Puni Ana DX hard

The depicted characters presented in this page as choosen by product makers are purely fictional illustrations of aesthetic artwork complying to Japanese legislation.
In no way they imply, suggest or promote sexual abuse or harm of human beings.
If such illustrated packaging is forbidden in the buyer's country or if the buyer doesn't wish to receive it, the selected vendors can ship products without the illustrated packaging upon request during order.
If you or someone you know is/was a victim of sexual abuse, the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) has resources that can help.

Finally ! 100 onahole reviews in two and half years later: Puni Ana DX hard is my first “onahip” ! Thank you NLS for this new year’s extra 🙂


I took me lots of time to review this one, since I never had a large onahole / onahip before, and.. my current living circumstances didn’t allow me to have enough privacy to peacefully use and clean it. For long I’ve had plans on upgrading to something bigger, so when I asked NLS and they agreed, I was joy. I selected some onahips like Puni Fuwa Mocchi (simple + 2000), Open my Pussy Cocolo, Squishy Sisters, finally settling to Puni Ana DX, a very popular onahip made by EXE (aka Outvision aka G-Project aka PPP) that has loli bonus points.

Unlucky me, at that time Puni Ana DX was out of stock. So finally, I choose Puni Ana DX  hard edition (which didn’t seem much different than normal edition, aside the potential better material quality -and I love it’s tan-). Carefully asking NLS to remove the packaging, and it was maybe a good move since:


..customs took a peek inside. The bubble wrap was unaltered. The CD..  shit, I skipped that one. Things could turn so bad, that’s not even the whole story. The included CD ! It contains a PDF file with hentai drawings…

.. and a web page with the same drawings:

It’s lolicon fap material. You may prefer asking the shop to remove the CD to avoid any mishap with customs or anyway if you’re not into such content 🙂 Anyway, I was safe and lucky. Take no chances if you live in Canada or Australia or any other country that jumps too quickly to wrong conclusions when seeing such content at their customs service: get the onahip and lube only. Moving on.

Tomoko-chan got quite interested in my new toy. It’s nicely heavy, 2.1 kg of a rather firm TPE material.

Those buttocks / dat ass. It’s really nice to grope them while pounding hard the holes. 1.5:1 scale Japanese craftsmanship.

Now this is extremely useful: a “flush” hole ! You know, large onaholes are already a pain to clean properly. With onahips, it can be a nightmare UNLESS it has such a hole on the other side, so the nasty stuff can simply flow out with water. Quick note: in normal use this hole is perfectly okay, but sometimes I noticed that cum and lube started bubbling out from there when I was having a “second round” or been pushing on it’s belly. So if you use it on a table or desk, place a towel below. Just like in my pictures 🙂

Includes the already mentioned “Maruku’s cover girl collection” CD (“pressed in Korea”, it says too.. North Korea ?), and a 360mL bottle of a kinda thick lube. Thick is good since it doesn’t flow out so easily, but it’s less good because it reduces the sensations. I recommend using the included lube for your handfree fun. If you have some “cowgirl” fun, then you can use a thinner lube (that will leak over your balls and stuff, take that into consideration). Time to dig in !

The internal structures are very close to what G-Project’s NUKO-NUKO provides. But in two tunnels, and so better <3 The pussy tunnel starts with a short slope, leading to rather tight wavy trip with lots of little bumps. It’s a bit like Eroman but softer. The ass tunnel feels really like NUKO-NUKO, it’s more straight but with ribs.

Either tunnel ends in a part with bumps (which I think are more for lube-retaining purposes than sensations, unless your penis is above 20cm -in which case you’d be shooting your stuff right outside), and then out the flush hole.

It is possible to create a light vacuum by blocking flush + (other) hole. Now about the noise.. yeah it makes some “clapping” noise, take that into account if you need total silence for your private time. Or you can try to be real slow with it.

Material smells a bit at the beginning, but it fades away after a few washes. It feels really nice and gets only slightly sticky. Using talc or corn starch for extra smooth surface recommended 😉  And so far I see no damage, but I think the flush hole could be a weak spot (see how I clean it in the video below).

Lastly, about the price: it is definitively a very good price, taking into account it’s weight and material quality. And in sensations too, handfree masturbation is really a thing. Very good price. If you’re looking for a good start in onahips, Puni Ana DX is the way to go !

music track: City Nights by jradford

Puni Ana DX hard
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


I’m convinced: this is the best possible entry for onahips / large onaholes. Nicely heavy, great material, good price, nice sensations, enough lube and tasty loli hentai drawings. What else do you need ? Oh: a pair of panties. Here.

