Squishy Sisters

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In no way they imply, suggest or promote sexual abuse or harm of human beings.
If such illustrated packaging is forbidden in the buyer's country or if the buyer doesn't wish to receive it, the selected vendors can ship products without the illustrated packaging upon request during order.
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Today is finaly the time for a new lolicious review of a very unique and special onahip designed by RENDS JAPAN. You’ve probably already heard of this brand through product such as the New USB Onaho Warmer, the A10 Cyclone, the VORZE A10 Cyclone SA or more recently the Rends Ona Apron.

Actually this company is mainly focusing its releases on sex devices and onahole accessories rather than regular TPE matsurbators. Moreover she is quite discreet so you don’t hear from her a lot comparated to other brand like Magic Eyes, G-Project or Toy’s Heart who usually makes monthly releases.

So today this review will be dedicated to one of their few masturbators available which has lolicious bonus points: The massive threesome onahip Squishy Sisters ~ let’s take a look !


When it comes down to large product, I’m usually accustomed to try onahip and torso. I must say that over the years, more and more makers tends to embrace the pace of heavy toys in order to satisfy the demand. Just looking at the super popular Puni Ana series among the otaku community testifies it.

But this time is even more special for me since it is the very first time that I’ll be reviewing a “threesome” onahip, or litteraly two loli body molded together. I have barely never seen any kind of hip of this sort before, except for the review of the Twins Panic which is now discountinued everywhere, so all this is really new to me.

Anyway let’s stop the chit-chat and start with the unboxing =)


As usual, I will let you enjoy some pictures of the box freshly received from the delivery guy =)

Two naked loli sister on top of each other, that’s some quality artwork ! *nosebleed* It says: Punitto Shisutazu = Squishy Sisters in EnglishLook at those two adorable face ! These cute loli pussy (damn mosaic censorship) and those tiny pinkish nipples !4.3Kg damn it’s heavy !

Quick note on the overall look of the packaging. Let’s admit it, the artwork looks gorgeous as fuck. I won’t say as much for how the hip is packaged though, but more on this later.

So as you can see, the front cover of the box is displayed with two loli. As the name implies, they seems to be blood related sisters, which makes the whole scene looks even more cute and exciting. The one at the top seems to be to me the Imouto while the other one layed down appears to be the Onee-chan ~

Both features a shy/embrassed expression that I truly love. Of course, it’s no surprise that being in such a situation with their loli genital exposed might makes them feel uncomfortable. But on an other hand, it also feels like they are being turned on as fuck by looking at you, their dear Onii-Chan they were both waiting for !

Not only you, it’s more you dick that they are imploring you to give them. And just by looking at their cute/innocent expression, their throbbing loli pussies and cute pinkish nipples, you suddenly start to feel a urge of blood rushing down to your crotch…

Then you realize that despite being a lolicon getting turned on by looking at underaged girl’s body, you also are a siscon who can’t resist the lust of having sex with his cute little sister. But now a terrible dilemma comes to your mind…

Which pussy will you fuck first ?

There is the bottom The right side with several pictures of the hip, we can see that both pussies are double-layered in a pinkish layer MADE IN JAPAN, that’s reassuringI really can’t get bored of that view…
Finaly, on the left opening we find a detailed layout of the inner structure of both pussies with also the “belly-sandwich”

I truly like the fact that they reused that super cute artwork on numerous face of the packaging. The picture showing the hip in more details are quite nice too with the size, weight and measurments clearly indicated. We can also see that it’s been MADE IN JAPAN so that’s a very good point for people who are reluctant to buy product made in china, for the most part.

However and as expected, all the text are in Japanese so you can’t really understand what it says. I would have been curious to know concerning the left opening with the sisters faces in front of their own pussies. Maybe it gives some details about the sensations, tightness and stuff…

I wonder what the note says about each sisters vagina… Overall, super cute looking pussies! The curves looks quite realistic with a womb chamber for each.KU-PAA ! Here is how it looks like when you open it. It can be opened from either the right or the left sideThey even reused the artwork for the inside !


The cardboard of the box is really sturdy so it’s fine if you plan to keep it to store the toy. Unlike usual packaging for large hips and torso, the opening system of this one is quite different since you can actually take the masturbator out from either the left or the right opening. On each side there is a little tab that you’ll have to pull and then you’ll find your hip “safely” wraped inside.

Yes just “safely” since instead of other brand like Magic Eyes, PPP or EXE who always tends on providing a hard plastic case to place the product in, here it’s delivered “as if” without anything else to ensure some protection than a sticky plastic bag. Plus, the box for the size of this hip is really SMALL so what happens was that mine came completly crushed inside that tiny packaging and hence the outside had disgusting stretches marks during a few days…

Cherry on the cake, for the price you have to pay to get this threesome hip, they don’t even provide a sample of lube.

