Sakura The Small Idol

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Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you Sakura The Small Idol, made by OutVision. NLS sent it to me for a review, so let’s begin!


Hell yeah, another loli! And yes, OutVision again! They’re experts in making lolicious onaholes πŸ˜€
First off, here is the box art:


Isn’t that a frikin’ cute loli?! With that tiny bikini, looks very erotic. And by the pose she is at, she is ready to have sex with you! 😳


I like the OutVision put their sitcker on the plastic that covers the box, altough that might not be the best place, it’s covering up Sakura-chan!


The box is quite rigid, very hard, I liked that.


And inside the box:


The onahole and…


… a bottle of lube! And this is a good lube by the way, altough the bottle sucks for dispensing.


The onahole looks really good, just like the delicious loli on the cover *-*


The size is quite good.


The boobs are cute and very soft >w<. Delicious looking pussy, let’s take a peek inside!




And here a few videos of it.
First, I’ll show you the onahole firmness.

The firmness is good, not too hard, not too soft.

And now, an overall look around it and inside πŸ™‚


The onahole has a weight of 1.5 Kg, good enough to make it jump on your lap πŸ˜€
Altough, this onahole lacks some features like other large or “hip” onaholes, like Ikappara Girl, for example, slapping the ass does not feel as satisfying, and grabbing it by the sides to make it jump on your penis either, it feel more like a regular onahole but larger, altough it’s better because of the added weight, that really helps to feel better.

Before talking about the feeling, let’s take a look at the inner structure:


Now, this is new to me. Both “tunnels” connect with each other… normally, it’s a separate tunnel for the vagina and the anal, but this two connect… I dunno, I guess it’s because it takes a little less effort to clean. The feeling does feel different in each hole all the way ’til the end. The feeling of the vagina is good and classic when it comes to “hip onaholes”. It has a lot of curves, bumps and ribs, twisting your penis around. For my taste, the ribs are a bit too hard, I’d prefer something softer, altough, the feeling varies a lot depending how you use the onahole.

Here a few  pics of using it, and a short video for the sound it makes. It’s a bit noisy.


If you make it jump on your lap, it feels a bit rough because of the hard walls, but quite good as well. It’s probably around the middle where it bothers me a bit, but when you’re using it while on the bed…

Holy fuck it feels awesome. I think it’s around that pronounced curve in the middle, when you thrust it while on bed, it feels like a ring around the tip of your penis, stimulating it very hard! And since you’re thrusting it with your weight, the onahole does not feel as hard as before, so it’s very good, this onahole is great for dakisex πŸ™‚

The anal hole feels good too, it has again the “classic onahole hip feeling”, it’s a simple tunnel with rings-like around it, small and soft bumps that give you a nice stimulation, that does not vary no matter how deep you go. I like having a hole like that, it’s another choice of feeling.

Here is a side by side photo comparision with Ikappara Girl.


And behold, together they make the ultimate loli body onahole!


… lol.

Ahem, back on topic, the cleaning is easy, the size is not too big to put the onahole under the faucet to clean it easily. What I like to do, it’s use an A-Clean, inserting it through the anal hole and making everything flow outside through the vagina.

In conclusion, it’s a good large-size onahole, but the vagina is not quite good, it’s a little bit too hard, but the anal hole feels quite good. I do recommend it if you’re a true lolicon, if you want to practice dakisex, and try different techniques for masturbation that you can’t do with normal onaholes.

Sakura The Small Idol
  • 6/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 6/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


A good looking loli onahole, great for dakisex, at a good price.

User Review
4.6 (5 votes)

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10 Replies to “Sakura The Small Idol”

  1. I’ve been looking around and I just can’t decide. I love loli and definitly want one that would go with my loli pillows, what would you recommend?

  2. which one of these hip onaholes is best for “cow girl”. Like, which one feels like you can actually hold their butt while using it? I got a hip onahole just once and only used it twice before throwing it away because it was flat on the torso part (not to mention also took like 5 to 10 minutes to enter because the entrance was so small). So now I’m a little weary since almost all of them hips were meant for doggy style.

    1. Toydemon has the Meiki Cherry 2 and Cherry Evolution. I own the Evolution. Freaking awesome for cowgirl. It’s a full hip, dual lined vag AND ass! Kinda pricey. On sale now for just over 200. The Cherry 2 is the exact same but not dual lined inner for just over 100.00.
      Very well built and practically indestructible.
      Check out XXX brand review on YouTube of the Meiki Cherry Evilution. You will be impressed at the perfect balance of this thing. (Cowgirl; anyone?)
      Happy hunting. Hope this helps

  3. I’m interested in getting one of these. Would it be safer to order from a store in the U.S. (higher chance to avoid package check??) than ordering from JP? The post about Doddler scared me, but it’s not going to stop me.

    1. If you’re inside the US, and buy from a store that has it’s stock inside the US like ToyDemon or CoolMST (and maybe QueenCat?), there is no risk. Buying from Japan might have a small customs risk, I guess. Normally I think it’s ok to buy lolicon stuff in the US, but you could always ask the seller to remove the packaging to be more sure.

  4. Wow, it looks so… oily in the first couple of pictures? Is it normal state for it or is it just because it’s right out of the package?

    1. Oily? Hmmm.. perhaps is because of the flash, it’s not oily at all, just sticky. The few shots looks more clear because it’s perfectly clean, after some uses it gets a bit “dirty” with small dust sticking to it, which is a bit hard to remove (but easily if you wash it with soap).

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