Maiden (AkaiHebi)

Sent to me by NLS with love, Maiden: when Magic Eyes explores the more dark sides of history to create an onahole!


Maiden got a bronze medal during the Onahole Poll 5, which means I wasn’t the only one a bit curious about it.


Magic Eyes is known for Girl in the Box and the Mouth of Truth, and Maiden is a kind of mix of those: historical stuff and torture device. Because Magic Eyes offers us a virgin girl locked inside an iron maiden.

Of course ! Indeed ! You bet plenty of us had the heavy metal band’s name in mind ! 😈 Yet the iron maidens, the torture device, may have been only fictional. Mind you: a kind of vertical coffin, with the interior covered with spikes so when you close it with someone inside, the unlucky human being gets pierced through on the whole body and bleeds out. So much medieval fun. But no.

iron maiden

Poor Mai Kurogane (the girls’ name). Of course Magic Eyes wouldn’t be such monsters as to ship you a plastic sieve instead of an usable onahole: the box doesn’t have spikes. The packaging is really good.


Was… was it necessary to include a neck ?.. Anyway:


Now do you understand the idea behind the iron maiden ? Piercing, blood, why I mentioned “virgin” earlier ?  :mrgreen:


I didn’t had the best experienceat piercing through plastic hymens, but this one was safe. Instead, I struggled with the entrance, all of it: it’s shape makes it uneasy to “align” your junk with the hole, and there’s no worse thing in onahole-onanism as to go “GET INSIDE THIS FREAKING PIECE OF SHIT YOU STUPID DICK, COM’ON, UUUUUGHHH”. Yet when you achieve your entry with a satisfying “pop”, on the first time things get dirty fast: the red-colored lube Magic Eyes lovely included behind the fake hymen to simulate blood SPLASHED all over my crotch and up to my tights. That didn’t lead much further, I was laughing too hard about the massacre to think about masturbating anymore.

The following attempts, red lube carefully washed away, went better. Still frustrating about the struggle just to enter, but then it’s okay. And kinda good actually…


… until the middle. After that, up to the “neck”, there’s nothing going on. And it makes noise too. So, I just enjoyed the first half, with those little nubs, and the ribs…  Once I had a -very- powerful orgasm in there, a sweet delicious 5 seconds of total loss of control and blankness of the brain, but more likely due to the fantasy I had in mind. It wasn’t about fucking a bloody virgin taken out of a torture device πŸ˜•

Maiden is rather tight and intense, the material is something new at Magic Eyes: I found it being quite similar to the “Fresh Skin” type of ToysHeart, like in Eroman. Cleaning can be a bit tricky because of the tightness, and the useless hole extending to the “neck” part where stuff can so easily gather. It dries rather slowly, the silver ions help killing nasty bacteria. But soap still belongs to the washing !

Overall, Maiden is something for those who like the context (torture device, virgin, piercing, blood, beheaded corpse, whatever), but the onahole itself got me mildly frustrated and probably won’t be used much. I already wait your next move, Magic Eyes: British boiling-torture ? Flaying ? Electrical chair ? Oh there’s much stuff said about Vlad III “the impaler” and torture. Do your worst !


music track: Fear of the Dark (Iron Maiden cover, by Argon)

  • 4/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 4/10
  • 6/10
    Materials and cleaning - 6/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


Magic Eyes had a really interesting idea, and the packaging is great. Yet the onahole is lacking and sometimes annoying. Also: hymens, blood, etc… it’s not my thing.

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