Flicker’s Choice

Finally: a RIDE-Japan toy again!

Please gather around, and lemme show you Flicker’s Choice, an onahole with interesting design choices 😉


RIDE Japan has a little tendency to overload their box illustrations, and Flicker’s Choice follows that pattern: behind all the text, you’ll find a young busty woman wearing a pink kimono, and being visibly drooling from arousal.

Nothing too revealing, no labia, no nipples, surely that’s not too obscene for Amazon Japan, right?

Let’s take a closer look at the box! On the backside and one side we get a proper view of the toy and it’s main focus points, and on the other side we have a little comic with instructions on how to use the toy, and how to clean. With chibi girls! Nice.


Inside the box, you’ll find the onahole wrapped in a plastic seal, and a 12mL sample of “Virgin Lotion” water-based lubricant. Although it’s not a best-in-class lube, there’s enough for 2 uses of the toy.


Flicker’s Choice is 160mm long (of which 130mm hole depth), 70mm width and weights 325g. It’s a closed-bottom toy. Like most onaholes, it’s made in TPE. NLS’s measurements are slightly lower.

Upon opening, the onahole has a light smell and feels rather smooth. But beware: while the smell fades away over time, it tends to get pretty sticky and somewhat oily!


So far so good, nothing too out of the ordinary. But, the inside is where it starts to get interesting: the whole length of the hole is straight and covered in tiny triangle ridges.

And all along, in a zigzag pattern, little “flaps” that flick back and forth along your shaft as you use the toy.

So actually, you don’t get to feel much about the ridges of the walls: the “flaps” keep them away from your cock, and although the flaps themselves have ridges on their surface, it’s… really not much of a sensation there. And by lack of a suction chamber, there’s really no strong snuggly feeling.

I must say, I was hoping for something a bit similar to Virgin Loop perhaps, or even closer to Bangee Shake /Ibocross, , but.. Flicker’s Choice remains too much in a light tease territory, it’s great for edging and bringing yourself or your partner very slowly to the brink of orgasm, not much more beyond.

Without some very arousing material or play, you’ll get bored fast and reach a rather sad orgasm 😐


Since it’s a single layer onahole, no worries turning it inside-out for complete cleaning. As usual, simply wash, soap up, rinse, pat dry with a cloth, and allow some time for it to dry up completely.

I really recommend using baby powder on it’s exterior surface: RIDE Japan has yet to drastically improve on their material as it gets pretty sticky and oily, not very pleasant to the touch.


At long last, a RIDE Japan toy again!

As often with that brand, for a toy made in Japan, the price is pretty good. And with that concept, I had my curiosity.

However, things get less sunny down the road: the packaging illustration is “meh” (yet still too obscene for Amazon Japan to show the full cover girl with her voluptuous breasts), the sample lubricant is better used only if you have no alternative, without much surprise the toy has a bit of smell upon opening, the material gets pretty sticky,…

And the sensations really don’t counterweight these issues: it’s too mild a sensation on the penis (partly due to the absence of suction and the inability to feel the ridges of the walls behind the flaps) -and maybe the flaps themselves should have been made in a slightly firmer material so you can actually really feel them flick back and forth with you. All in all, it’s not bad, you can still cum, but nothing really memorable.

Lastly, about durability: my toy started showing begins of cracks on it’s surface, I have some serious doubts about the material holding up a couple more months of regular use… And there’s of course the risk of those cracks harbouring bacteria and mould.

Show me something more, RIDE Japan!

Flicker's Choice
  • 1.1/10
    Appearance - 1.1/10
  • 2.2/10
    Sensations - 2.2/10
  • 7.3/10
    Price - 7.3/10


+ price
– packaging illustration
– lackluster sensations
– material stickiness
– material durability
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