Fuwa Cyun Triple

One, two, three ! G-Project is back with a new Fuwa Cyun product: Fuwa Cyun Triple


As some of you already know, Fuwa Cyun Triple is an upgrade from Fuwa Cyun W. Please read that review before continue reading πŸ˜‰


Once again, G-Project did a great job with the packaging: along with the two girls from Fuwa Cyun W (the soft and gentle pink girl and the blue tsundere) comes a new girl with a cheerful/energetic personality. Matter of taste, but I’ll only complain about the huge balloon-like breasts of them.

The printing on the box feels premium, and here too G-Project uses shiny holographic ink for the product name.


Inside the box, you’ll find the onahole, a plastic storage bag, and a sample of lube.

The lube is a collaboration of G-Project and PePee (the latter making the actual lube), and indeed it’s a high quality lube that should be enough for 1 or 2 uses.

The storage bag is common in G-Project’s products and is a good idea, although the connoisseur may rather use a cloth toy bag.


The onahole is made in 3 parts fused together:

  • a pink soft part
  • a blue tight part in the middle
  • a yellow hard part

The difference can indeed be seen when pulling on either side:

The pink side stretches very easily while the blue part stretches only somewhat and the yellow part resisting any stretching.

Whichever side you pick, you’ll reach the middle part only by going through a “portal”

For better visibility of the structures in the yellow part, I sharpened the sliced view from NLS:

Let’s go from left to right: after a large entrance you enter the pink part and meet a spiral-like structure then a ribbed zone. After that, you reach a “portal” to the blue part, which consists mainly of a chamber with bumps (which can act as vacuum chamber if you pinch either side closed). One more portal and you’re in the yellow part, a similar ribbed zone, a tightening ring, and finally a smaller exit/entrance.

While we’re still in the technical info: G-Project did a very good job properly blending the different parts together (or did they mold them at once but then how did they manage to prevent the materials from mixing into each other since, as you can see from the slice view, each part is clearly delimited ?).

But everything’s not perfect: upon opening the onahole smells distinctively, and feels oily to the touch. While the smell fades away after a few washes, the surface (especially the pink part) remains slightly oily and sticky.


Surprisingly, the pink soft part is soft, very soft. Too soft. Did you ever try putting your dick into a pudding ? No ? Well me neither, but that’s probably gonna feel similar. The pink only gives a slight tease, somewhat like someone wrapping their lips around your glans and tickling your tip with their tongue. What’s nice: when you’re not fully hard yet and need a tiny physical stimulation there: the large entrance allows for a limp cock to go in somewhat.

Going from the pink into the blue is nice as you then get a stronger stimulation at your glans, the bumps can be distinctively felt. But going deeper may be difficult as the yellow part doesn’t give way that easily. As a result, I found myself “pushing my dick down” which is not very pleasant. So really if I enter from the pink part then I keep it pink+blue, rather shallow ! But who knows, maybe it can help with cervix-penetration fantasies of a suspiciously small vagina..

My favorite is the alternative: going in from the yellow side. For this to be successful, you really need a strong hard-on as the yellow part really REALLY resists and remains tight. Past that, ooh the blue part. You will notice liking how the yellow tightens around your shaft while the blue attacks your glans. Pushing a bit further brings your glans in the cozy pink part, it’s lesser stimulation helping you to edge. Further on, average-and-above sized penises will see their tip reaching out of the onahole, opening up a couple new options (like tickling the tip with paintbrush, or inserting an urethral toy -yes I did, or having your partner lick/suck the tip).

This option is why I added the “anal” tag to the review: the yellow part does nicely reproduce the tightness and strength of the anal sphincter, and the rest on the onahole the rectum. One can further improve the fantasy by slightly bending the pink part (and attaching a hard object on one side, to feel like poking at a prostate -because hey why wouldn’t one of the girls not be a futanari ?πŸ˜‡). And of course, the onahole can be used from both sides at once, opening up a couple games like sliding the onahole “from one dick to the other”, or a contest on who manages to push the other out with their penis~

While using, I prefer making my glans slide between the pink and blue parts. And when I feel getting closer, only small strokes in the pink part: this extends the “uphill” pleasure, then comes one second of “agony”, and then a powerful explosion of pleasure while I loose total control for easy 6 seconds and cum shoots out from the onahole onto my chest. I usually cum once per day (2-3 on weekends), but nevertheless this onahole regularly makes it good enough so I find a drop or two of cum up near my nipple.

