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Sujiman Kupa Cocolo ~ Cr4zyDuck


The depicted characters presented in this page are purely fictional, non-human and ageless illustrations of aesthetic arts complying to Japanese legislation.
In no way they imply, suggest or promote sexual abuse or harm of real human beings or animals.
If such illustrated packaging is forbidden in the buyer's country or if the buyer doesn't wish to receive it, selected vendors can ship products without the illustrated packaging upon request during order.
Thanks for your understanding !

Guess what guys ~ last month a delivery guy from a very incompetent express company (aka chronopost) came to my house to deliver a BIG and HEAVY package. And guess what was inside ?

This cute and adorable piece of loli body !

Yeah of course I wasn’t THAT surprised since I knew it was coming from the awesome and generous staff of OtonaSekai but still !! Finding a loli like that waiting for you is sooooo freaking good, it was like my heart stopped beating for a second when he gave me the parcel lol

Anyway, today I’ll be reviewing the now quite famous (mostly for the Doddler’s story) Sujiman Kupa Cocolo from Magic Eyes. Before getting any deeper in this review, I invite you guys to take a look at the review of my friend AnonymousD who also reviewed this loli gem last year.

Now, are you ready ? Because it’s LOLI time !


Quite an awesome lolicious order isn’t it ? A Cocolo-chan completly naked covering her loli breast with those tiny arms of her and an Ubujiru illustration displaying an other loli with her pinkish loli tits fully exposed… fuck I’m glad the package didn’t get caught by custom in Paris or maybe I would have experienced the same fate as Doddler’s LOL



Yes, the packaging of Cocolo is one of my very favorite ever. And I guess you hardly know why… LOOK AT THOSE LOLI CURVES :0 ~ Simply delicious ! Yup… definitely the exact representation of a loli body There is the inside “map” with that so famous “vacuum valve”Size indications here… overall a pretty decent torsoThat “KUPAA” pussy picture right next to her innocent face is way too gorgeous !

Oh by the way and if you didn’t know beforehand, “Kupaa” is actually the japanese way of imitating the ~ sound~ of a spreading pussy. You can find a lot of doujinshi where this feature is used, as well as many hentai anime. Usually it’s at the teasing part of the story, for instance when the loli imouto is showing her wide open pussy to her beloved Onii-Chan in order to turn him on… well that was just a quick note for those who didn’t know.

Now you can easily understand the meaning that stands behind the “Sujiman Kupa”/”Open my Pussy” series LOL

Anyway, I won’t spend a long time on the overall look of the packaging since it’s exactly the same as the one used for the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo SE I reviewed a couple of month agoo.

But shortly said, this is a great packaging like often with Magic Eyes. Quality wise, the box is very sturdy and awesome to store the product inside once you have finished your business with her. Some packages like Girl’s Dungeon are way too soft and hence have a smaller lifespan regarding tears and stuff.


Other than that, we are still greated by that cute loli on the front side, who’s now fully naked instead of the box from the SE (Soft Edition)

Notice that the changes are very minor, the only noticable one is the disapearance of her panties (nobody will complain on that choice I think) along with the switch from pink to grey. Anyway, since Cocolo-chan is the main star of the packaging, either of the design looks more than fine to me =)

And if maybe someone happen to find her cute pair of panties, please give it to me, I beg you.


We just saw the outside, now let’s take a look at the inside =)

You can open the box by pulling a little tap located at the top, very easy And then that’s how it looks like Yes, she is waiting for you so hurry ! And now right out of the box…

Again and as usual I would say, Magic Eyes provides its product in a large plastic case. This is actually meant to avoid eventual damage during the transit. And as always, that shitty stick of lube is also from the party. Over the time you now know how I HATE this sample of lotion so in my case I just threw it away after the first opening.

Why do I hate it so much will you ask ? It’s jelly like, way too thick, gets dry way too quickly, does not fill good and quantity is barely enough for more than two uses… honestly you can have the best of the toys like Cocolo and others, if the lube you are using is shit then don’t expect a miracle on the sensation, the experience won’t be any better.

