Bangee Shake Hard

A loooong time ago (6 years!), I reviewed Bangee Shake. Still as of today, this onahole is sold and remains a very decent low-price sextoy. I actually bought a new one to make sure I’d still say this nowadays, and yep I can totally see myself suggesting it to onahole beginners with limited budget.

Meanwhile, RIDE Japan released a “hard” edition of it. Let’s check that out!


For the product illustration, RIDE Japan basically had their character recolorized. The horny girl now wears red undergarments, and she’s still fondling her huge breasts!


Inside the box and eagerly waiting for you, a 25mL sample of water based lubricant, and the onahole packed inside a plastic wrap. About the lubricant, yeeeeaah you pretty surely want a bottle of your finest lubricant within reach, because “Virgin Lotion” may be fairly good but the quantity is barely enough for one use of Bangee Shake Hard. Sorry blurry pic because of excitement or something!


Now rip the wrapping open and release the onahole!

Upon opening, Bangee Shake Hard has a bit of smell. After a couple washes, it’s pretty much gone. The onahole surface tends to be slightly oily, of course you can apply baby powder to make it’s surface soft and smooth, but with the downside of slightly reducing it’s transparency. Should you want to see your / your partner’s dick slithering inside 😉

Compared to the regular Bangee Shake, it’s indeed significantly less stretchy, less “mellow”, the material feels like it can live up to it’s product name. Aside that, the internal structures remain identical: a straight tunnel covered in small ridges, and featuring strings going across. Time to take a jump!


Plot twist: Bangee Shake Hard plays hardcore, and lives up to it’s name quite superbly!

After applying a decent amount of lubricant into the oanhole, I slid inside. Or so I tried. Right from the start, the entrance tells you it’s serious business in the house. So I applied a generous amount of lubricant all over my dick, extra smudge around my glans, and… ooooh shit.

This onahole, mind you, accommodates average-sized penises, and I’m in that category. Yet, “accommodate”… Bangee Shake Hard tightens without mercy around you, the more you press your way inside, the more it strangles you as if trying to squeeze the blood out of your brave yet vulnerable dick. Don’t even try the plunge if your boner is anything else than hard as rock!

While the pressure intensifies around you, the small ridges gently scrape around your glans and give you some much needed satisfaction and purpose in this penis bully. And then a little bit of resistance as you push against and past the first string, who slides along you on a random side.

You’re now halfways in, the contemplation of your life choices evaporates as is being replaced by a growing feeling of fulfillment, but right when you thought you tamed the demon here comes the second string, shortly followed by the third, you barely pass that one and your tip already reaches bottom end. You done it!

With each stroke, the strings take a random side of your dick and give a slight and gentle “stroke” along it while the other side of your penis gets a proportionately stronger squeeze from the walls. Definitively get your mind on a fantasy to prevent loosing your hard-on, because Bangee Shake Hard would reduce your dick to the thickness of a straw if it could!

And the orgasm, several times I had a pitiful “fuck-this-shit-I’m-out” orgasm from the bullying, The tightness and intensity left me no chance to edge and extend my play, sure I got a decent amount of explosive quick-shots with it but despite easy maintenance you still desire some more fun time. No way with “I-want-to-close-your-urethra-shut-to-prevent-ejaculation-by-squeezing-down-on-you” Bangee Shake Hard.

.. And I can totally see Bangee Shake Hard being used in BDSM play, to turn your partner into a whimpering mess.


Bangee Shake Hard can be turned inside-out without much difficulty and without damaging the strings, allowing for easy soaping up, cleaning and rinsing.

Optionally you can apply baby powder on the external surface to turn it extra smooth.


Bangee Shake Hard doesn’t go easy on you, it’s tight and beats your dick at the “who’s the hardest” game. Full hard-on required to enjoy!

It’s semi-transparent material allows you to monitor the well-being of your squeezed dick, the material isn’t particularly noteworthy as RIDE Japan’s TPE recipe keeps it somewhat sticky and an out-of-the-box smell.

It’s structures are consistent with the normal Bangee Shake version, a ridge covered layer and strings across the hole. However the squeezing around the dick reduces the presence of those strings, defeating their purpose.

As far as “hard edition” onaholes go, Bangee Shake Hard is relevant. But should you want to keep dick sensitivity, you may steer clear from it.

Bangee Shake Hard
  • 2.1/10
    Sensations - 2.1/10
  • 5.4/10
    Materials - 5.4/10
  • 6/10
    Packaging - 6/10
  • 8/10
    Pricing - 8/10


+ very affordable + see-through + easy cleaning
– overwhelmingly tight
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4 Replies to “Bangee Shake Hard”

  1. I would like to try this of find other which is somewhat similar, yet this isnt in sale in my region, and I dont wish to import any toy that can have “taxes” to avoid customs looking at what im buying. Does any like this exists?

  2. What do you recommend to get now (as a first timer), Ordered Magic Eyes’s Melty Love, on its way but want to also buy a backup since the cost of fowarding service fee would be a pain in the arse if I order again, Im looking at: Lolinco, Roa, Rina, Puni Virgin Mini, Julia+.
    But recommend out of the list is totally fine. What should I get? (For this backup durability is priority, not that invincible where there’s no wear&tear but just can be usable for the longest time possible, even if it have small tears in the first weeks.)

      1. That seems nice, but I’d like something more stimulate bc I don’t fap much, like 1 session a week, but when I do I’d do multiple times. Looking around in /tag/ride-japan I see this:, AnonD said it feels amazing, AND durable (3 months without any tear), a bonus (actually 2) is that its cheap af and have lips!, Toydemon reviews on it is also good, but amazon jp review is real bad tho, haven’t translated it yet so idk what’s wrong. I think I’m gonna buy that.
        p/s: being so cheap, maybe you can give some pockey money to get and try it?, That internal seems like something you’d like to try. Will give my feedback with tororichi, I think I’ll get that hiza tsuki ranbu when I order more lube, or more sadly tororichi break/doesn’t feels good.

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