R-18: the Endurance Trainer

Greetings, adventurers of the internets!

Deep in the blossoming cherry tree forest you went, and after countless hours of walking you finally found her: in a clearing with a mushroom bed, just as the rumours said, the goddess of sexual prowess is there waiting for you.

Ara ara, here comes another one~

You already know the drill, right? You can’t find your way out of the forest until you succeed in the endurance trials. Aha you’re quite cocky huh, “passing the test on the first trial”? Well *chuckles* show me what you can~


From ToysHeart comes R-18 the Endurance Trainer, an onahole with a divine challenge. Let’s take a closer view!


For the box illustration, ToysHeart selected the picture of a busty anime goddess, kind yet confident in her powers against you puny human, she knows what you’re here for and you’ll abide by her rules if you ever want to return to your world.

The backside of the box goes into more details about the toy, the internal structures of it. Bumpy road with spike in the end, yum!

The sides of the box go into further detail of the toy characteristics (described as somewhat on the “intense” and “tight” side), the detail of the challenge of the goddess (more on that later) complete with kawaii penis glans (because Japan), and on top the backstory.

Now, not being fluent in Japanese (nor having reviewed my kana for quite some time, shame on me), I resorted to… Google Translate… *booing sounds in the audience* ..with the funky results one can expect from automatic machine translation.

All in all, you can take a leave of absence while being conscious for the mushroom forest contact until it’s fully immersed. We’ll get back to it just afterwards, first let’s see the content.


Inside the box, in a plastic tray, you’ll find the onahole in a sealed bag, and a 12mL sample of water based lubricant for an immediate use. My rusty kana reading skill was still sharp enough to read “Onatsuyu” on the bag of lube, and indeed yes it is the trusted high quality lubricant I’m used to. Now 12mL ain’t much, especially for the challenge, so unless the drying of the lubricant can be countered with precum, that’s gonna be enough for one use only.


R-18 Endurance Trainer is a closed-ended single layer onahole, measuring 150mm in length (hole depth 125mm), 60mm diameter, and weighting approx. 303g.

It’s made in ToysHeart’s renowned “safe skin” TPE material, which is practically odourless as gets moderately sticky, near defectless surface and excellent flexibility.

The toy also has a convenient “grip” shape to allow a steady hold during use.


Sextoy shop NLS sacrificed one R-18, showing the internal structures of the toy. And while somewhat exaggerated on the illustration, indeed there are bumps everywhere, all along and directed on all sides, leading to a small suction chamber containing a spike to impale yourself onto! (nah)

As far as tightness goes, mmmhyeah there’s some pressure going on there, it’s undeniable. À propos intensity too we’re in the ballpark. But the kind of stimulation created is.. as you guess it, not exactly realistic. The middle part especially is a rough passage, it’s not painful per se, but “penis grating” might I say? It takes a little bit of bravery to continue usage, but in the end it feels like the orgasm has been bullied out of you, it’s hardcore. You’d be a fool mistaking the goddess’ kindness for weakness.

Little note about the spike: no it’s not gonna piece your cock, and I don’t think it penetrates the urethra (as far as I felt), it’s a gimmick you might hardly notice. Who knows, it might be a “fun-button” for your experience.

Now let’s talk about the challenges.

  • first challenge: 180 strokes per day, hit the spike in the bottom

I think you got this, easy peasy, without pause. Unless your cock is super sensitive or has been teased for a prolonged time prior (wink wink BDSM play). 180 strokes sounds like a lot, but that’s roughly 3 minutes of use. Set a timer for 4 minutes if you don’t want to distract yourself counting in your head 😉 So far, so good.

  • second challenge: 18 strokes, slow and shallow
  • 90 seconds break
  • 18 strokes, slow and medium depth
  • 60 seconds break
  • 18 strokes, slow and deep depth
  • 30 seconds break
  • hard stroking to the bottom until finish

Funnily enough, this was even easier.. I mean, the breaks were kinda long and I began getting limp again before the next step. And like… 18 strokes? Why not 180? 😎 Again I feel like ToysHeart overestimated the sensation of their toy, I think the challenges could have been much more.. challenging if the toy used ribs instead of bumps. But that would have been much harder to fit in the fantasy of penetrating a mushroom-covered cave, mmh?

Want a “bonus level”? Here, I propose you something more difficult (yet doable):

  • 180 slow shallow strokes
  • 10 seconds break
  • 180 slow deep strokes
  • 10 seconds break
  • 180 slow deep strokes + twisting the toy during penetration
  • 180 fast strokes + twisting, continue until you cum

Dealer’s choice for the punishment if you do it on your partner and they cum before the end! 😈


As with most single-layer onaholes, R-18 Endurance Trainer can be safely turned inside-out for complete washing, soaping up, rinsing and patting dry with a clean cloth or left to dry hole downside in a well ventilated area away from direct sunlight.

Additionally the surface can be rendered extra smooth by applying some baby powder, optional step.


It’s a good idea from ToysHeart to bring some backstory to their product and including a “mini-game” / challenge, and the illustrated imagery to support the fantasy.

ToysHeart has mastery of the material manufacturing and it shows yet again with a well fabricated product, and they can keep boasting about how their toys are odourless out-of-the-box. Extensive use/review of the toy didn’t create any visible damage, so yes ToysHeart products are a tad more expensive than average onaholes but they’re made to last.

In terms of lasting, the toy’s theme (improving one’s sexual stamina).. might help? But I’m somewhat concerned the rather intense “grating” sensation not unlike what you could do yourself stroking firmly with your fingers could lead to.. “death grip syndrome”? I’m perhaps not the best judge on that aspect, considering I’m rather “slow shoot”. It leads to a kinda “let’s get it over with” point and the orgasm is not as satisfying as your average onahole, depends on what you wanna train about. I have an use case for that toy tho: “light torture” tool in BDSM play (teasing them for hours and sweet talking them until they beg for sexual relief, but then you use that toy on them super fast to make them whimper, just to stop quickly after and bask in their relieved+frustrated groans)

R-18: the Endurance Trainer
  • 6.1/10
    Appearance - 6.1/10
  • 1.6/10
    Sensations - 1.6/10
  • 2.9/10
    Price - 2.9/10


+ sexy goddess illustration
+ material quality
+ game concept
– sensations too hard
– price
User Review
7/10 (1 vote)

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