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The country of Japan has long been regarded as the storefront of the future, at the cutting edge of technology and innovative consumer products. While this reputation has been disproved over time by the breakneck development of China, Japan still counts many players at the top of their game. And among those: Tenga.

Sextoy makers come and go, some piss out basic molds of vaguely cunt-shaped TPE with a random pornstar slapped on the box (hopefully with the consent and profit share for the actress), some copy a character of whatever successful anime of the season and call it a day… And some slide international, designing incredible products works of art, and STILL making the very first products they entered the market with. Tenga’s among the latter, and today let’s take a look at an item of a series running strong for years: Tenga’s Spinner Hexa.

Without going too long in that tangent, lemme just say my amazement about Tenga’s designs over time. The Tenga cups were among the very first sextoys reviewed on Onahole Review (and as far as I recall, came with the very first packet J-List shipped my way): still sold and strong. The Tenga 3D line also, still on my mind over a decade later. The Tenga Eggs and Flip Hole were maybe less for my use case, but they paved the way for the next stuff. Fast-forward a few months before the Covid-pandemic, I had my dick into the Tenga Spinner Shell. Some time later, they expanded the Tetra-Hexa-Shell family with the Spinner Pixel, Beads and Brick. The Egg series saw special editions, the Flips were improved, the Moova combined the concepts of the 3D and the Spinner series, the Egg concept was then pushed further with the Geo series, and then recently I had a “wait, hang on, whooaaaa” moment taking a look at the Crysta series. Fucking. Art.

So yeah: Spinner Hexa


Tenga targeting a wider audience, their products keep it simple and neat. No anime girl with overflowing vagina, no exploited pornstar’s image, straight to the point. Yet when taking an external look, one can hardly tell it’s a lewd toy (unless already knowing about the brand/product, or raising an eyebrow to the “new adult concept” slogan). Pick your poison.


I initially didn’t plan to write a review, so I didn’t shot pictures of the breakdown of the contents. But it’s exactly as it’s sister product Shell: little maintenance instruction sheet, little pack of Tenga’s own water-based lubricant for convenient startup right there in the internet café, and that all wrapped into a plastic plug to preserve the toy.


All Spinner products come inside their own little container, the base can be removed, holding the toy hole-down inside a clear base with ventilation openings, allowing the toy to dry after use.

The toy itself features the series signature spring inside the fabric, Hexa’s being orange colored, this spring providing the “spinning” effect with the toy rotating on itself when sliding up and down. The spring can be admired thanks to the semi-transparent fabric of the toy.


The toy being close-ended and with a rather narrow opening, one thing you will notice is a distinct.. “farting” noise when penetrating the toy, unless you squeezed the toy before entering. Because yes: this toy sucks. Literally. The suction effect is strong and fierce, it clings to the cock or whatever ventured in like there’s no tomorrow.

But that’s not all: the spring inside does it’s magic. You slide in while holding the base of the toy? The top rotates around the glans, making you or your partner whimper in pleasure. You slide in while holding the top of the toy? Now it’s the base rotating around the shaft, like lips sealed around the cock. While adding a gentle squeeze at the top to enhance the suction effect, voilà: you get kinda the sensations of a fierce deepthroat.

The structures themselves would be a bit boring, was there not this spring turning everything around including your mind. Yet, these structures know how to attack, one has to carefully lube up the toy and the genitals so it’s a comfortable use. Especially the ring at the entrance, because if it doesn’t slide along well then it kinda “rolls up”. Get the glans well slippery.

Expect to have lubricant spilling all over the place, so prepare a towel to protect furniture and wipe the hands dry as the exterior offers little to no grip for slippery fingers. All set, let the fun begin!

Mantis the Drone, inserted deep into the Spinner Hexa

Little video demo about the rotation effect? Fortunately it goes exactly like Spinner Shell, here’s the video for it:


After the play time, comes the cleanup. This procedure will probably start with a wipe of all the leaked lubricant on yourself, your partner(s), the desk chair, the faux-leather couch, the floor, the walls and the neighbors’ yet-unmailed property tax forms. Yeah it gets a bit messy, but that’s how it is…

For the toy itself, the spring brings a downside: no turning inside-out, as you would with a Tenga 3D or Egg. Just put the toy under the tap, have the water flush whatever substance remained inside the toy. Then, use some liquid soap and your fingers to rub it’s inside clean, then the outside. Rinse, spray some antibacterial, pat the exterior dry with a cloth, and put the toy inside the transparent plastic base. Set it up in well ventilated place, yet away from direct sunlight.

Optionally you can apply some baby powder to turn it’s exterior smooth as skin, at the cost of less transparency of the toy.


With the Spinner series, Tenga succeeded once again in a toy design that is well presented, well performing, and not excessively expensive. They did well expanding the series, diversifying the sensations while tickling the collector’s nerve. The solid case protects the toy inside the pocket or purse for nomadic play sessions, and the durability is… heck I use it at least weekly for almost a year now, still near-perfect condition. Solid investment.

How does Hexa compare to Shell, as I have both? My preference goes to Hexa, which is slightly milder and doesn’t bully the glans as much. Better suited for a slower play, building up the sensations during a porn or with a partner.

spoiler: masturbation, penis

Unfortunately I don’t plan to acquire the rest of the Spinner series, as alluring the Pixel might be. But that’s not the last of Tenga on this blog 😉

  • 7.5/10
    Appearance - 7.5/10
  • 8.7/10
    Sensations - 8.7/10
  • 9.2/10
    Price - 9.2/10


+ discreet
+ convenient dry stand
+ affordable
+ great design
+ significant stroking and suction sensations
– lube spillage
– slightly inconvenient cleaning
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1 Reply to “Tenga Spinner Hexa”

  1. I’ve got it since like 2 years.
    One of my regulars but I tend to prefer the 3d from Tenga too.

    – Stays in shape, does not distend over time
    – Packaging is perfect for storing dry and never have mold issues
    – discreet yet pretty stimulating.
    – Easy to clean

    Cons :
    – impossible to return inside out for a deep clean and dry.
    – very thin so unnatural sensation.
    – very sucky at the begining, it takes 2-3 times to break it in.

    Overall a 7/10 for pocket size onahole imo

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