Meiki Nara

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole review, Meiki Nara! Made by KOKOS!


Today we got another Meiki onahole from KOKOS, the series of onaholes that feature 3D women on their packaging, unlike most of the stuff we review here that has a hentai artwork, but as I always say, the artwork on the box is not important, but the onahole inside πŸ˜‰


Well, I don’t quite like that art style, I would prefer something more lewd rather than that sensual drawing… but at least the rest of the box contains good pictures and descriptions of the onahole. And in english!

All their onaholes are secured inside that plastic shell, to make sure the onahole does not suffer damage from shipping, even most of the times is unnecessary, I like it, sometimes it could avoid damage if the box gets squashed.


And the contents of the box are: the onahole. No plastic bag of lube, or anything else.


And the onahole itself.

It looks ok, it has a shaped vulva, and the inner layer has a great pink color, unlike other onaholes that only have 1 layer with one color. Even though the shaped vulva looks nice, it’s not very practical like most of the onaholes that have shaped lips. The vulva feels like a hard wall, making the entrance a bit distressing, and the lack of relief do not help to hold the lube on the lips.

As for something good, the skin does feel nice in the hand, and the shape makes it easy to handle. It also smells nice, it has a small sweet scent.

And now we get to the interesting part.


This onahole feels great. Even though the vulva might not be the best one to penetrate, the insides are very stimulating. At first they feel a bit too stimulating for me, but that always depends on the person. In late-fap, the strong stimulation feels great, it helps to achieve a strong ejaculation.

The insides,

as you can see in the picture, are montone, the feeling does not change the deeper you go, but that is not a bad thing, it’s a continuous stimulation that doesn’t get old. The tunnel’s length is also very nice, around ~<16cm, allowing you to cum freely inside without touching the bottom.

The walls, while very strong, feel a bit thin, where sometimes I can feel my hand. It’s not something very noticeable, but I would have preferred the walls to be thicker.


Due to the strong walls, reaching to the bottom if very easy, so that makes the cleaning very easy and fast. Just pour some water inside and clean the juices with your fingers.


It’s a great onahole that provides a great stimulation, and great durability, I’ve been using it over a month so far, and no signs of tear. The entrance altough does not feel very good to penetrate the first time, and the product is a bit pricey. I recommend you to try it out, it’s a decent onahole that will last you many months!

Meiki Nara
  • 8/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 8/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 6/10
    Price - 6/10


+ good box that protects it from damage during shipping + durable material + smells nice + easy to clean + strong stimulation
– the entrance does not feel very nice – no bottle or bag of lube included – price is a bit too high

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  1. I tend to steer away from dual layer toys after my Rina’s poor inner layer started tearing out in less than a month, but it looks like i’m definitely going to add this toy to my long list of holes I want. Great review!

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