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Eroman ! Finally ! I initially told myself I’ll do this during January, but whoops, February is almost over ! Meanwhile, I had a few ideas for my new reviews 😛 Oh, feel free to click the picture just above, to take a good look at it 🙂


Eroman is an onahole made by Toysheart, and certainly not the least “dangerously lewd” designed one 🙂 Now to get things straight and as I said before: I got Eroman along with two other onaholes as gift from Toysheart, for having helped them a few times with text translations. A nice Christmas gift 🙂 Thanks to you guys, keep up the good work and keep perverting bringing joy worldwide !

The packaging is..


.. not safe for work 😉 If I get it right, the crazy horny girl on the packaging is based on a hentai manga character, I’m not sure which one. As content, the onahole itself and a small bottle of lube (enough for 1 or 2 times). As usual, at Toysheart 🙂 Now, the hole !

♫ Deadmau5 – Aural Psynapse (Mr FijiWiji Remix)

As you can see, it fits westies pretty well ! It’s a single-layer onahole, the “Fresh Skin” material is not bad at all, not as good as “Fine Cross” though. A nicely wide opening welcomes you for this:

♫ Adonis Tsilimparis – Bustle (Inst)

How do you like my new minicam ?! 🙂

Nice bumps, leading to a cervix, the womb having a kind of.. string, to tease your tip. Overview:


Nice big suction chamber 🙂  Hell, I think it’s one of the most vacuuming onaholes I experienced, and pushing your glans through the cervix feels pretty nice too. Now the hall being only bumps is a bit sad, maybe a few ribs at the entrance would have been welcome. That’s all folks, Eroman ! Worth the Amazon price, would recommend but it’s not a must-have 🙂

Music: DJ Goblin – Rayon Cosmique

  • 8.5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 8.5/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


Dangerously lewd packaging, single-layer fun with great vacuum for pretty good price

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4 (6 votes)

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13 Replies to “Eroman”

  1. i hope you see this message, sine this post is like 3 years ago. Is this one reusable? Or is it one-shot use?

  2. Hey, noob here haha… Sorry for bumping this post, but I am thinking of getting this as my first onahole and I am not too sure on how to go about with the cleaning of it. Can this onahole be flipped outwards for washing? I would be thankful if anyone experienced were to reply. Many thanks in advance. :3

  3. Guy with phimosis here. I got the Eroman as my second onahole (first one was Virgin Age Graduation) and how I regret that.

    I enjoyed the Graduation a lot, but the Eroman was a painful experience. It forcefully retracted my foreskin when entering, even when using a lot more lube than on the Graduation.

    Can you recommend a good onahole for a guy with phimosis? One that is forgiving when entering, even if the stimulation is very low overall.

    1. Sorry to hear that dude. you need to stay away from loli onaholes and japanese holes period…With your condition you should have known better than to get anything implying loli or virgins.

      Get the R-20. It’s super big and shouldnt pull on you unless you have an abnormally huge penis.

  4. More endoscope videos please! A great addition to your reviews and gives you a much better idea than a cut through the middle cross section.
    Ever considered recording yourself doing a Cock Hero session? They have a section for that now on the site!

  5. I like videos of onaholes being used. It gives a better sense of scale and how the hole acts when being filled with cock. Nice minicam, what model is it?

  6. These new videos are completely unnecessary, they give no additional information to your reviews. Exhibitionism, hm?

  7. Damn xD, now with a video of you jacking off xD. Nice mincam O: , and the onahole looks ok I guess.

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