Caution! Rotation Hole

Oh dear, what does this busty lady in light night gown want to tell me with arms crossed ? This mystery is created by ToysHeart and comes from NLS.



I’m slightly confused: depending on vendor, it’s a warning about a rotating onahole, it’s a warning to not rotate it or an injunction to rotate the hole. What does Google Translate say ? “Rotation note”. You’re unhelpful, Google.

Whatever the lady warned you to not do, stepping out in the middle of the night with such a light clothing, it didn’t prove very efficient… look how she wants to kick the shit out of you now:


“You rotated anyway, baka !” or “you’re rotating it wrong, baka !”..  or “you’re supposed to rotate, not shake !”

Phtalate-free, odorless, see-trough and made with love in motherland Japan, comes with a lube bag (Vanessa & Co, the thing ToysHeart puts inside when it’s not the Moist bottle)


The Caution Rotation Hole can be accurately summarized as a blending of Kozaru and A10 Cyclone. It’s a small onahole, fitting nicely in your jeans’ pockets, that you rotate around your stuff. It contains lots and lots of pyramids, it says 99 pyramids on the box but I didn’t had the patience to check if the count is correct (I guess it is). When you rotate the onahole, these little pyramids gently rub your shaft and glans. It works fairly nice if your hentai is about having a tongue roll around your penis or if you fantasize about it. Lifelike it’s not, it should be more intense than a tongue. But stick to the rules please:


You should NOT rotate counter-clockwise ! Neither clockwise. Use both your hands to alternate the rotation:


I mean.. humans are able to do such thing since always, but for a slightly different purpose:


You’ll master the skill pretty fast, don’t worry 🙂  But what I found kinda annoying, is that… it’s a bit small, you see ? There’s the Kozaru-part of it: it’s stretching so much it slowly slides away. Every 5 seconds, I found myself pushing it back around my junk. Oh it’s nice enough to have it rub all around your glans, but it’s nicer if a few 20 pyramids could stimulate the shaft too. To do this, a little vacuum chamber would have been great. Or shaping it more like Ona Pit

For me, it was easier to place my hand on the top and rotate my wrist (also this made me able to rub my shaft or tickle my balls with the other hand, it was simply better experience).


The other weakness I identified: the entrance. It’s not a hell like Kozaru, but I had some trouble feeding it some lube when the lube bottle has a large opening. Have to stretch the entrance open to let the lube drop inside. And also to get started, it’s a good idea to rub some lube on your glans for easier entry. Squeezing and pushing until you see your penis swallowed by the pyramid-vortex.


And because I’m a heretic, I tried some traditional slide-in-slide-out: it works too ! 😎

Keep going, and you’ll eventually shoot your load inside. It’s always nice to see your sexual body fluids sprint out from your penis just to bump at the bottom of the onahole, collecting in a white blob you flush away by turning the onahole inside out. No worries about damaging the material: it can well endure being stretched to 5 times it’s normal length (from my hand to my elbow). Solid military-grade TPE.

Caution! Rotation Hole
  • 6/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 6/10
  • 8.5/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8.5/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


Overall correct service for the price, good as little extra, easy to carry around and clean, but some usage problems.

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2 Replies to “Caution! Rotation Hole”

  1. Interesting concept. I know most toys for males focus on the in-out action, so this deviation is definitely interesting. The transparency of the material is pretty kinky, lol.

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