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An onahole in a stealth can.

Same size as a standard soft drink can, just it opens with a sort of lid

Actually bought it on J-List, but item is available nowhere, I think. Pictures are to be found on Taiwanese websites mainly..

Very simple internal structure

Product review: Aketemite

The onahole fits nicely in the can, also above you can see that it’s actually small.. too small for the average non-asian penis. Straight cavity with ~1mm ribs, simple yet effective stroking stimulation.

Ona hole too small, but the worst part is the material: very quickly it begins to tear apart at the entrance ! 😯 No really, it doesn’t fit the average western organ, and it’s still too poorly made to be enjoyed more than a few times. And… is this phthalate free ? I saw it starting to “melt/sweat” at ~25°C ❗ Didn’t last long before it went to the trash bin. 👿


Author: AkaiHebi

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