Izuha Hot Milk Hard


Izuha Hot Milk was a successful onahole back in 2006, so Toy’s Heart decided to make a hard version of it for those who like it tighter. And here it is, Izuha Hot Milk Hard !


Box illustration

Izuha is the little mascot girl of Toy’sHeart. There’s another Izuha onahole I’ve reviewed previously, so it’s nice to see her again πŸ™‚



Cute πŸ™‚ Lying sideways, her clothes falling off, and probably the “Hot Milk” in the title is about her curvy breasts (while actually the nipple of her left breast should be showing at that point). The rest is up to your imagination.


It’s a rather thin box, let’s scan it !


The little circle chart tells us this onahole is “tight + soft”. Alright. Also worth noting are the basic instructions, including a translated word for us foreigners: “lotion; vacuum; stroke; cleaning”. Indications where to hold it, a description of the inside, measurements, “phtalate free” label, “made in Japan”, a QR code to the shop’s website homepage, chibi Izuha on top, and the cute ejaculating penis on bottom.

Box content

Inside, you’ll find the usual little pack of Vanessa & Co water based lubricant, 12 mL, enough for 2-3 uses.

And of course the onahole, wrapped in plastic sleeve.


The onahole outside


Without surprise, the onahole is rather thin.



There’s hardly any smell, and the surface feels smooth. Even after multiple washes, the onahole doesn’t get too sticky or oily (but still to the point where you’d like to rub talc or corn starch on it’s surface to restore the smoothness).

The material reminds me a lot the type similar to the one found in Maiden.

While flexible, it’s still sturdy and resists a lot. Which creates plenty of tightness.

Also worth noting: those grooves for the fingers. Nice.. if you’re right-handed.


The onahole insides and performance

Upon opening, you’ll find… basically not much. It’s a single layer onahole.


Because of the tightness starting at the entrance, I have some difficulty putting my dick in (reminder: I’m average size for westerners). Even after pushing out all the air and using the vacuum to “suck me in”. Afterwards…


… ooh. Just waves. Totally smooth walls. Looks a bit like Seventeen.

Shortly after the entrance, there’s a tightening spot that feels.. really too cramped. It’s a bit like wearing a cockring. Deeper, the tunnel gradually expands into a big vacuum chamber. Overall, with each ring, this onahole creates a very powerful vacuum. The suction effect is immense.

But there lies the problem: it’s so fuckdamn tight the suction is just too much. While the onahole is squeezing the blood out of my penis, I felt like the onahole was vacuuming my soul out from my urethra. More than once I had to stop and make sure there’s enough lube, because it really felt like there wasn’t enough. Which really reduced my experience.

It doesn’t take long until I cum inside, but it’s as if my penis was like “oh shit this is too much let’s shoot already and get this torture done with”. To summarize, it’s Virgin Age Admission and Shrine Maiden on tightness together with Eroman on suction strength. That’s… too hard for my entertainment and satisfaction πŸ™


Since it’s a single layer onahole, there’s no worry about turning it inside out for in-deep cleaning with water and soap. But since it’s really tight, the turning inside-out itself can be a little 10-seconds struggle. It dries rather fast, let it simply rest “hole downside” so the remaining water can drop out and evaporate.

Price / value

This is easily one of the cheapest Toy’s Heart onaholes, and still made in Japan. So cheap the shipping overseas costs more, so putting only this onahole in your order is unwise. And is it worth buying ?… I think customers with smaller/thinner penises (girth below 15 cm) would enjoy it more than me. Or if you like it crushing tight. Otherwise, choose something else πŸ™‚

Izuha Hot Milk Hard
  • 2/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 2/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 6/10
    Packaging and addons - 6/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ very good material quality
+ cheap for Japan-made Toy’s Heart product
+ Izuha is cute I want to snuggle with her
+ powerful vacuum
– way too tight and uncomfortable for most westerners
– low stimulation, completely smooth wavy structure
too powerful vacuum
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