Muses Kokalo: SOFT Version

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting a new onahole review, Muses Kokalo: SOFT Version! Made by Tomax!


Today we got something special. This isn’t your everyday onahole, it’s a top tier onahole! The Muses are a series of onaholes made by Tomax, a very famous brand known for their high quality masturbators. Have a read at OmochaDream’s article about them.


Let’s take a look at the box first.

As you can see, the box art is amazing. A lot of effort went into it to provide a beautiful presentation.


And here are the contents of the box: the onahole, and a small plastic bag of lube.

Oh btw, I also got this package inside the shipping box with a few plastic bags of lube, a very nice present from OmochaDreams ^.^


Let’s take a look at the onahole!

And a video!

As you can see, it’s a very big onahole. The size is just big enough so you can use it easily with one hand. The bigger the size, or the bigger the thickness of the walls around the tunnel, the better the feeling, since you will be less in contact with your hand, which will trick your mind into believing you’re having sex instead of masturbating, giving you a better fap-experience!

The onahole looks good, the lips are shaped, they look very beautiful and realistic, they only lack color, but a second layer might risk getting ripped, so in order to sacrifice a bit of looks, using just one layer increases the onahole durability, which is something I prefer over looks. Outside the vulva, the onahole looks plain and simple, perhaps it would be better with some curves of something, but it’s fine like this.


This onahole has a nice feeling. But the feeling may vary depending of which version your buy; that’s right, there are different version of the same onahole.

At OmochaDreams, you can choose the tightness you prefer. I got the SOFT version since I don’t like too much hard onaholes, but this one is a bit way too soft.

The inside structure is very well made, with lots of ribs and curves, but the problem is that the version I got is way too soft, the feeling is not intense, it does feel good, but not great. It’s a good option to use for the 2nd/3rd fap in a row when your penis is more sensitive, since it wont squeeze it too much.

I think the tightness is also loose due to being the SOFT version, I believe the HARD one would feel good. Still, the SOFT is not too bad, but it’s not great either.

The entrance is easy, also since the onahole has shaped lips, you can put lube on them to lubricate your glans. The weight of the onahole is great, making it jump on your lap gives a good feeling. The inside feels nice, with a very soft stimulation, a bit montone, it feels the same from the entrace all down to the base, but that is not a bad thing, I like it.

I still manage to cum with no problems, but I’ve tried many other onaholes with a way better feeling.


The cleaning of this onahole is very easy, just pour a bit of water inside and take out the fluids with your fingers, Drying it inside is easy as well, with a small microfiber towell and one finger, it dries very well.


This onahole is a great product in terms of box presentation, material quality, durability, and inside structure, but I do not recommend the SOFT version, just go for the MEDIUM or the HARD one. The price is also very expensive, it is a high quality product, but, at least for me, the SOFT version is not worth it.

Muses Kokalo: SOFT Version
  • 4/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 4/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 3/10
    Price - 3/10


+ Great box presentation + Big size + Good quality material
– The feeling is way too soft, minimum stimulation – No bottle of lube – Too expensive

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6 Replies to “Muses Kokalo: SOFT Version”

  1. One of the biggest CONS (!) of a nasty old FL I have is that it stimulates too much. (I am super sensitive). I don’t want a Onahole for a “quick wank”, where you cum in 1 minute. I want to go at it for HOURS 🙂

    This is when you want a soft OH. You might say this one is bad (for you), but for others it might be just perfect! I see the Ozawa, Venus Real and Lilith OUT OF STOCK everywhere (in EU), but this one actually looks…interesting, now reading your review…

    1. It has been a long time since I threw my pussy of angel, but I believe the stimulation of the angel was stronger than this’. I do not recommend getting the SOFT version, go for the HARD, or a different model.

      1. Thanks for the response!
        I’m actually looking for a soft onahole, since my Tenshi Puruman is nearing its end of life after serving me well for a year or so. The softness level was just right, but I didn’t like the inner structure as much since it was a tad too stimulating, unless you used a good amount of lube.

        I’m currently trying to decide whether I should get the medium or the soft version of the Muses Arkhe; from your description and what I read elsewhere, the soft version seems like what I want. On the other hand, they only have the medium version in stock right now so I might just get that one …

  2. Nice review. I’m thinking to get this one or the Arke version in medium.
    Got some free lub from OD too. The only problem with them is that a lot of their offers are out of stock and they need long time to restock.

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