Girl in the Box

I’m not sure what kind of fantasy this is, but Magic Eyes did something for you: they drug girls with sleeping pills, box them up then sell them to sickos around the world. .. Do they ?..

Actually no, look closer:


She’s got the key ! She locked herself up all alone ! What an airhead. And she’s horny, her panties soaking wet, she’s desperate to get out of the box and play with you ! Of course you help this naughty girl out of the box… but then…


.. chop her head and legs off after tying her arms. And you go after her pussy, of course. Wah o_0

What we have here is a quite heavy piece of TPE sextoy, this onahole weights a good 580 g and can therefor be harder to ship overseas. Below, a picture of the package only:


The package is very well engineered, reminding the design of an old wooden box down to the detail on how to open it (the latch on the left, opens as if you open the glass window -you see it’s glass from the crack on the upper right corner). The front side has little text, even the branding is added as a discreet sticker. But the box seems too tiny for the girl, she can’t stretch her legs, let’s take her out and look inside her.


Pretty straight, no real constriction, tiny ribs, tiny bumps, no real vacuum chamber, .. one thing’s for sure: this onahole is not for intense sensations. Just a little detail:


Believe me: it won’t last long before you take her “from behind” and let this “G spot” bump stroke your frenulum. And this will be your favorite setting. You guess with so small stroking-features, you’ll be pretty happy of this. (on the right)


At least it’s pretty deep, non-asians can enjoy a full penetration too. Also, as you can see it’s not very convenient to hold in the hand, but as Casquetero suggests on the ToyDemon blog it’s really doing some “hands-free” what you want to look after (and you guess it’s heavy enough to make it not so hard to slide in and out without holding it).

Sure the packaging is great and the outer appearance pretty arousing and cute, but these assets don’t compensate three major weaknesses that are high price, poor inner structure and difficult cleaning. I’d recommend it only for who’s not looking after an orgasm “of the force of a thousand suns”.

Girl in the Box
  • 6/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 6/10
  • 7/10
    Materials and cleaning - 7/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 6/10
    Price - 6/10


Great packaging and outside, but bleak inside

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5 Replies to “Girl in the Box”

  1. I bought Girl In The Box/Hako-chan on a recommendation from a friend who said that GITB was one of his favourite holes at the time, and I’ve got to agree with him, out of the holes I have, Hako-chan is my favourite hole.

    I’ve had Hako-chan for a few months now, and after doing her a number of times (I have an average penis size at 5 inches) I find the bit in this review saying ‘no intense sensations’ a little strange, as every time I take Hako-chan I always get a pretty intense feeling, be it from the front or from behind, great for two-hands use, taking it either fast or slow, as well as hands-free. As for the orgasm, well, let me just say it’s so much more intense than any of the other holes I have (including Virgin Age Admission, which I find too plain), I describe my orgasm with Hako-chan as ‘Out-of-this-world’, it is just so amazing that I get VERY vocal when I come, sometimes to the point where I actually scream, Hako-chan just feels that god damn good to me.

    I find the design amazing too, with every little detail, from the shoulder blades, belly button, cute little nipples, ample bum, cute little puffy vulva, right down to the individual fingers on her left hand behind her back, Magic Eyes have spared no detail in the design with many visual features that other holes just don’t have.

    I agree with the bit about cleaning, Hako-chan is a bit of a pain to clean at times due to her length, but when I find her such a pleasure to fuck I can overlook this. And I have had no major problems with her opening either over time, which, while looking sightly worse for wear, is still fairing much better than the Rina I have, although I have found a slight discolouration around her vulva occasionally (which seems to come and go as it is not there now).

    Personally I would recommend this hole to anyone who is just getting started, as I have found it a great hole despite it’s slightly higher price point.

  2. At first, Girl in the box gives an impression that it is going to be a pretty tight onahole by the cursory look at its small opening. However, this is misleading; its interior space can accommodate larger manhoods. It feels more similar to Lust Gimmick than to the three more compact products mentioned below.

    Something like Virgin Age: Admission and Sujiman Kupa Roa are shorter and tighter. Magic Eye Omega is even smaller and tighter. Although Omega is the tightest (and the least expensive) of the products listed in this comment, its thinner construction makes it feel less supple. A well-designed onahole should have some thickness along its shaft so that a user only feels minimal pressure originating from his hand grip.

    Basically, if a user wants something that will lead to a quick blast, look for something that is smaller and tighter than Girl in the Box.

    In terms of wear and tear, the opening will be the first to go, although this does not affect the interior.

  3. Oh, girl in the box, I have this onahole. I like it because it’s heavy, and you can lay on the bed and ride her on you, it’s not bad, but the inner structure it’s not very good, and no tightness, so I do not recommend it, I don’t like it much, and the cleaning it’s difficult.

  4. I’m curious about durability of Magic Eyes dual-layer product. I have read somewhere state that higher price as girl in the box get more steady material than cheaper product like open my pussy series. My Roa is so fragile so I feel a bit frustrate to consider order their another goods.

    *Off topic* I lurk around japanese shops and find this one interesting.
    Yeah another kupaa from Magic Eyes. Hope this one will be available in ‘international import’ shops soon.

    1. Girl in the box’s material, I’m not totally sure if it’s the same as the Open my pussies’ outter layer. Anyway it doesn’t feel as skin-like as most ToysHeart onaholes.

      And the “LO๏ผˆใ‚จใƒซใ‚ชใƒผ๏ผ‰ใ€€ใใฑใ” onahole you found seems to use the same material. They really should consider hitting the market with some innovations, the “monster” period has ended.

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