re already at the rib gate. That part, ooooooh my. As you can see in the illustrations, they “flap” back and forth around your shaft for a really intense stimulation. The nudges in the middle feel nice, but barely more than that. A good glans tease. And the cervix opening ? Well, my tip can “kiss it”, I tried pushing further but the “sliding through the cervix” effect is a dull gimmick of what Eroman can achieve. Therefor, I simply used that part to create some nice vacuum. The kind of suction that makes a satisfying “pop” sound as you pull out πŸ˜‰

Once the fun is over (or when comes the time for a different kind of fun), you take the onahole under a sink and flush out with water. It can be turned inside-out but be really gentle since it’s a dual-layer. Cleaning with water and soap is fairy normal, I didn’t had any particular trouble. Don’t hesitate to stick your soapy fingers inside to make sure everything is clean between the ribs. As with most ToysHeart toys, it dries quite fast and still feels nice. For extra-smooth surface, you can pat it with talc powder or corn starch.

I’d say yes, keep daisyuki-holding me all you want ’cause nii-chan will be with you now and forever !

Daisyuki Hold
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Packaging and addons - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


Daisyuki Hold is a really good onahole, particularly for imouto-lovers and fans of the unwanted pantyflashes. It’s tight and intense, hugging your penis like it doesn’t want you out. However, there are a few weaknesses like the small entrance and the material’s initial smell. ToysHeart makes us here something to have, for a quite good price. Grab it !

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17 Replies to “Daisyuki Hold”

  1. Hello, just got mine today, I have a question, is it safe for this onahole to be turned inside out? And is it normal for it to make so much noise during use?

    1. Hello it is normal to make such a loud noise due to the tightness and suction of the onahole. If you’re having trouble doing this in privacy I suggest going to the bathroom turning the shower head on and the noise of the shower should mute the onahole (lol)

      It is safe to turn inside out but you must be very careful and delicate in doing so as it is dual layer. I usually don’t turn it inside out and just use warm water and regular soap and dig my fingers in there to clean it out, be careful to not poke hard at the womb.

  2. Hi, I bought this onahole recently and i was wondering how do you clean this onahole? as a dual layer onahole is it possible to invert it to clean the insides?

  3. Hi, I wanna start in Onaholes. I Have alreadey 2 Fleshlights (Alien / Sex in a Can Sukit Dry) and want to order some Onaholes from otona.jp. Following I have in my Mind: Daisyuki Hold, Lolinco, Mouth of true.
    My length is between 13 and 15 cm ca. and my external diameter is ca. 4cm.

    Its only to be worth it to order from Japan, when I order more than one onahole because the shipping costs are high. Its expensive to order onaholes about Amazon from Germany. Thats the reason I want to order more than one from otona.jp.

    Which ones would you recommend as a starter?

    I want somthing tight, soft and intensive with good suction :-).

    I apologize for my bad english.

  4. Hi, do you recommend the Daisyuki Hold or the Eroman? Which one did you prefer and anything similar to these?

  5. Hi,i want buy my first onahole and i dont know if buy this one or virgin age admission or wich one would you recomend for the first one?I have also seen two versions of VA ad normal and hsrd which one would be better or what are the differences? .And I ‘m from peru you know if there are any problems buying onaholes from here? .Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Tight onaholes may not be the best choice for first onahole. Recommendations: https://blog.onahole.eu/about#start
      Lastly: shipping to South America from Japan is the most expensive. I don’t have info about Peru, but maybe you want to be safer and ask for the packaging to be removed πŸ™‚

  6. So I’ve only had G-Project onaholes and nothing else, 2 Ju-C PUTIs and a couple of CHU!, and I gotta say, I love the quality of their products. Now I know Toy’sHeart is kinda up there with the top players, but how does this product fare against, say… a Ju-C Puti? My budget right now is around $50, so what would you recommend? I’m pretty much looking for the most pleasurable hole for $50, my preferences being tight and durable. I’ve been eyeing this item a lot, but I don’t want to be disappointed. I’ve also debated on buying an Ayase/Kirino but honestly, I’m not too sure about the product quality in comparison to the much newer holes.

  7. Can you name all the onaholes which also have the cervix thingy in the end as well, already know about the eroman! Also does the vacuum warning – seducing witch onahole have it, not quite sure of wether it does or not, considering buying it, have already ordered the Daisuki Hold and Eroman as my first purchases and their currently on their way!

  8. Hi there, Kindly advise whether the back and side of the box are discreet. I’m looking for models which would be discreet enough for post office. I was wondering about this item as well as the Lovely x Cation by Toysheart.

    1. You mean, the packaging of the toy or the shipping box from the shop ?
      – packaging: nope not discreet
      – shipping box: plain brown box, no hint of the content

  9. I have recently been getting the urge to buy my 1st every ‘masturbation hole’ of any kind and I was really digging Onaholes. I am stuck between a few different ones and this one really caught my eye.
    Would you say this is a great starter Onahole? If not what would be ones that you recommend? I am average in length about 5.7″ and many onaholes are just too small and this as well as a few others seem perfect.

    1. Onaholes are often stretchy, so onaholes starting at ~12cm may already suit you well πŸ™‚
      For a starter onahole, I would recommend something more soft and snug, getting used to the sensation etc

      1. Okay thanks very much for the quick reply!
        I was already looking at the Virgin Age ~ Graduation and it was on my shortlist.
        If you recommend that soft list as a 1st timer I think The VA~ Graduation will be my 1st. Is there any other similar to that one that you recommend? If so, I may get more than just 1 πŸ˜‰

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