Campus Life: Athlete Type

Not so long ago, ToysHeart released the “Campus Life” series consisting of Tidy Type, Job Hunter Type, and Athlete Type. Let’s talk about the latter πŸ™‚


Box illustration

To illustrate this onahole, ToysHeart chose an athletic anime girl with short brown hair, green eyes, holding a tennis racket, a red handbag, and slightly shining skin that tells us she worked up some sweat, her sports shirt unzipping dangerously low and unveiling a bra matching color with her hair ribbon. Her facial expression exposes her confidence and satisfaction with her club activity, and the viewer can easily fantasize of meeting her after club activities, or having played tennis (and miserably lost) against her. Nevertheless, she’s still got plenty of energy and thinks of having some after-school fun with you !

The illustration is made by Saida Kazuaki (Pixiv, Twitter), whose art has been already seen previously with ToysHeart’s Daisyuki Hold.

Like usual, I did a high-res scan of the box πŸ™‚

Box content

The content of the box is pretty common with ToysHeart: a plastic tray holding the onahole, and included sample of Vanessa & Co water based lube which should be enough for about 2 uses.

The onahole outside

The outside appearance is very similar to Campus Life Tidy Type, you can differentiate them with the color tone: pinkish for Tidy, orangish for Athlete. Because yeah she does sports outside in the sun (compared to the bookworm Tidy ?), so she’s having a tan.

The onahole is made of ToysHeart’s Fresh Skin material, has as good as no smell and only gets slightly sticky. The shape makes it easy to handle, and the molded “pussy lips” allow for easier penetration.

There’s a slight material weakness at the opening, the hole tearing a bit wider to the upcoming entrance width (see video at the end). This however doesn’t impact performance.

The onahole insides and performance

The inside of the onahole consists of a “screw-tightening” section near the opening, a tight pass with ridges, a loosening chamber with bumps (which provides some suction effect when pulling out), and finally a tight ridged bottom.

This all provides an intense experience especially for those with sensitive glans. There’s no use thrashing around and yelping for her to slow down: she locks your trajectory, tightens around you and slams you to the other side like a tennis ball !

ToysHeart fine-tuned this onahole so it feels intense, while not being painful-intense. The final pleasure waves show up rather fast, and trying to make it last longer usually mean totally stopping for a couple seconds. No complains here, I can also like sprinting to orgasm πŸ˜‰

Note for precaution though: the suction from the chamber in the middle creates.. sound. Cover up those “slurping” noises with rap music or black metal or something, if you don’t live alone and mind avoiding “embarrassing” questions.


Nothing special to do for cleaning, it’s the usual “flush out, soap up, clear, dry”. The onahole can be safely turned inside-out for thorough cleaning and drying, since the aforementioned opening hole tearing happens with just using the toy.

Price / value

The price almost makes it a budget product for the ToysHeart brand, which tends to be a notch higher than other company’s. Still, given the user experience and since it’s made in Japan, the public price as shown by our providers & sponsors is totally honest and worth it.

You won’t see it falling into pieces before months of regular use, so it’s a good investment. Maybe we’ll even see shops selling a “collector pack” of all Campus Life onaholes.

Youtube video

Campus Life: Athlete Type
  • 7/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 7/10
  • 6/10
    Materials and cleaning - 6/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ powerful sensations + nice art + good material + price
– narrow entrance rips open somewhat – noise when using
User Review
4 (4 votes)

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3 Replies to “Campus Life: Athlete Type”

  1. I bought this as well and really enjoy it. I wish they had included a mini poster of the box art to fap to.

  2. Got this one not too long ago the narrow inside feels great with the ribbles I had a lot of good memories of this one for such a low price it really worth it.

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