Wanna have to revise the basics RENDS

Here the hip out of the box in its plastic packaging. What was the first thing I noticed once I unwraped it ?


Without ANY hesitation, this is the WORSE factory smell I’ve ever smell to DATE ! It was just so… so fucking disgusting, like the scent was so strange it even gave me headaches !

What was it like ? The first thing that came to my mind was that it reminded me the smell of burned TPE, the kind of shitty smell I get to breathe when I’m using my soldering iron to repair my damaged onahole. For those who already tried, this is truly a shitty smell and this onahip smells EXACTLY like that.

For a lolicious hip, I honestly didn’t expect something like that… since when are lolis supposed to smell like burned TPE in the first place ??


The hip looks quite similar to the artwork, that’s good! Looks quite nice but… the HELL is wrong with those square-shaped pussy lips ? From the side it looks really well molded, I barely imagine the two sisters here… Ugh, the back side is truly massive and ugly… Grabing the Imouto’s buttock feels super good !A belly sandwich ! That means even their tummies are fuckable, GREAT !

The overall look of the onahip is quite unique and I must say really well done (for the most part once again). The material is quite sturdy to keep the shape but the ass still feels really smooth to grab as well as for the thigh of the imouto. I didn’t expect it to be that tall though. You can’t really imagine with pictures only, but once you have it right in front of you that’s when you realize how massive this onahip is.

Both pussies looks super cute and even more delicious once you spread them to discover that bright pinkish color ! However, I really don’t understand why they decided to make them look square-shaped like that. It’s really, strange…

As for the molding, remember I told you before that it’s litteraly two hips molded together ? Well, you can actually see the wonderful result here with those ugly molding marks around the belly-sandwich as well as all those strange ones (I guess it’s from the machine who created the hip) at the back.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the material was A LOT sticky when I unpackaged it. I noticed a sort of defect too, once again related to the molding. Actually the feeling isn’t smooth everywhere. On some part I can actually feel some veryyyyyyy tiny sort of “bubble” spread on an entiere surface, hence when you feel all this with your palm it doesn’t feel good and smooth at all.

I guess those were probably air bubble from the initial molding….

We all agree that this doesn’t look very nice right ? Looks like factory marks at the bottom… Pussy rubbing against pussy, fuck that’s HOT AF ! This is the Imouto’s pussy…And here the Onee-chan’s pussy

Overall the inner texture of each pussies feels quite nice, the color is bright pink so I really like it and it also looks rather firm and durable. At this point I haven’t notice any tears in the layer!

Insertion is rather easy so you won’t have to struggle too much before getting inside one of the girl, just the lower one can be a pain sometimes due to the weight of the Imouto resting right on it but nothing too annoying. Notice that each pussy has its own unique design, hence feelings are quite differents when you switch between the two sisters which is actually a very good point since I wouldn’t have been very interested if we were offered two holes with the exact same feelings and inner paterns…

It’s just too bad that their labias have that ugly square shape instead of a nice lolicious slit as the Puni Ana SPDX. Same goes with the molding marks, I know it’s not that much of a problem as regards of the feelings, but still for THAT much money spent for this thing, they could have at least paid more attentions to the finishes of the toy. That’s the word, to me this onahip isn’t too bad, it’s just that on a lot of basic points (stickiness, odor, packaging, add-on, molding…) they rushed the thing and went full comando mode like:

“Oh fuck that shit, we’ll sell it as if and that’s it”

To each pussy its own pattern, that’s the key of this threesome onahip. It really reminded me of the inner texture of Age series: Seventeen Bordeaux, sensations were actually quite similar and for a fact ! The inner texture is basically based on the same kind model: a bumpy tunnel without any other special features instead of a womb chamber at the bottom to provide some vacuum.

The pussy from the top, so the Imouto’s pussy, is the one in doggy-style position. Hence her vagina will be leading downwards with some bumby walls leading to her tiny lolicious womb. She is also the tightest of the two and that’s GREAT !

The Onee-chan’s pussy instead, while being in missionary position, will be leading upward with a ribbed patern at the beginning of the vagina to end up in the same kind of womb gimmick.

All in all, you can go balls deep in each pussy and that’s a very good thing !

For the dimensions, well as you can see this hip is quite massive. With 17.5cm in heignt, 18.1cm in depth, 23cm in width and standing at around 4.1Kg (heaviest hip I’ve ever tried) using this hip will also help as your daily workout ! Heck you’ll become all muscular in a few weeks, or less if you use it more xD


Despite a lot of points which doesn’t really seems to be in favor of this expansive onahip, I have to say that I was nicely pleased by the sensations of those pussies as well as the countless possibilities this hip offers you to play with. It’s not something mind-blowing of course, but still I really enjoyed it!

