KYO Crystal Mouth

Masturbation is a fun and healthy pastime, and toys provide a greater variety of sensations or spice up adult games. And so it’s no wonder online sexshops saw a surge in orders as people around the world find themselves under home confinement against SARS-CoV-2.

Today let’s take a look at Crystal Mouth, a toy made by KYO!



Crystal Mouth comes packed in a discreet cylinder box

On the side, you’ll find a short description and advice text in several languages:

So far so good, let’s open!


Inside the box, you’ll find the toy wrapped in a bag

Now despite the breathing-hole, the toy emits a significant bad plastic smell upon opening. The smell however fades away over time and after washes.


As you can see, Crystal Mouth is a transparent toy featuring a single canal and two openings: a “mouth” kind and a “vulva” kind.

Now I gotta warn: the “lipstick” paint on the mouth side wears off very fast. If you want that extra touch, re-apply regular lipstick πŸ™‚


Transparent toys are rather uncommon, but allow for more “insights” of what’s going on inside.

From “mouth” entrance to “vulva” entrance: just after the lips, the user is greeted with a pair of “teeth” bars in a harder material (yet not as hard as Bocca Della Verita‘s). Those provide a noticeable light scraping.

Teeth are a variously welcomed feature in toys among users. If you don’t like them, simply rip them out with tongs.

Just after, you enter the “mouth-cavity” with at the top a series of little grooves and on the bottom a tongue piece.

Next, you slide through a pink tightening ring. You definitively feel the transition into the “throat”, a gentle squeeze around your shaft.

Now the middle part is where most of the magic happens: the ribs and bumps there make for significant sensations around the glans. Due to the resistance from the two rings, sliding into there is more energetic, brutal.

And so, a second tightening ring. This one’s more about the pelvic muscles as the canal becomes almost closed at this area.

And finally, a vagina conduit with little to no structures, ending up between two puffy vulva lips.

Out of the two options, my favourite is to enter from the pussy side. I think the throat-ring is just well placed to “hug” just below the glans during strokes, and the glans get slightly more sensations from the mouth-top than the vagina. And a little bit of eye candy when your tip pokes out between the “teeth”, as is was a tongue.

Overall it’s not a mind-blowing experience, the lubricating requires a little bit more care to not make a mess all over the place, and some guiding is needed to find your way in. It doesn’t pursue radical realism, but I admit the mouth side gets some things right (not-so-deepthroat). Out of the see-through toys I used Crystal Mouth ends up at the top, but it doesn’t threaten Bocca Della Verita’s spot as mouth type toy, nor threaten many of Toysheart’s or Magic Eyes’ onaholes.

If you’re ready to sacrifice the transparency for a little more sensations, then the ONDO NUPU comes out as a relevant alternative. Yet the transparency can be a central feature if you’d like to observe your penis or your partner’s as it finds it’s way inside the toy. For “multiplayer”, however, the toy is probably too small to snugly fit two penises from each side.


Due to the rings and teeth inside, the toy can’t/shouldn’t be turned inside-out for cleaning. However, the two entrances makes it extra easy flushing the inside with water and properly soap up everything by sticking your fingers from either side.

Aside that, it’s the regular procedure: soap, rinse, pat dry the outside, and let it rest upside-down in a well ventilated space for full drying.


With Crystal Mouth, KYO is rooting itself as a noteworthy toy maker, especially in the western market where most toys are branded Fleshlight or Pipedream at the fraction of Japanese toy’s quality.

See-through toys are often fun masturbatory toys and offer a little spicy thing for example in couples, to make a partner groan in pleasure while watching their member all along inside. And I must say, Crystal Mouth is one of the best such toys I had my hands on.

However, Crystal Mouth is “just good”: it doesn’t bring out a never-seen before sensation, it doesn’t force groans/whimpers out of the user, it doesn’t reach the podium of my top best toys. It’s no alternative to regular “one entrance” onaholes.

For the price you get a pretty good manufacturing, except for the smell upon opening. It stays in one piece, doesn’t get too oily but gets somewhat sticky (baby powder fixing this issue but sacrificing transparency). A relevant product.

  • 9.1/10
    Appearance - 9.1/10
  • 5.3/10
    Sensations - 5.3/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


+ see-through
+ two entrance options
+ rather good manufacturing
+ affordable
– smell upon opening
– nothing unheard of- sensations
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1 Reply to “KYO Crystal Mouth”

  1. As someone with a hard-on for Monstergirls, this toy was a chance to experiment in the more subtle delights of my slimegirl fetish.

    All in all, I’m inclined to agree with Akai. Take away the transparency and the toy is just another Onahole. A good buy for someone just getting into Onaholes and overwhelmed by the choices available, but not as ‘sensational’ as the original ONDO! NUPU. The toy does allow you to imagine a more sensual and sloppy blowjob, so it did have a place in my collection.

    My complaint: Build Quality! Specifically those pink rings. After one use; one fantasy of a slow sloppy slimegirl blowjob recreation, I had not only snapped both pink rings completely in two but torn the material moulded around the rings as well. I believe the toy is still usable, but I have concerns regarding cleaning out all the gunk afterwards.

    Makes me wonder if they could use a thin, more robust material like a large cock ring, for example? Something that could still limit the squeeze of the material and grip around your dick, but less likely to snap for whatever reason?

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