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3.65 (31 votes)

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47 Replies to “Puni Ana DX hard”

  1. After seeing a couple of videos of a puni ani DX on xHamster, I did a search but was concerned that most vendors where Japan based and had no desire with the British customs, a wise decision as it turned out as the illustration on the box alone would cause “interest” …..
    I finally found a supplier from N.Iteland who imported sans packaging.
    My first fuck was amazing, at 1:50 scale, or smaller, “she* being easy to handle and the visual element very exciting while the sensation on my cock is truely cum-inducing……
    Both her bum and cunnie available and a DP possible.
    I use silicon lube and wash with soap and water.
    My best buy for ages !

  2. I decided on a bigger and safer option.
    A Magic Eyes pocket Omega onahole and a inflatable “holder” (40x25cm).
    The holder comes with a ugly illustration, so I bought a 2/3y size T-shirt and a 3/5y size panty to cover it.
    I hope that fits…mmmmmmmmm! All this stuff fits in my small safe.
    In the future I will change the holder for a vintage 35″ doll. There are some wonderful ones being sold on ebay.
    Unfortunately, I can not buy it for now…:(

  3. You don’t need to homebrew a blower, you can buy an aquarium air pump and compatible tubing ready to go. They also make reusable “onahole tampons” now, but they don’t look much different from a cloth wrapped around a toothbrush.

    What I find works best to get the residual moisture out of hard-to-dry toys is, put it in an airtight box or vapor barrier bag with a good quantity of silica gel, such as an Eva-Dry E-333 closet dehumidifier, and a digital thermohygrometer to monitor conditions, e.g. Ambient Weather WS-0101 wireless thermohygrometer.

    At room temperature of ~66F, recently recharged silica gel will keep the humidity inside the box at around 25%, which gets the toy completely dry much faster than common indoor humidity of 50-55%+, and leaves it fresh-smelling every time. (Silica gel is less selective than some other desiccants, so it may also be absorbing any odorants that were still on the material.)

  4. Hey, can you review Kabe-Jiri Hard Butt Hole Masturbator? I’m tempted to buy it but I would like your opinion on it

  5. I fell in love with this loli pussy… wish I could afford it, never had an onahole and I don’t know how to ship one to my country, not to mention that I’m poor 🙁

    1. Not that I know of.. but that’s not impossible: products that are expensive or “classy” are often being counterfeited and copied.
      Pick a reliable vendor always !

  6. Not sure if I should buy a Puni Ana DX hard or a Puni Ana SPDX.

    Does anyone have experience with those and can tell me why to buy the one or the other ?
    I know the SPDX is much more expensive. But is it worth it ?

    Thanks !

    1. Amen there. I want the SPDX; but there isn’t shit for reviews on it. There’s some strange vid on YouTube of a hot Japanese girl pounding one with a strap on… (Quite awesome; actually. Check it out.)??

      1. Hey there

        I’m well aware of the new SPDX version of the puni ana, however I highly doubt there will every be a shop who will be ready to send one for review. It’s just way to expansive.

        Otherwise we could get one with our own money, but I personnaly can’t afford it yet. Plus, shipping overseas with such a product might be hell on earth. So wait and we’ll see…

        I was also looking for review of the SPDX but couldn’t find anything. No blog thread, and same on youtube there is only the video recorded by otonaJP and this strange one you talked about.

        That’s kinda shame because this hip seem’s to be the perfect product for lolicon ^^

  7. I’m glad I grabbed the hard version. After looking at your photos I got too scared of it giving too much of yellow color. As a first hip, the toy was mind blowing and is totally recommended to everyone.

    The only thing that concerned me was the flush hole. While it does indeed make it EXTREMELY easy to clean (even easier than normal onaholes), sometimes I wish there was no such hole. It gets complicated when you want some suction as you need to hold 2 holes at the same time.

    As for those looking for panties, I’m afraid that even XS size(20” waist) will be too large so you should look only into ones made of stretchy materials.

    Thanks for the CD content as I was too scared of importing it into UK and of course thanks for this blog!


  8. which you recommend? I want the onahole that gives more pleasure to my member haha

    puni ana DX hard?
    puni virgin 1000??
    Sujiman Kupa Cocolo Onahole??
    Kaitai Shinshō??

    which would give me more pleasure ??

  9. How big are the panties you put on the onahole? Do you know where I would be able to get my own pair like that for my toy at home?

  10. Hey OP, were the images on the disc censored? I was kinda disappointed with twins panic disc being censored 🙁 Also: Thanks so much for this blog man. You are the greatest.

  11. Funny read, had flashbacks of my own lol.

    So, I got one of these on my last trip to Japan.
    I inverted the box and put it in my luggage. I decided to carry it rather than ship it off for once. Bad idea.
    Got pulled over at customs because a friend of mine was wearing way too many red flags.

    So, they got to my luggage, sweating beads, they saw the white box, x-rayed, opened it up and found it….