To me, enjoying an onahole is like 2/3 on the quality of the product itself (inner structure, tightness of the pussy, material, durability etc…) but the last 1/3 definitely holds onto the quality of the lubricant. I personnaly like rather slimy lotion as Onatsuyu ~ Female Nectar Lotion or Ubujiru which are to me the very best you can find in terms of quality/quantity/price.

With slippery lube, the whole thing just feels a lot better. You can easily feel the inner patern on your glans, it slides well, doesn’t get dry so you don’t have to refill much etc… while with thick lube, it just feels plain, dry,  and doesn’t slide well at all…

Anyway this is just my own opinion, but the point I wanna make here is that choosing an approriate lube is very important if you want to enjoy your onahole to its uttermost.

Plastic case…… and a plastic bag !


I must honestly say that up to now, my experience with large product from Magic Eyes wasn’t really the best… The Sujiman Kupa Cocolo SE was a instant crush, but I was left very disapointed from the Kaitai Shinsho ~ Cr4zyDuck and Virginal Bloom Junketsu Puremia.

That’s why in most part I was really interested in knowing how the REGULAR Cocolo would look and mostly feels like

First of all a quick note on its dimensions ~ 15cm in large, 14cm in height and 24cm in lenght for an average weight of about 2.4Kg. I know it doesn’t really ring any bells when you don’t see her in person, but let me just say that this sort of size for a torso is simply one of the best in my opinion.

Not too big, and not too small, just the perfect size when you consider that you’ll also have to go through the hassle of cleaning and storing/hiding her.

As you can always expect with Magic Eyes, her insides are fully double layered in a cute pinkish membrane. Honestly this is one of the most beautiful “vagina-like” imitation I’ve ever seen. It just looks… delicious !

And one of the thing that really turns me on is playing with her pussy, like fingering and stuff… I rarely do that with my toys but here I just can’t resist the lust, and mostly with her adorable camel toe ~ once you part her pussy lips apart with a nice “Kupaa” and then discover those wet, hot, pinkish insides… you just can’t stay still like this, you have to put your finger inside and play with her loli vagina…

Remember, it’s one of your main responsability as her Onii-chan so get the fucking job done !

The whole inner structure is one of the main star of Cocolo. Honestly the people who designed her vagina are pure genius, this simply is one of the most stimulating pussy I’ve ever tried so far. But more on the sensations later in the review, for now let’s just talk about the inner pattern.

So what do we have in the pussy ? It’s quite hard to describe since in reality it looks really “life-like” but in the big lines multiples little bumps located on the lower part of the vagina. Those, stimulates a LOT the glans and provide a very good sensation, it feels even better when you fuck her in doggy style.

Then the light pussy curve plays an important role too and adds a lot to the feelings. Concerning the tightness, it’s fucking good too.

Regarding the ass, the structure is more plain and mostly filled with ribs. It doesn’t provide as much stimulation as the pussy, but as usual that was to expect.

Now latest innovation of the toy regarding it’s inner structure: the Valve System.

What is it and how does it work ?

Simple. You have a little piece of “meat” right at the bottom of the anal tunnel. What happens is when you penetrate her pussy for the very first time up to that point, it’ll then block the release of air in the anal tunnel and hence provide some vacuum to the pussy. By doing this, the goal is to “replicate” the tightnening of the vagina on you dick in order to provide more stimulation.

Lots of people say that this system doesn’t work, but personnaly I always felt like it was getting the job done perfectly by providing more feeling even though it’s also not some crazy vacuum like you could experience with other onaholes.

Now let’s take a peek at her lolicious body in its full glory ~

Holly, fucking shit. That looks so good and exciting! Her cute developping breast are molded…… as well as her belly butonHer loli slit is also present and looks really cute

Trust me, her body is pure awesomeness ! The molding is so damn good with her tits, belly button, squishy ass and pussy. It even kinda feels like the creators tried to add some kind muscles to her abdominals to make it look more realistic, or at least that’s the impression I have when I look at her tummy.