So yes with some tests for what works the best for you, this onahole will make you pant. At the price of some mess..


Fuwa Cyun Triple being open-ended, take into account that you can/will make a mess of cum and lube. If you use it while sitting, then simply place some tissues on your belly to collect what’s leaking from the end. Couples can of course simply have a partner collect the cum in their mouth.

To clean the onahole, uuh.. although it could be possible, I would not recommend to turn it inside-out. It would have little purpose anyway as one can simply make water run through onahole from one end, then the other, soap up from both sides, and washing.

Same goes for drying: you can rather easily pat the inside dry from each side with a microfiber towel or a small sponge.

Optionally, you can compensate the slight stickiness of the surface by applying some baby powder. Smooth~


G-Project did once again a very good job with this beautiful onahole, a nice packaging design, included toy bag, and showing great mastery in the blending of the material.

The structures provide a nice combination of softer, tighter and more intense zones, and so the user can pick their favorite order (mine being entering from the yellow part).

Still, couple clouds in the clear sky: upon opening, the onahole smells of “plastic” and is oily to the touch. This gets much better after a few washes, but simply can’t be dismissed in 2017 as that wasn’t improved at all since Fuwa Cyun W (2 years ago !). Otherwise: careful when using to not make a mess !

Lastly.. she escaped from her box again 😏

hEellΓ΄o GuUuyYyyZz
Fuwa Cyun Triple
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Materials and cleaning - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ beautiful colors, undeniably + quality processing of material blending + variety of sensations + quality packaging design + well affordable + convenient cleaning
– material smells on opening.. still – surface sticky/oily.. still
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11 Replies to “Fuwa Cyun Triple”

  1. If you enter through the yellow one and want a dead end at the pink one use a zip line around the pink one. I tried that with different onaholes. You can adjust how tight the hole will become with the zip line. Otherweise use some thick rubber bands. Not the thin ones. For more stretching when you enter.

  2. I loves this onahole when I had it, but it unfortunately broke and I threw it away. I was going to buy another one but it seems that this product has been discontinued. Are there any other types of onaholes you could recommend similar to this one? I’ve tried a few out since and none of them reach the level of stimulation that this one helped me achieve.

    1. Sorry I didn’t save the original video 😏
      Turn off the sound and try to imagine wet sounds !

  3. I already have the Fuwa Chun W. Is it a bad idea to get this one too? I don’t want to feel as though I have wasted money on one or the other.

  4. Now this is just a theory, but I re’con they molded it with all three at once. My theory is that each layer is slightly denser than the other (since they got stronger), so surely when pored on top of each other, the highest density would be at the bottom and the lowest density would be on the top, leaving the middle in the middle?
    It makes sense in my head at least, seems like an easy way to do it

    1. Thought about that too, but the colors are just kinda.. too well separate. For this result the material would have massive density difference and then separated by centrifuge, but.. nah the material feels rather similar, as if the firmness just was about tweaking the percentage of this and that.
      And the inside shows that the color wasn’t “sprayed” on the surface, the material was already pigmented when it was poured.
      The logical result would then be a gradient color..

      Most likely, they prepared each part separately, and then heated up again each side and melding them together (hence the slightly blurry “frontier”). For this to succeed without creating unwanted ridges or getting a part’s hole sealed shut by the molten material… quite a skill !

  5. Bought this yesterday thanks to this review; I also bought Sujiman Kupa Cocolo and MAGIC FACE at the same time, although MAGIC FACE hasn’t arrived yet.

    The yellow part has a good grip and I find the touch of the soft fleshiness of the pink part quite kinky.
    It’s not as choking as Virgin Age Admission (although I love that choking), but the pink and blue areas really make you appreciate that yellow grip. I found it highly enjoyable from both sides and I know I’ll be switching it up depending on my mood.

    Definitely worth the buy in my opinion, it does lack more complex features, but it does what it does very well. Couldn’t even care about those other features right now!

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