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Quattro Natural girl



Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole review, Quattro Natural girl! Made by MAGIC EYES!

This product was provided to me for a review by MotsuToys!



So looks like we have a clumsy schoolgirl, but more than clumsy, she is a pervert! Look at all those things in that bag, lubricant, dildo, more anal toys, a Mouth of Truth (no idea what she does it with… practice kissing (?) )… In my opinion, the artwork looks very cute and with fun details like the MAGIC EYES products. Let’s take a look at the box.





The box has walls inside to protect the onahole, that’s something you don’t see often, I like it.



Inside you can see the box’s artwork with a list of all the MAGIC EYES’ products that appear in the girl’s bag.


These are the contents of the box: the onahole, and a small bag of lube. Considering the onahole’s price, it should have been a bottle…



And here is the onahole.





Since the anus is more thin (I’d like to say tight, but no, it’s the same, just more thin) it has a hole on the back to help cleaning it, it’s a good thing but not too great as well since that forces you to always ejaculate inside the vagina hole so you don’t spill your juices everywhere.



The pussy looks very beautful, the lips and the insides with that great pink color look great!




And a video.


As you saw, it’s dual-hole, it has both a pussy and an anus, a nice bonus, but the pussy it’s the real star here. The onahole is very soft, both the inside and the outside. It’s a dual-layer, which means in the future the inside layer which gives you the feeling may start to rip off, but from the time I’ve been using it, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna rip off soon, it seems durable. While using it, the top part may dance a little around because of the soft material, but it’s not too annoying like other onaholes I’ve tried. It weights 500g and the inside tunnel is 13cm long, for me it’s a pretty good length to cum freely inside it.

quattro-natural-girl-vagina afmetingen_1_1

Another video of the onahole in action. Due to the way the inside is build, I couldn’t manage to slide it on the dildo, I have no idea why, but don’t worry, on your penis slides perfectly with no problem.


Oh god, where do I begin… it feels… fucking awesome. First I’ll talk about the vagina hole. The nicely shaped lips of the onahole allow for a great lubrication of the glans of your penis, that is something I really like about onaholes, some just don’t have lips to hold the lube and it gets a little frustrating to get inside.


When you first penetrate it, your glans will feel very nice, it has small bumps that give a good feeling, and inside gets great too, the ribs give a good stimulation to your whole penis. But I have to note that the stimulation it’s not too strong, it’s rather soft, some people may not like that very much. It also depends on the day, sometimes when I use an onahole my glans is not very sensitive and it doesn’t feel as good, other days it feels more intense, so it just depends on you. This kind of onaholes are my favorite ones, a soft layer inside with stimulation covered by a significant amount of the soft second layer, which is great for when you ejaculate, I like to press onahole to the base and then strongly grab it around the base of my penis to squeeze it for an intense ejaculation, and this onahole allows you to accomplish it very well! The more 2nd-layer it has around it to grab, the better it feels.


As for the anus hole… I actually had to stop writing the review, wash the onahole, and test again the anus hole because to be honest… I don’t use it much. The pussy feels so great the anus is kinda unnecessary to me, and just a hole more to dry when you clean the onahole, I’d rather not have it, but oh well, it’s a bonus hole, so I guess I’ll give it a try from time to time.

It feels good, the same tightness as the vagina, and your penis slides better inside than in the vagina, but the hole is too close to the wall so you can feel your penis stroking from inside with your hand, which is not very nice. It’s a decent tunnel but the main problem is that is very hard to penetrate, I try to get in but I always get inside the vagina, to get inside the anus, you have to hold your penis with your hands, which always ends up in a mess with the lube… so I’d rather not use it.


The cleaning might be a little bit harder than usual, not only because it has two holes, but because they’re very thin and getting to the deepest part takes a little bit of effort, but nothing too hard, just a little bit more effort is needed than your regular onahole.


This onahole is one of the best onaholes I’ve tried, including hips too, the pussy just feels great, the soft stimulation is perfect. The anus is in excess to my preference, and the onahole needed a bottle of lube rather than a bag of lube, but besides that it’s a fantastic product. Totally recommended, but keep in mind that if you’re not a fan of soft onaholes like Melty Pussy Of Angel, this might not be for you.


Author: AnonymousD

Professional fapper. Member of #2dmasterrace. Ask me any questions about the review in the comment box below!

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  1. Nice review 🙂 If you like soft, then this is a great product.

    I think the price is a bit higher, because it’s made from a more “premium” material… it almost doesn’t smell!

  2. Just unboxed mine! Looking forward to the perfect time to try it out.
    It seemed a bit too “wobbly” for my tastes.. hopefully that’s not gonna be a problem.

  3. Ok, this was such a waste… I have 7 onahos and not one of them was as disappointing as this. :/
    (My favorite is the Tight Innocent Pussy by Toy’s Heart) I wonder if mine was just defective or…

    All the wobbliness and nonexistent stimulation made it near impossible to enjoy the hole(s)… All the time it felt like I was about to burst through the thing – the material felt incredibly thin and fragile (I’m not big). It’s as if I was just jerking off with a hand but between my hand and dick was a strange thin and lubricated wall. Pretty awkward. Imo an onahole shouldn’t be just an “addon to hand-fapping” but an actual “hole” with its own stimulation. A BIG portion of the back ripped apart (already?!), and the rest will probably soon follow (although I won’t be using this again any time soon, if ever).
    (The ass felt somewhat good because it’s fairly tight — although I was nearly bursting through that, too.)

    Here I thought the popular Magic Eyes had a lot more to offer… Is the designer of Quattro a monkey?

    • AnonymousD

      Huh, that sounds weird… I’ve heard people getting defective toys, but I doubt it can get THAT defective. For me it doesn’t feel anything like that, it’s true that the stimulation is not very high, and it’s wobbly, but it doesn’t feel like a thin wall in my hand, and the back is not ripping off for me. It depends a lot on the person, sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it :/. Thanks for sharing you experience!

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