Regarding her chest in more details, she is very small and barely developped as a loli should be. It feels very nice to fondle them when you are inside her. However I feel like Magic Eyes could have tried to add a bit more details to her nipples since here it looks quite plain… like if they could have molded some cute pinkish cherries damn I think it would have been really perfect ! (I’m already imagining myself licking them and pinching them !)

Too bad they didn’t pay more attention on that part of her body which is, for any lolicon, very important ! (flat chest with cute cherries is the best)

Regarding her tummy and belly button, they both look and feels very nice to the touch. The belly button is quite detailed and that’s good because on some other torso, the manufacturer sometimes only add a barely visible “cut” and it doesn’t look really appealing.

Talking about the touch, this torso is definitely made with a very high quality material that feels very smooth to the touch. As always I recommand applying some talcum or cornstarch if you want to enjoy the softness of her skin to its uttermost !

Finaly her ass is really soft and feels good to grab while her slit looks really cute and nicely detailed but more on this later =)

I love her belly button… The back also features some nice detailsDetailed spine and shoulder bone PERFECTLY ROUND BUTTOCKS WITH A CUTE LOLI SLIT :0Cute nipples but could be a bit more detailed…

Comparated to the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo SE there is still quite a difference in terms of material. Even if the actual molding is based on the exact same model, I want to point out a few things for the people who are curious about the main differences between the two :

  • First of all, the durability of the regular is way better than the soft edition. This isn’t really surprising since when you look at most of the “soft” onhaole, most of them end up breaking quite easily (Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Mochiri Soft and Melty Pussy Of Angel are some valuable example…)
  • Secondly, the material smell on Cocolo SE wasn’t very good while on the other hand, the regular cocolo smells much better
  • Finaly, the difference of softness between the 2 isn’t THAT big. Of course the SE is more squishy, but the regular one is still far from being on the hard side.

Now let’s move on to the main part of her body, and you know which one I’m talling about… (p****y)

*Kuuuu… Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !* SO. FUCKING. DELICIOUS.Let’s spread her pussy a bit more…. Damn what a tasty view !

I think the pictures were enough to let you know how cute her pussy looks like. Honestly she is just fucking gorgeous, once again Magic Eyes truly made an amazing job here. And despite making it look more appealing, the main goal  of that layer still remains to improve the sensations once inside of her.

However dual layered product are a real dilemma since most of the time they end up tearing and breaking way faster than a single layered onahole. So sometimes, the pleasure it gives doesn’t benefits the money you’ve invested in it.

After one year of intense use, I can assure you that the inner pussy layer of my Sujiman Kupa Cocolo SE is now completly screwed up… and even though I keep on using her since she still provides me some awesome stimulations !

With her regular version I bet the durability will be a lot better, if you are not too harsh while fucking and cleaning her of course. After one month of use, I haven’t noticed any trouble, even the entrance of the asshole didn’t tear and I know for sure that this is usually a very weak point to those toys.

Tight loli assholePinkish colored too !*LICK*

Her asshole looks quite as cute as her pussy. You can still find that pinkish inner layer to greet you once you spread it

However I should better mention it but the width of her butt is not that big. I mean it’s maybe the size of the palm of your hand but that’s it so… if feels good to grope while fucking her, at least I perosnnaly like it, but for some people it might be just too small.

Oh and one last thing before getting to the feelings part…

Now seriously Magic Eyes.

Why do you have to ruin such an amazing loli body with your damn company logo ? I fucking KNOW that you’re the maker, I don’t need it to be reminded every time I use her ! But damn why do you have to apply this ugly stamp on her body ? Don’t you feel sorry for her ? … you inhumane piece of s*****… (joke)


Her pussy is quite tight…
She so thirsty for a dick that she’s swallowing my finger ! :0
A great view on her loli slit !
Her butt is really soft and feels nice to grab 
Let’s spread that yummy pussy to see her cute insides ~ DELICIOUS ~

In my life of “onahole maniac” I’ve rarely experienced such amazing product. In terms of feelings, it’s really hard for me to put words on how good this torso is. Let me just say that you won’t ever regret the money spent on it.

