A Noble Ectasy – Princess Cheer Hole


It’s been a while since I last tasted a Tamatoys onahole, this one was provided by NST. Let’s get it started !

What do we have here


“A noble ecstasy – princess cheer hole”. A princess cheerleader ? A cheerleader princess ? She doesn’t seem quite comfortable cheerleading in underwear, to say the least. 14cm in length, 270 g, plenty stretchiness for everyone. And..


Wah. Dammit Tamatoys ! You could warn if the packaging includes some more sexy shit, this is borderline in some countries !


So far so good, it comes with “Super” lotion from fake Sonico, a shy volume for 1 or 2 uses. Upon opening the plastic sealing of the onahole, a strong scent of plastic jumps onto your face and contaminates the place: this fades away mostly after a few washes, buuut yeah. It’s Tamatoys.

Lubing up, getting horny on some porn, and let’s slide into the princess.

Oh. uh. The tunnel is not centered correctly, so I’m poking on one side. A processing failure that happens sometimes with Magic Eyes too. But how’s the sensations ? It’s very soft and mild, almost frustrating. A bit like Fuwarin or C-moon. I try to fantasize about soft vaginas or sweet mouths, but it simply doesn’t live up to it. It’s too soft, too mild, not tight enough.


After a questionable amount of time, I release inside of it in what feels like a sad orgasm.  The small entrance didn’t resist much upon insertion but luckily it prevents stuff from flowing out too easily. Being a single-layer stretchable onahole, I had no issues turning it inside-out and cleaning. In the cupboard it goes.

Couple days later, next session. Take out. Oh.


Looks like mold loves Princess Cheer more than I do despite my careful drying. This hole didn’t cheer me up much, the princess should be in another castle.

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