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Hey guys, Fuzzy here with my first onahole review, so lets cut the chit chat and start with a bang! I bring you Kaitai Shinshō by Magic Eyes!


This girl here is my first large onahole, and it makes sense for me to grab something from Magic Eyes, who are renowned for their quality. Its name translates into ‘Internal structure of a moe body!’ as of the packaging. Speaking of the packaging, dang was I surprised when I first received the parcel from the postman: it was so much larger than expected. I hurriedly opened it up to find:


Tibbers approves  😉

Cute busty girl on the packaging, nothing wrong with that. Whats special about the box is that there’s a latch you can open up on the front of the box which reveals an X-ray illustration of the hole’s internal structure, like this:


Clever gimmick on the part of Magic Eyes.

The hole comes with the old regular packet of lube which will be hard to use with the hole. Also included is a small bottle of powder for maintenance purposes, which is always nice. The jewel of the addons is a small coin-like object used for plugging up the top end of the hole for a suction effect, more on this later.


Just like how AkaiHebi has Tomoko helping him out with the reviews, I have my own cute little Silica doing that for me!


Jokes aside, gosh this girl is BIG. Weighing in at a massive 2kg of Magic Eyes’ ‘soft skin’ material, which is smooth, soft and pure quality, she’s easily twice the size of your hands or more. There is a bit of the out-the-box smell, but should go away with a few uses and washes. The shape of this onahole is exquisite: as a torso type hole, everything is so well proportioned and the curves are really nice, it’s almost like a piece of art.

Anyone up for some paizuri? 😛

The most unique part of this hole is the ‘Bone’ gimmick, a semi-hard plastic skeleton enveloping the inner structure, for a more realistic sensation upon insertion. The only flaw to the near perfect appearance of this hole is the ugly Magic Eyes branding on the back of the body that most Magic Eyes products have.


The main selling point of the structure of this hole is what Magic Eyes call the ‘Quattro layering’, as opposed to dual layering of some other holes. This consists of the outer soft skin layer, the elastic ‘bone’ layer, a ‘super soft gel’ layer, and finally the ‘stimulating membrane’ layer. Quite the innovative design, I must say. And yes, it IS a penetrated hole ‘in some sense’, more on that later. Other than that, it’s the regular nooks, zig zags and bumps from some of the ‘Open my pussy’ series, nothing too special. Time to give it a try!


Hmm… while the added layers do give it a more realistic feeling, and the membrane-like inner layer clings to your shaft like the real thing would, to be honest it didn’t really feel like anything too special, maybe slightly better than the average onahole.

That is, UNTIL you plug the top end of the hole in the jewel that is the coin stopper (thats what I’m going to call it).


With your dong in the hole, push the air out of the hole from the top, then plug it up with the stopper like this:


This creates an IMMENSE suction effect not regularly found in large/hip holes. This heightens the sensation so much, you probably won’t last long after plugging it up. Thrusting your hips makes it even more fun too.

Cleaning is probably the worst part of this thing. By nature it’s a penetrated hole, so you can just let the water flow through it and use your fingers to give it a rub inside. Drying is the real hard part. Because of the bone gimmick frame, this hole is a lot more rigid than others, meaning you can’t wrap a towel around your finger and poke it in. Your best bet is to wrap a micro-fibre towel around an extremely thin object, like the wire from a clothes hanger, pass it through the insides of the hole without damaging it and dry it as much as you can.

The price tag is gonna look big on this one, but remember you’re getting an extremely unique hole with plenty of high quality material to boot. It’s easily over 100 USD, if you can afford it, go for it. Shipping and customs is gonna be a bitch, depending on where you live.

Hope you liked this review, and look forward to more in the future!

EDIT 24/4: After 10 uses (and spending a lot of effort cleaning) or so, the entrance of the hole detached from the opening, similar to the situation of others from the boards and in the comments. The only thing I can say is that this is really unfortunate, as all the aspects of this onahole other than the maintenance are near perfect. I guess the way to somewhat avoid this situation is to be careful when drying it i.e. take your time drying it, without roughly forcing your towel, or whatever you dry your onahole, inside.

Kaitai Shinshō
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ Beautiful shape, excellent quality and sensation, innovative and unique design
– Cleaning and maintenance, PRICEY!

User Review
3.69 (13 votes)

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22 Replies to “Kaitai Shinshō ~ Fuzzy”

  1. A word of warning to those thinking about buying this hole – the QA (quality assurance) is extremely spotty on this product. You might luck out and get one where everything sits properly – but more than likely you will get one with minor defects that will develop into full blown major defects after a few uses.