To make it short, here is a short list of my own very favorite product among all those that I’ve already had the chance to try :

I guess through this list only you guys can see how much of a Magic Eyes freak I am. Most of their creations are parts of my favorite holes, and in terms of torso even though I own the very expansive and awesome SPDX I’m still using a LOT my two Cocolo.

And the reason behind that is simply because they both feels incredible and have given me some of the most incredible and intense climax I’ve ever experienced in my life.

So naturally I can only recommend her to any buyer who wants to have a first experience with an awesome and durable torso without breaking its bank on it. SPDX is too expansive and big ? Don’t worry and go for Cocolo, she worth it so much too !

My actual hideout is filled to the brim !

So in more details how good does she feels exactly ?

  • Concerning her PUSSY : Definitely the main star of the torso and by far the hole I’m using the most. Describing its inner structure is really hard because there aren’t “dots parts/ribs parts” like you can find with other product. It’s just a whole thing with lots of good stimulating patterns on the walls, but the overall sensations it delivers while getting inside is fucking incredible. The tightness is pure perfection, not too loose and not too tight, even though after a few thrusts the “valve system” will get in action by making her pussy squeeze your rock hard penis until you cum buckets deep inside her womb ! One thing that I love with her pussy is that you can go balls deep inside without any difficulty. Then seeing that big cock of yours raping her vagina looks just so damn exciting ! Also, fucking her from the front and front the back also delivers completly different feelings. So that’s an other valuable point since you can play a lot with her and fuck her pussy in all the imaginable position !


  • Concerning her ASS : Overall, this hole feels much more plain than her pussy, but that was to expect it was exactly the same with Cocolo SE. It’s mainly straight with only ribs on the inner walls pattern so the stimulation is less intense. However switching from the vagina to the asshole is really nice to make your faping session last longer. I noticed quite an important difference with the Cocolo SE and it’s that here once deep inside her ass, you can definitely feel the opening clinging to your shaft VERY hard ! On the soft version I couldn’t feel that because the material was too squishy, but here you can definitely feel her opening sliding and tightening along your dick and FUCK it feels so damn good ! I’m surprised that up until now, even though the entrance of her asshole is really tiny, it hasn’t gotten any tears… let’s hope it’ll stay this way !


After having released buckets of cum inside her, now will come the cleaning time. But how to proceed ? From my point of view it’s not really a hassle, at least not quite as much as after having experienced cleaning with the Puni Ana SPDX

Cocolo is rather soft so you can easily stretch the material and scrap all the remaing fluids with your finger. After that be very careful to get her inside as dry as you can with a microfiber towel. You should focus your attention on the U shape, at the connection of her pussy and asshole in her innermost parts, because that’s here where water could get stuck and create mold.

After that and if you want to enjoy a really soft sensation on her skin, I recommand applying talcum every 2-3 washes.


Cocolo is definitely a masterpiece torso and without a doubt one of the best and most incredible creation Magic Eyes has ever released. She has been really popular since her release and it’s no wonder when you get an actual taste of her incredible pussy and asshole.

Her body sculpt is amazing, so LOLICIOUS and beautifuly sculpted ~ both of her holes are covered in a cute and thick pinkish membrane that not only make her look cuter but also provides better sensations. In the end between the Regular and the Soft edition I would probably cast my vote for the regular but the SE is still really good !

If you live in a country that jumps to conclusion too quickly, or if you just don’t want to take the risk simply ask the retailer to send her without her packaging. It’s a waste but well…

In short, Cocolo is definitely a must buy and I would highly recommand her to anyone looking for a first experience with a torso. (COCOLO = MONEY WELL SPENT)

Hope you liked the review, feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comment section ! =)


Author: Cr4zyDuck

Lolicon, pantsu lover, onahole fapper, yuri addict, ecchi and hentai devotee ~ Lolis are the only rulers of this world, and I am their master. 2D > 3D - Cr4zy rage quit from reality

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