Gokujō Nama in Kuchibiru

I gotta admit, this was leap of faith. Or recklessness. When browsing Amazon Japan’s onahole category, I noticed the top selling product was (and still is, at time of writing) neither a Tenga cup, nor a Toysheart onahole.

It’s a product named “極上生陰唇” (which Google translates into “best raw labia”, I freely used the romaji transcription as title as even my poor Japanese tells “kuchibiru” means “lips” so it wouldn’t surprise me if an accurate translation shifts rather to “superb shadow lips” or something along those lines..). And the maker is a mystery by itself and oneself: Nightfly (more below!).

And so I just threw this into the cart, out of curiosity for this super popular product.

So, what’s the deal with Nightfly? Well, they have a Twitter account, a Line, a website that doesn’t work (registered by 王廷浩 Wángtínghào from Beijing, China), the onahole is “assembled” in China, using “safety silicon” made by from Kuraray America Inc, under the brand KOKOBI co.ltd registered in Tokyo Japan and whose website is.. uhh.., and finally the box mentions BellaCocool GmbH located in Berlin, Germany and whose website is… well…

As far as my eyes can reach, I’ve only found their sextoys sold on Amazon Japan: 3 onaholes, 1 warming stick, 3 vibrators. None of my usual Japanese wacky onanism accessories shops sells their products.

Glowing red flags everywhere, yet here we are. Let’s see how deep this rabbit hole goes!


Oh yeah please enjoy uncensored anime girls: on Amazon their chest and crotch areas are pixelated. Yes, despite being in underwear. Pictures or schematics of the onahole? Oh no no, not on the box. And on Amazon there’s only… a pink blob. My many years of onahole experience told me “oh yeah that onahole is gonna reproduce a vulva” because heck Amazon sucks.

Oh lemme remove the sticker with Amazon’s barcode, so you get the actual EAN barcode… and see the “BellaCocool GmbH” mention below.

I try to express this as “professionally” as possible, but… the whole side where the Amazon barcode was? Usage instructions. In German. In broken German. Including a recommendation to not rinse the product with 40°F water. 40° Fahrenheit. I checked: Germany started using metric system of units in 1872, Japan in 1924 and China in 1925. Kuraray America, you’re the culprit!

Also: “Produkt Name: onanism hole”… I mean yeah technically it’s not untrue, but… *sigh*

Oh yeah there’s another side, in Japanese + pictures. Turns out the usage instructions are not that different from your regular official certified quality established brand onahole from reputable shop. Why two different girls to illustrate the packaging, please post your theories in the comments below. Moving on!


Inside the box, you’ll find the onahole packed in a bag, and also a card.

Why did they add the Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh on the card (with inflated breasts), please post your theories in the comments below.

But what does it say on the card? Lo and behold: if you publish a review and notify them with your order number, they will… reimburse you or send you one other product of your choice for free?

Is this why the product gets so much positive comments on Amazon? I’m inclined to say “yes”. The maker gets reputation points, the product is pushed high in the top seller list and ratings, customers get free stuff. This illustrates perfectly how one cannot trust Amazon ratings and comments.

But, dear veteran onahole reviewer Akai, is this onahole actually any good despite the ratings bias?


I must admit, upon opening the bag, I was expecting my nostrils to be attacked by horrible plastic smell. But it wasn’t the case?! Nightfly has cracked Toysheart’s secret for odourless onaholes?

Gokujō Nama in Kuchibiru is your generic pussy onahole with closed bottom and a little touch with a belly button, a total size of 140mm and a weight of 400g. A labia structure to keep the lubricant inside and guide the user’s penis, a little bit of a butt shape, yeah alright that’s pretty good work.

You notice the pink reddish paint at the opening? You won’t notice it for long: like KYO’s Crystal Mouth, it barely takes a few washes for the paint to say farewell. No miracles there.


With a lack of inside view on Amazon (or anywhere I sniffed around like Twitter), I took my trusty speculum and…

Nah that’s not the most realistic onahole design, indeed! Instead, Gokujō Nama in Kuchibiru’s whole hole walls comprise bumps or flaps, with ridges on their surface.

And…. fuck, pretty nice, pretty good even! The penis is not strangled or anything, the hole isn’t much tight nor providing lots of suction, you just slide in and get teased from various sides, slightly pushed here and there, stimulating the glans first then the shaft and frenulum, and… yeah!

Quite oddly I’ve found the stimulation somewhat similar in type and intensity to Lolinco, despite having no particular similarities in internal structures… But it sure brings me over the edge when I want, and quite strongly so!

I’ve made a video presentation of the onahole, including footage with an endoscopic camera to show the insides!



The usage instructions say not to turn the onahole inside-out, however you can do it to fully clean your toy after use. Just do it carefully.

Nothing unusual in the cleaning department:

  • wash away lube and stuff
  • use soap and scrub clean with your fingers
  • rinse
  • pat dry and let it fully dry in a well ventilated place, away from direct sunlight

This onahole gets somewhat sticky and oily, thus you may consider applying baby powder to make it’s surface smooth and dry. Little bit yuck.


What a leap of faith. Everything at first glance screams “don’t buy this”, and the fact they’re skewing Amazon’s customer ratings should be the final red flag.

Yet. Yet. In all honesty, I must say their product is pretty good, roughly in-between NPG and Magic Eyes when it comes to material quality grade (and noteworthy odourless), and the internal design too seems to have been studied specifically to attain such sensations.

And the price? 2280 JPY, roughly 21 USD or 18 EUR. That’s pretty damn good for a 400g toy and for what it can achieve.

I doubt Nightfly will establish itself as a major onahole brand on the market, especially without having an official website on a domain name registered almost 1 year ago, or presence on alternate shops outside Amazon. And the fact the products are fabricated in China further lowers my sympathy points.

But who knows, maybe they will set everything up properly and gain traction, and Gokujō Nama in Kuchibiru won’t be the first and only of their products reviewed by us? We’ll see!

Gokujō Nama in Kuchibiru
  • 5.6/10
    Appearance - 5.6/10
  • 9.4/10
    Sensations - 9.4/10
  • 9.8/10
    Price - 9.8/10


+ price
+ sensations
+ odourless material
– blind buy (no product view)
– brand unestablished
– very confusing traceability
– Amazon rating skewing
– copyright infringement?
– instructions in German?!
User Review
3.7/10 (5 votes)

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