Kuru-Kuru 11

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole review, Kuru-Kuru 11! Made by G PROJECT!


Alright, a new squishy, fluffy and soft toy with that pink material characteristic of the G PROJECT brand, this time with a waifu that will “let it rip” on your dick!

So, I’m not sure when Kuru-Kuru 1,2,3,4,5… were released, but I guess after so many variations this has to be great!


Let’s check out the packaging first.

Good box, colorfull and full of drawings of the toy.


And the contents are: the onahole, and you everyday bag and lotion bag from G PROJECT. I guess it’s nice to have an addon but, but does anybody use those bags? It looks like a painful process to fit the toy in the bag and take it out everytime you use it.


And here is the onahole!

Not the best looking entrance, but the insides look nice, although they’re not colored.

There you have it. It’s a very simple looking onahole, it has a twisted shape on the outside, and by the way it is shaped, it feels a bit bigger while holding it in the hand than the average pocket pussy. The grip is not the best, but it’s not terrible, although I would have preferred for a flat surface, but I understand it was made this way to fit the design theme.

Oh yeah, I was joking before, there aren’t 11 versions of this, it’s called “11” because it has 11 spirals inside of it.

So, the best part of this toy, it’s its ease of use. The entrance might not be beautifully shaped, but it’s very good for pouring lube without making a mess, it has a big hole so if your lube is watery it will get inside easily even without a dispenser bottle. it will also have the lube collected nicely on the top, to get the tip of your penis wet first, and then thrust in.

That combined with a good length tunnel, straight shape, is just really quick, easy, and messless to use. But does it feel good?


This onahole feels… pretty good!

Contrary to how you might have thought this onahole would be used, you don’t actually spin it around your dick. Well, you could try tho, but the good ‘ol thrust in and out it’s perfect. The spirals feel like nicely pronounced ribs, which give a pretty good stimulation.

The insides are soft, although at first they’re a bit hard to get into. The stimulation of the rings is hard at the beginning, so you will need a bit of extra lube at first, but later on it will be great since you will still feel them after a lot of stroking.

I like grabing the onahole by the top half and slamming it on my lap, makes my hand feel less connected to my penis, confusing the brain it is less of a masturbation and more of a sex (but in a small dose, since the toy is not the big type).


Cleaning it is very easy, even easier than the average toy due to it’s big opening and having a straight tunnel. To clean it, pour water inside, remove the fluids helping with your fingers, then pour soap, clean with your fingers and flush. Then dry with a small microfiber towel the insides, and a regular towel to clean the outside.


In conclusion, while it might be a bit expensive, this onahole is a very solid choice, both for beginners and experienced onahole users. The ease of use, solid, durable toy, with it’s good stimulation makes it a solid staple toy to use daily. It’s one of my main choices lately, and I definitely recommend you to get one.

Kuru-Kuru 11
  • 7/10
    Appearance - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Sensations - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10
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7.25/10 (2 votes)

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