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Today we will be looking at an awesome new product from the well known Toy’s Heart, the Campus Life – Tidy Type

Motsu Toys sent to it me for review so let’s begin with a few pictures of the box !


The box is nice, colorfull with lots of informtation at the back. I’m not that a fan of the girl used for the illustration since I’m not really into busty girl. I would have prefered a loli or a schoolgirl rather than a girl in her mid 20’s (I guess) but whatsover… it’s intitled “campus life” after all. At least we have an anime girl with cute and colorfull design, so that’s still a good point.


As you may already know, the onahole is delivered with a small stick of lube good for 1 or 2 times. It’s rather a nice lube to use with onahole, not too sticky or smelly. Plus, Toy’s Heart are used to provide their product in some hard plastic box. That’s a very good point comparated to other company (like Magic Eyes) who tends to simply put the onahole in a sticky plastic bag. Thanks to that box, you’re sure to avoid having some marks on the outside during the transport.


Fresh Skin ? Mmh, I didn’t know that one. But all in all, it’s really similar to the traditionnal Safe Skin. For the first opening the outside are really smooth, there are barely no smell and it feels fresh and durable. The weight of 284g is average for this kind of onahole, and with a lenght of 165mm and a stretchable material you won’t have to worry seeing your glans poping up at the top.


Insides are interesting. To sum it up, you start with ribs & dots, and at the end you’ll find a typical vacuum chamber with lots of dots. In the middle… that’s the best part. A kind of tight twist with two bumps on each extremity. Oh man, that place is THE BEST of the entire tunnel. Adding to that the ribs and dots of the beginning plus the vacuum, wow ! You won’t last long, trust me.

HOWEVER. There are two main default on this onahole that I want to mention.

First, THIS


Apart from the middling aspect and those… lips. Ok WTF Toy’s Heart ? Oh man, loli’s camel toe from Magic Eyes or P.P.P are way more appealing to me than those… things.

Anyway, let’s keep it up.

The real BAD point here is that insanely small entrance. You see that microscopic hole ? Yup, that’s where you have to put your penis in.


This. Is. Completly. Stupid.

Seriously I’m not that big ok, just the average size I guess. But fuck, when I’m erected the size of my glans is at least as big as the pussy lips. So now just tell me, who’s the idiot at Toy’s Heart who thought about making a hole for Q-Tip fucking ?

No need to say that during the FIRST use, it broke. But hopefully it doesn’t change the sensation that much.

HOWEVER now since it’s broken, the suction is a bit weaker than it used to be and unfortunatly, lube isn’t retained properly. Air gets inside and it feels dry after a few stroke. That sucks.


The last thing which bother me a bit is… the noise. Honestly, that onahole is noisy as fuck and that’s a pain in the arse. I won’t record it because it would sounds… strange, I think. But anyway guys be carefull, if you’re living with people they’ll definitely hear it.


Concerning the cleaning, it’s really easy. You can flip it inside-out but I wouldn’t recommend because the inside tunnel might get damaged. I usually just put some tepid water inside and then gets all the fluids out with my soapy finger. Then you just dry it with a microfiber clothe and add some babypowder or cornstarch so as to have a sweet and clean outside !

Campus Life - Tidy Type
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Packaging and addons - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


+ nice artwork & box + Easy to clean + Good sensation + Delivered in a hard plastic box + Nice “Fresh Skin” material
– The outside looking with those two massive lips isn’t very appealing – Entrance hole made for Q-tip fucking – NOISY AS HELL !
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  1. The tunnel has a length of 14cm. Do you think that’s it’s worth getting with my 12 cm? (It’s really inconvenient to get some of the more popular ones with my size 😅)

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