Smoking Phantom

Sent to me by the immortal NLS: this very kawaii Japanese ghost onahole made by Hotpowers. Smoking Phantom !


“A little bit more wacky”, I thought. “Why the hell not ?”  And so Smoking Phantom got ranked 2nd in the poll #5. And so it happens to be my first Hotpowers onahole too.

It’s not the first onahole-in-a-can I had my hand on: there was Chinraku! Tako Musume “Octopus Girl” andΒ Aketemite. But that was long long ago. And quite bad experiences. Smoking Phantom being quite old too, things don’t look very bright from the start. Let’s begin with the design !


There’s a sister product, Smoking Countdown, with a more detailed picture of the ghost girl:


I have a little something for ghost girls, especially those with twintails and a bandaid on one knee and that are so fun to fool around with (Mayoi Hachikuji from the Bakemonogatari anime series). Ghosts haunt you, they’re filled with regret and hate, they need your help to solve their issues and finally go to the afterworld. Until then, they won’t let go of you, poor mortal. And they will want to remember the pleasures of carnal love.

Depending on how much vital energy the ghost has, it can loose it’s physical form and just remain like white smoke. Or a blob of jelly.

That’s Hotpowers’ idea: stuffing jellyfish in a can stuffing a ghostgirl in a can.


The can is filled with a jelly onahole. It’s really as jelly-ous as an onahole can be. Oh, hole in the middle. Sticking penis in.


Good. First things first: the promo pictures are misleading. The can is so filled there’s barely any space for the jelly to expand when you fuck it. Outcome: very unsexy noises of jelly-farts. That’s for the noise. And the smell ? URKS. AAARRRGH. It stinks of dead dinosaurs: plastic. I swear: even the parody K-On onahole I never reviewed here (EDIT: Ona Beat 2nd Gig) and was my very first onahole wasn’t so toxic to my nose. Baah.

But you have to endure it: you must rip the ghost off it’s can to have a proper fuck with….  holy shit. That thing. Oily. Smelly. And STICKY. IT’S LIKE GLUE AND SEMEN. I was actually laughing, it’s more fun to play with that sticky blob in your hands than fucking it.

I expected not much when sliding my courageous penis inside. Problem: the jelly. It pushes the lube out. Penis shiny and lubed up, I start over. Sliding in. Problem: nothing. Barely more sensations than Hot Girl. I was thinking about the meaning of life for a couple minutes and managed to cum inside Smoking Phantom. Problem: the cum. My white fluids rushed away from the jelly, bubbling out from around my dick as I slowly pulled out, and it leaked all out after my tip, and Smoking Phantom closed it’s entry with almost nothing in it’s “belly”.

Let’s clean it now. Heading to bathroom. Try flushing out inside. Notice the bottom is getting bigger. That’s right: Smoking Phantom was now a WATERBOMB. That didn’t last long though: a little “pop”, and out flows the water from the new hole at the bottom. …  made cleaning easier.

What now ? Oh, let’s powder it, to make it less sticky. Powdered it. Good, it’s not so sticky anymore. Figure out I didn’t shot pics and vids yet. Fuck. Try to wash the powder away: ineffective. Intense rubbing: no shit. Using glue and duct tape: nothing. Well. Good. Great.


Time to fix this with scissors.

smoking phantom repair
smoking phantom repaired

The result was convincing enough. Cutting the flesh off the ghost girl made it edgy and shit, but at least you can see through it again.

smoking phantom fist

What else can I say..Β  it comes with a one-time bottle of deceiving lube, and the price is sickly high. I’m gonna trash the ghost girl away and use the can for something else.Β Virgin Age Admission, maybe. Thank you NLS and the internet for this adventure !

music track: Andreas Viklund – Lovely Heart

Smoking Phantom
  • 1/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 1/10
  • 1/10
    Materials and cleaning - 1/10
  • 4/10
    Packaging and addons - 4/10
  • 1/10
    Price - 1/10


Mayoi-chan remains the best ghost girl around. Smoking Phantom is something to avoid, unless you need an overpriced steel can. Avoid.

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3 Replies to “Smoking Phantom”

  1. Lol, this review was quite funny.
    “My white fluids rushed away from the jelly, bubbling out from around my dick as I slowly pulled out”
    Like in hentai?? hahaha xD
    “Barely more sensations than Hot Girl”
    Wow, that bad? I’ve never used Hot Girl but it doesn’t look like it has much to offer :S
    Well, the art on the can looks great, and the concept of fucking a ghost girl is great, it turns me on, but, it seems it didn not turn out so well :/
    Good review as always, I liked the little story about why would a ghost fuck with you, lol.

  2. I got one for 2000yen from a sale. I threw away mine quite quickly too, since I didn’t know what to do with it (really hard to clean etc). But the few orgasms I got with it were absolutely amazing. “Life-like”, if you want.

    These ultra-super soft holes really do are great. They just come with a lot of downsides. And this “hole in a tin” thing for the Smoking Phantom wasn’t the greatest idea I have to say.

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