    Luckily, the lady let me off, but not after a stern warning about my other eromanga which was “borderline” apparently. And thankfully she didn’t look at the loli CD. This was in Australia too.

    Thanks for all the reviews by the way, extremely helpful!

    1. I really want to buy this, but I’m afraid shipping from Japan, I’ll end up with a customs label spelling out exactly what it is on the package, which would be too damn embarrassing as I live with my family >___<

      1. “figure”, “rubber toy”… it’s not going to be worse than that, unless you ask the shop to put something like “artificial crotch” 😀

  12. I just got mines and it seems like the tunnels are not completely tunneled through out to the opposite end as the water doesn’t seem to be flushing out from the opposite side. Is this normal for a brand new one?

    1. Normally, you should be able to touch your fingers when inserting from both sides.

    1. I’d like to know this too, can’t decide betwen normal or hard edition puni ana!
      please halp

      1. Depends on what you want:
        – normal is softer, more gentle
        – hard is more intense

  13. I had some money on paypal lying around, and decided to use them on this.
    I was bit dissapointed with admission, it was too small and eventually managed to break. I hope this will be better experience.

    1. This is really good. There are many ways to have fun with it. You can use cap of lip balm for example to plug the butt and then press lightly the top to cause vacuum.

  14. Is TPE material a safe sex toy material? I’m a huge fan of Loli’s and I really enjoyed your review which has tempted me even more to buy one from Amazon, but the material is what is turning me off. I’ve used a fleshlight before is it similar to that and is it safe to use without a condom? 🙂

    1. TPE material is deemed safe for masturbators, as long as it’s properly cleaned, used with water-based lube, and stored away from direct sunlight 🙂 On my personal experience, I have not encountered any noticeable issues after 4 years of regular, almost daily use.

      Using a condom is only recommended in cases such as:
      – sharing the sextoy with somebody else
      – allergy against material or lube compounds

      To take into account since condom’s latex or spermicide lubricant may not be compatible with TPE.

      1. Thanks you for replying back! 😀 That has put my mind to rest. I’ll buy it thanks man. 🙂 Oh and as for the cleaning part after you clean it and soap it how do you effectively dry the inside? You can’t really run a small towel through it. Any tips?

        1. Oh yeah drying inside is tricky. With a microfiber cloth I dried the entrance at least, letting it rest “pussy up” so leftover water could drop out from he flush hole. Not much more I can do.

          1. Hm, has anyone tried to combine a small tube and maybe an old pc-fan to let air blow through the hole to dry it perfectly? You could use a hair dryer as well, if you can let it blow cold air only that is!

  15. How would you compare onahips as a whole to regular onaholes? I know you’ve mentioned in the past (for the Vorze and the Onaho Booster) that “tricking” your brain into thinking you’re not masturbating can be very enjoyable. I assume that applies here as well, but would you say that that effect makes it better than a very high-quality regular onahole (say, a Virgin Age: Admission or Mouth of Truth)? Would you recommend onahips as being worth the extra money?

    1. Yeah the difference can be amazing. Now with regular onaholes, you can setup something like that 😉 Admission’s too tight for comfortable handfree though.

      With onahips comes a little extra: groping. I guess the next level is to hug and kiss while fucking a 1:1 silicone sex doll in your bed. After that comes VR or robotics for a complete simulation. We will see it in our lifetime guys, that’s for sure !

  16. Look’s really good! Amazed at the extra’s that came with it though. Just got my WRRP(Wonder Ring Poco Pen) and came with semi blegh box art and the usual crappy Magic Eye’s lube/’ketchup'(Honestly that’s what these things remind me of most…) packet thing. Will be posting photo’s of it and the box on the /a/ forum.

  17. I got the non-hard version of this while I was in Japan this January.
    I’ve mostly only used tenga before, so this experience was entirely new to me. That said; the added weight you get with these (2.1kg!) is fantastic. Highly recommend, and agree with the above review and ratings.

    I have a bit of difficulty drying mine… I end up sticking a microfibre in from both ends to dry out the inside.
    I’ve also never bothered using powder before… what are the benefits?

    1. Powdering the surface makes it extra smooth and prevents hair and stuff from sticking to it 🙂

    2. How big was the box of the non hard version, i was going to buy them from online websites like kanojotoys and have them sent here, but i was planning to go to japan either way and am afraid of my country’s customs considering it to be extremely religous and all. Also what is the difference between the hard and non hard version? Is one just “stiff” and heavier? Which one is better than? Sorry im asking alot of questions

      1. Hard or Non-hard, it’s the same size, just the material type differs 🙂 “Hard” version is less stretchy / gives more “resistance”, thus “hard” version of onaholes usually require a harder erection to be enjoyed, and give more intense sensations (that’s noteworthy if you’re circumcised or otherwise have lower penis sensitivity).

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