Ona Beat 2nd Gig


Today, something special. One of my very first onahole, but I never blogged about it. Until now.

Usually, I don’t look in the past. The present and the future are already enough to handle, and there’s stuff I just don’t wanna recall. But then, on a random occasion, the past just pops up, and you have to deal with it. This time, it happened with me and this onahole, the Ona Beat 2nd Gig. It’s still right there, haunting my J-List order history, proudly between Aketemite and Haru Nyan Mini, such a nice trio. On April 25th 2011,Β  35 USD were exchanged for Ona Beat 2nd Gig. Yeah, we all do stupid things in our youth.


Frontier Japan, the maker, is what you can call a competitor of Tamatoys. While the latter still has a flourishing business, the former disappeared almost totally, or so it seemed until they appeared again on the interwebs with the Natsu no Himegoto onahip showing some visible improvement.

Competitor of Tamatoys because Frontier Japan makes parody onaholes, I see plenty AKB48, Oreimo, Hatsune Miku parody stuff, and much of K-On. Ona Beat 2nd Gig depicts Mio.




Jelly, entirely jelly, it’s not the common TPE you find today. It still makes me shiver when I look at it, yeah I inserted my penis inside that, not once, but TWICE before it went to the trash. I just wanted it gone, so when I started Onahole Review one year later it was partly due to this onahole but I never actually wanted to blog about it until now. What I can still remember about it is… it’s stinking, it’s sticky, it feels gross to the touch and it’s appearance looks like it was made from molten tires.

toy2001027 (1)


Yay, my first dual-hole ?

The sensations were NONE. I felt stupid rocking that big piece of jelly up and down my bored dick, it went nowhere. Luckily for me, because from the looks of it cleaning inside would have been a PITA. And oh, small detail:Β  I pierced the bottom of the.. “pussy” hole. Second use. And then in the trash it went. ..Β  it would have been more fun burning banknotes, and in the end the money is wasted anyway. Instead…..Β  I went on the onahole adventure you all know about.

That’s all folks, it was the only onahole I never blogged about and now it’s done. Thing of the past and in the past it shall remain !

Ona Beat 2nd Gig
  • 1/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 1/10
  • 1/10
    Materials and cleaning - 1/10
  • 4/10
    Packaging and addons - 4/10
  • 1/10
    Price - 1/10


A jelly parody onahole that wasn’t supposed to be blogged about, ever

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  1. HAhaha I cant even tell what that black tar is supposed to be. Im surprised you had the courage to use it.

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