First the weight and the large size are truly changing the experience. 4.1Kg is just insanely heavy so having something like this riding your cock feels truly unique. All this flesh jumping on your laps is definitely something that I’ve rarely considered as important as with this onahip, here the illusion is real ! I guess adding some VR hentai game while using this toy might truly result in some incredible faping session… but, would it still be wise to call it masturbation at this point ?

Of course you can also use it handfree on a table or even for daki-sex, it works quite well even though the shape isn’t really suitable for that.

Those two perverted sisters have a lot of places to be grabed by, the ass, the waist and my favorite, the thighs ! Like, fucking the Imouto in doggy-style while holding her smooth thighs is truly awesome ! Also her pussy is my favorite of the two so I usually end up cuming directly in her uterus xd

She feels way more tight that her elder sister, and you can quite feel the sensation of your glans passing through her cervix, this is something that I really love ! With your penis fully inside her, all the air will be pushed out and hence thanks to that womb gimmick you’ll be greated with a delicious vacuum ! The walls of her vagina will now be clinging very tightly to your dick begging you to release every single drop of your cum deep inside her womb !

The feeling is quite the same for the other sister, but with a weaker vacuum and a less stimulating feeling. But I still enjoy her and fuck her a lot ! Like, usually (when I’m still 100% fresh) I always start with her pussy since the stimulation is more gentle than her little sister. With this I can easily go for an hour or even more sometimes. And then either when I want to cum or if I get bored of her vagina, I go for the tight and tiny Imouto’s pussy to get the job done !

No need to say that after such a long session, she usually brings me to my limits in no time LOL

But then cumming buckets deep inside her while tightly grabing her thighs is something truly unique that I’ve never experienced with any other product at this point.

The belly sandwich finaly feels, meh. Of course, there are no structure of whatsoever, it’s plain and just there to regain some stamina if you feel that you’ll be climaxing too quickly. I never use it to be honest, those two loli pussies are more than enough for me xD


Haha, I saw you coming. Yeah, cleaning this onahip is a fucking pain in the arse… two holes three holes to wash with such a weight, DAMMIT ! But comparated to other large toy I’ve already tried, like the Puni Ana SPDX or the Kaitai Shinsho this one is way easier to clean since you can easily reach the bottom of each pussies to pat the inside dry.

I’m sometimes wondering what my parents would think if they were to witness me washing a pair of lolicious ass in the bathroom sink while listening to some good electronic music on my headphones…

Anyway just the usual trick for cleaning, don’t rush things and take your time scratching everything out of each holes with your finger. Then rince the hip properly under clean water and dry it with a microfiber towel. You can as always apply some talcum or cornstarch if the outside becomes too sticky.


Despite all the things I’ve said at the beginning this surprisingly isn’t the worse onahip/torso I’ve ever tried so far (worse being Kaitai Shinsho if you’re curious to know).

I guess RENDS isn’t a brand really active on onahole release so they probably don’t have a lot of experience with them. All the manufacturers defects kinda prooves it with the lack of addons/stuffing for the packaging, the box too small, the HORRIBLE factory smell (fortunately now it had fades away a bit) or all the molding marks…

As I said, it kinda looks like this toy is a prototype which isn’t 100% finished. They seems to have rushed some important steps and now the result isn’t as nice as expected…

But honestly, the feeling and the experience of having tried something like this were truly awesome ! Quite a soft sensation at first but which gradually becomes more intense with the vacuum ~ 2 lolicious pussies to fuck with different feeling for each (a soft and a tighter one) as well as a belly sandwich ~

There aren’t a lot of threesome hip on the market and despite all the little defects I’m still having lots of fun and pleasure everytime I use this one ~ however the price is an other story since surprisingly this hip isn’t available to a lot of retailer… but the average price is still way too expansive for the quality that you get.

Let’s hope a maker like Magic Eyes or EXE will try to release a hip of this sort in the future !

Squishy Sisters
  • 7/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 7/10
  • 4/10
    Materials - 4/10
  • 5/10
    Cleaning - 5/10
  • 5/10
    Packaging and addons - 5/10
  • 4/10
    Price - 4/10


+ Great lolicious artwork + Sturdy box with lots of infos + Unique “threesome” shape + Two pussies to fuck + the belly sandwich + Pinkish inner layer + Both pussies feels different + Allows lot of positions (handfree, dakisex…) + Unique experience + Switching between a soft and a tight pussy feels heavenly good ! + You can grab those sisters by many places, like the waist, the ass or their thighs ! + The heavy weight add a lot to the experience
– Box was to small to store the hip – No plastic case – No sample of lube – Horrible factory smell – Very sticky at first – Ugly molding marks – Molding defects with those “bubble” – Difficult to clean – Expansive
User Review
3.67 (3 votes)

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