Smooth & Flat Girl’s Laboratory Purutoro Soft

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole review, Smooth & Flat Girl’s Laboratory Purutoro Soft! Made by EXE!


Ohh, the memories! The original Smooth and Flat Girl’s Laboratory Girl was my very first review on the blog >u<, back in 2015. This is the new and updated version, the “Soft” version. There is also another “Smooth & Flat” onahole that I’ve reviewed, the Idol Cadet, in case you wanna check it out. Without further ado, let’s see some pictures :3


Here is the box.

Ahh our cute lab girl looks lovely! <3


So here are the contents of the box: the onahole, and a small bag of lube, enough for 1 use.


And a few pictures of the onahole.

I don’t like the material used for it, it is very sticky and the onahole gets dirty in no time.

It looks the same as the original version, but with a new addition.

That soft material on the top which I LOVE in onaholes. I think I saw it first featured in the HANJUKU! onahole, also made by EXE. I think this feature should be a thing for all onaholes, it is fantastic. When you ejaculate you instinctively thrust as deep as possible, hitting a hard wall which covers your hole and it doesn’t let you ejaculate freely, which sucks. With this soft material, which stretches a lot, that problem is greatly reduced. Your semen just pushes the wall away and the ejaculation is way more pleasing.

So yeah, even though this onahole is pretty small, this soft spot on top helps a lot to fix the length issue (but I would have definitely preferred the onahole to be longer in size).

The small size could be pretty handy though, it’s very easy to handle, the only thing I don’t like about its design is the entrance, sometimes it could be a pain to penetrate. I prefer open lips, to receive the tip of the penis easily.

Oh and by the way, its small size is great for traveling, so it might be a good choice in case you need to bring your fap goodies when you travel -w-.

One last thing to add, is that it makes a little bit more noise than the average onahole, nothing too loud, but keep that in mind if you can only ninja fap at your place 😉 .


This onahole feels… great! The entrance is really good, it scrapes the tip of your penis very nicely. The ribs just feel very good, and the rest of the tunnel is alright as well, but the best part is the entrance.

As you can see, the tip of the penis shows up at the soft spot, looking like it will rip the onahole, but don’t worry, that shouldn’t be an issue. I’m not sure how durable is the material used for the soft spot, but it looks decent so far, and most importantly you will not hit it all the time like in the video, since you want to stick to the entrance of the onahole, where the ribs feel the best. I only hit the soft spot when I’m ejaculating, so it should last enough and not break soon.

The ejaculation feels great, as I mentioned earlier, the soft material allows for an easier flow of the semen.

One thing I would have preferred is more meat around the onahole. The walls are a bit thin, so it is not very fun to squeeze my penis with them.


The cleaning is very easy, as your everyday onahole.

Pour water inside, remove the juices with your fingers, flush, pour soap inside, clean with your fingers again, flush, and dry both the inside and outside with a microfiber towel.


This a great loli-themed onahole, with good feeling, soft spot feature which I love, and for a decent price. I think it would be a decent first choice as well. Keep in mind the size, since it might not be the best choice for people with medium-large/large penises.

Smooth & Flat Girl's Laboratory Purutoro Soft
  • 8/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 8/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


+ Great feeling + Small size + Soft spot feature + Cheap
– Thin walls – Might be too small for some people – Makes a bit of noise
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5 Replies to “Smooth & Flat Girl’s Laboratory Purutoro Soft”

  1. So im New with the onaholes in General i mean i Hand a fleshlight and a torso wich is pretty Western but i ordered a Wohle bunch off stuff from kanojo toys and there are a gewesen Things i couldnt find a Review Here… i was wondering how i could write a review or if i am allowed to.?

  2. Hi! I have a question. Is there a loli onahole that you could recommend me? I have 6 inches (15 cm) of circumference and 6 inches of length making it hard to find something that isn’t too tight.

    1. Humm… that’s a difficult one, you can try searching onaholes by “large size” on our blog, but the entrnace would not necessarily be the same.

      I could recommend you this:

      I remember it a bit loose inside for me, so it might be a good fit for you.

      You might wanna look into “soft” onaholes, since they stretch more.

      There another recommendation, I really liked that one.

      Hope it helps 🙂

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