  2. which do you recommend more?
    the Virgin Puni 1000 Fuwatoro or Kaitai Shinsho?
    Which do you think is better??
    Thank you.

  3. Because Kaitai Shinsho and Meiki Cherry 2 have similar price range, I think they are open to comparison, since if you have the money to afford either one, then you would want to have at least some idea about these two.

    1. Weight: Meiki Cherry 2 is substantially heavier. This one would probably be better, if you want to use it over a table or a bed. Because Meiki Cherry 2 is heavier, it may be of some interest if you want to simulate sexual positions.

    2. Size: Similar overall, while Meiki Cherry 2 is wider (because is is specifically designed as an onahip) and shorter, Kaitai Shinsho is narrower but longer.

    3. Cleanup: Kaitai Shinsho has a flush hole, so this should make cleanup a tad bit easier.

    4. Sensation: If you want something that is more stimulating and thus will get you off quicker, Kaitai Shinsho is better. As for Meiki Cherry 2, there is no significant difference between its vagina and anus. More viscous lube is more effective in maximizing sensation. (Not to mention, watery lube flows out too readily and dries too fast, which can be annoying.)

    5. Ease of hiding: both of them are large, so they might not be the best choice if you need to tuck them away from prying eyes. Kaitai Shinsho, since it is narrower, might be easier to hide.

    6. Applying cornstarch or similar powder to keep them from getting sticky when not in use: large toys like these two, in particular, need to be powdered to keep lint, dust, and hair out, since they have much greater surface area than smaller onaholes. One annoying thing about applying powder is you want to make sure that the powder does not accidentally get into clothes (e.g., black suits, vests, trousers) you do not want to get powdered. Lint remover will not remove the powder.

    7. Construction: Kaitai Shinsho is more fragile, because it is more complicated (dual layered, has bone-like structure glued inside), while Meiki Cherry 2 is more rugged. However, both types will show a bit of wear on the opening after a few use (unavoidable), although this does not affect sensation.

  4. Well third times the charm right? Not so, the fuckin things ribs are portuding out of the breast area with the thickness of a condom of skin, I will never order from NLS again!

  5. I recently bought the “Kaitai Shinsho”. As it turned out there is a big airhole under the first silicon layer 3-5cm after the entrance. The first silicon layer broke after one use exactly where the airhole is and the bone structure started to move around inside the silicon body.
    The different silicon materials aren’t well glued together, I have seen this problem with different products.
    I doubt nls will give me refunds.

  6. I believe my problem is that my member is above average in size, but it’s not absolutely huge either, by the looks of two of these I have it looks as if I tried to fist them…

  7. For those who feel unsure about investing in Kaitai Shinsho due to less than fantastic reviews and the price tag, consider something like Secret Lover Himekano:


    In some ways, Himekano is a lighter and smaller version of Kaitai Shinsho, although Himekano is branded under PxPxP, not Magic Eyes. In addition to being smaller, Himekano lacks the internal bone-like construction.

  8. This is actually a really good product, the hole stands out the most to me. The layering like OP has mentioned is really interested and you can see the interior of the hole is of deep-red; mimicking that of a real one! Note that you have to be very careful not to snip it in some way or another, it will have a frown on the skin which would be impossible to get rid of.

    1. Kaitai Shinsho, apart from its fragile construction, is actually pretty good. Its weight, size, and contour help to make it feel more real than your run of the mill one-hand strokers. Having said that, its internal sensation feels pretty good. (Works best if just the right amount of viscous lube is used.)

      At some point, I might post a follow-up, comparing Kaitai Shinsho and Meiki Cherry 2 (I have recently placed an order). Although this is, strictly speaking, comparing an apple to an orange, they share a similar price range. (KS might run a bit higher than MC2.)

  9. Well thought I would give this one another chance and after two very gentle uses the skin has become detached from the bone, air, lube, fluids are now able to enter the area internally, the bone has major molding flaws on its right side. The first on to fail had this same issue, now this has the same problem.
    Now in use the whole thing will get everything all inside it.
    Explain how the hell your supposed to clean this?????
    Anyone who thinks it’s just a little harder to clean and dry is an idiot!!!
    Fuck off Magic Eyes!!!!
    And Fuck Off NLS!!!!!

  10. One issue that might tick off some KS users is its more delicate construction. After only about 1/2 dozen uses, I noticed a small protrusion of the ‘pubic bone’ into the opening. It appears that there is only a thin, delicate layer keeping the bone separated from the opening, which is vulnerable to getting ripped. Fortunately, the bone has not slipped out (since it is glued into the rest of the body), thereby not interfering with the opening.

