Alice Dayo!


By lack of a better introduction, lemme say this: ALICE DAYO !



Oh boy, I’ve been sticking my dick inside onaholes from lots of brands for years, yet this is the very first product from AliceStage I’ve got.

AliceStage is a company that has been doing adult products since long, and they gained a solid reputation amid onahole experts. You may wonder: why did it take so long until I could finally put my hand on one of their products ? It’s because there are very veeeery few resellers. AliceStage runs their own shop too, and their website design is awesome. They remind me a lot of G-Project, whose products are much easier to find in various shops (even overseas). Now thanks to OtonaJP, AliceStage products are easily available to non-Japanese-speaking customers !

All of AliceStage’s products are illustrated by “Alice”, the cheerful girl they totally designed after Alice in Wonderland. So sweet and cute ! A girl to love and to protect !

Here, have some high-res scans of the box ! Go ahead and click the thumbnails !


A jump in the air, and revealed gets the pink pantsu ! Meanwhile, in Disney’s studios…


For the packaging illustration, AliceStage hired artist 小路あゆむ  [ Kouji ayumu ], and I strongly recommend you browse their blog and their Pixiv especially if you like characters with “small amount of fat under their nipples”. Oh, have a higher resolution Alice to wash away the Disney thing from your mind !


Moving on, it’s time to study the box and it’s contents !


The first thing that came out upon opening was a little pack of lube, made by PePee. It’s the same kind than the orange bottle type, it’s a rather good lube !


And then the onahole itself, or rather: the onahip ! Nicely big and heavy.





AliceStage recently released a rerun of their products using a new material, the “Alice Good Material ver 2”, and hell yeah they did a great job ! Doesn’t get dripping oily, has hardly any smell, AliceStage is here competing against the Material Masters ToysHeart and G-Project. Very, very nice ! As always, you can make the surface extra smooth to the touch by using corn starch powder or talc.

Alice Dayo is my second onahip, and so I wanted to do a side-by-side comparison with Puni Ana DX Hard:



Quite alluring, right ? 😉  Time to check inside !


The inner structures are pretty simple, not much going on in the first half, but then there’s a nice big bulge and after that a tunnel leads upside, ending with a bumpy area.  Sadly, no vacuum chamber: some suction feeling could have been good. However, the way it turns upside, is very nice.

Rocking Alice Dayo up and down while sitting (like you would do with a regular onahole) is less efficient, I had the best experience while.. fucking it on the desk. Pounding it missionary style. Now I tried doggystyle but it’s way less efficient. And dakisex ? Dakisex with that one is just awesome, too bad I can’t go the extra mile kilometer by humping it with that dakimakura. Would have been glorious.

That being said, I have to mention something else: be really gentle with Alice Dayo, because you could destroy it’s pussy hole. Literally.


While I am average size and girth, the material just couldn’t take it and started ripping at third use. However the crack did not expand further, the entrance was just too narrow and weak. It doesn’t affect much the experience, aside the lower tightness at entrance. I’m so sorry Alice ?

Cleaning up the stuff after action is rather difficult because it doesn’t feature a “flush hole”, thus you need to stick your fingers real deep to clear up your fluids and soap it. Same thing with drying, I tried sticking a mini-towel inside, but now I just let it rest “hole downside” so it can dry peacefully. Typical onahip maintenance problems.

Lastly, as always, a quick word about the price: it’s public price is close to Puni Ana DX’s, but the limited supply for resellers skyrockets the price. Monitor the price until there are sales going on !

Alice Dayo!
  • 7/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 7/10
  • 6/10
    Materials and cleaning - 6/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 6/10
    Price - 6/10


Alice Dayo is overflowing of cuteness, and the material is really good, although it rips too easily near entrance. While the maker’s price is rather good, the limited supply for resellers make your bank account sad. The included pack of lube is barely enough for 2 uses, AliceStage really could have included a 100 mL bottle of lube. Overall still, a good fapping experience !

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1 Reply to “Alice Dayo!”

  1. yeah, Alice Stage is REALLY hard to get anything highly valued from…

    Just to get THAT dakimakura you mentioned, I had to dig up the images from Gelbooru (and it still had the words on the bottom, but they’re at least out of the way) and get the thing CUSTOM MADE….

    also, i’d still do disney’s alice lol. you just need so get the “good pics” of her…

    anyway, not a bad review. I also was curious about this onahip, and i might give it a shot now. unfortunately, i’ll likely end up hurting poor Alice too…

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