  11. I ordered this thru NLS, shipping was extremely fast, however the quality of construction was a huge let down unfortunately.
    The first thing to happen was the entrance split in two places, then it was apparent the the internal texture was not bonded to the clear “melt core” because of a non fill condition of the the core itself which caused the whole thing to leak water into the insides and rendered it completely impossible to clean and dry, AFTER ONLY TWO USES!!!!!!
    I sent an email to NLS along with pictures and there hasn’t been a responce yet, I’m not holding my breath for one either.
    I was pretty interested in this item but now realize that it is way to complex to expect anything but failure with so many material bonds to fail.

    1. Yeah, it really is unfortunate that this happens. The entrance to my one became semi-detached after around 10 uses or so, probably as a result of drying it a bit too roughly. Overall though it still is usable, just would take more effort and time drying it, and it still feels good as ever. I’m doubtful NLS are going to do anything about it though.

  12. For once, I wanted to spoil myself: ordered Kaitai Shinsho (KS) through NLS. Once the payment had been settled, they promptly shipped her. It took 3 days to receive the package under DHL Zone 2 (From Japan to the US). The shipping fee alone was close to 60 USD. However, bear in mind that KS is pretty heavy and big.

    Upon first attempt, it did not take much time to go over the edge, even quicker than Sujiman Kupa Lolinco. The internal bone-like structure surrounding the internal cavity helps to make KS tight, especially once the ‘coin’ is inserted into the far end of the cavity to increase internal suction.

    KS is big: she requires both hands, unlike the smaller onaholes which are one-hand strokers. Perhaps the easiest way of handling her is to sit or lie down on bed, then have her straddle your member.

    As the initial review has pointed out, cleaning up takes lot more effort.

    The sheer size of KS can be a major problem for those who are not living alone: she cannot be tucked away like small onaholes. The KS packaging is about 32.5cm x 23cm x 14cm (12.8″ x 9.1″ x 5.5″). This is roughly equivalent to the size of a packaging for a pair of shoes!

    KS would be worthwhile for those who: (1) are looking for a higher quality onahole; (2) do not have to worry about constantly looking over the shoulder and keeping her meticulously hidden; (3) like to own something that has more refined looks (she has nice T & A [tits & ass]!!) and feel than typically cylindrical one-hand strokers; (4) can wait for a while to make a major purchase instead of shopping immediately for something less expensive.

  13. Oh man… I’ve been eyeing this thing for weeks. I kinda really want it but it’s a big one so I have no place to put it until I move out. I guess it’ll have to wait. ;_; waaaaaant

  14. This one seems pretty intriguing. I have checked Amazon.com (not Amazon.co.jp) and Jlist.com. I could not find one in Amazon.com, but can be found in Jlist.com, although it is currently not available (they are going to restock it). The Jlist.com price is $140 as shown above. Meanwhile, I have also browsed through Kanojotoys.com — it is also sold from there, but the price is $165.

    I checked Amazon.com, because you can usually find a good number of onahole products, although its selections are limited compared to places like Jlist.com and Kanojotoys.com.

    It seems that its pair of well-endowed boobs in addition to its more sophisticated hole are its selling points. Unfortunately, its price tag might be an issue for the majority of onahole shoppers.

    1. For international shoppers like us, NLS is generally the premier choice since their prices are far lower than other sites such as J-List and Kanojotoys. NLS currently sells it at $105~

      1. Thanks. I have also browsed through NLS. Yes, it is $105.84 over there! Just out of curiosity, I have took a cursory look at the shipping rates available from NLS. Since the US in Zone 2, an item that is about 2.5kg is going to cost 4700 Yen (a tad below 40 USD), if EMS shipping option is chosen. By comparison, DHL shipping option is a bit cheaper, if the package volume is not a major issue.

  15. Nice to read that the item actually delivers, considering the price tag. I personally don’t see myself ever buying a pink torso for masturbation, but still, it’s nice to stay up to date on new onahole designs.

    Thanks for the review! It was actually probably the best-written review I’ve read on this site. Well done! 😀

  16. Thanks for the review, I was very curious about this onahole. 2 thins I wish, is that you could have focused more on the feeling, and giving more pictures holding it, to see the size. For my preference, is a bit small, because it’s a big brested one, I prefer the proportions to be more real-life-like. Only if it was a pettanko with that size… I’d definetly would try to buy it 😀
    The onahole looks very good, it’s quite beautiful, congrats and I hope you enjoy your new toy a lot!

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