W – Lovely Sister

Small needs, small toys: when it’s lovey-dovey time, cuddly and moderately intense, Toysheart made the Lovely Sister mini-onahole of the “W” series!


“Yay onii-chan, come play on my bed! oooh it’s making a tent with your pants, how cute~ Lemme see it!”


To illustrate that toy, Toysheart logically selected a cute and joyful girl in pyjamas who’s in for some cuddles and more fun with her beloved onii-chan.


Inside the box, you’ll find the wrapped toy and also a 12mL sample of “Vanessa & Co” water-based lubricant to get started right away. The lubricant drying off faster than with usual onaholes, keep it within reach for re-application!


The W – Lovely Sister mini-onahole is small toy, about 75mm in length and 45mm in width, weighting 73g.

It’s made in Toysheart’s Fine Cross TPE material, which is body-safe, stretchable, odour-free and non-oily. It’s rather smooth even without applying baby powder on it’s surface.


The W – Lovely Sister mini-onahole from the series is softer, features a wider hole, and it’s internal structures consist of bumps and three somewhat tighter “rings”.

The structures give out a more mellow sensation, penetrating through the “rings” making it grip onto the penis while the bumps attack the glans from all sides. While not as intense as it’s sister product, W-Lovely Sister still lives up to it’s rather intense rating, and it’s plenty of fun turning it around the tip while W-Mischievous Sister tightly hugs the shaft.

Since this onahole is open-ended, there are a few upsides and downsides compared to regular onaholes: expect lubricant to dry off more quickly so keep a lube bottle within grasp. And also tissues or wipes, as lube tends to spill all over the place. And of course plan where you’re going to ejaculate to, as keyboards not always handle semen well πŸ˜‰

But as upside I can mention the variety of plays possible with it, for example stroking at the shaft only for long play, using an urethral toy at the same time, or having your partner stimulate your tip orally.


Cleaning is very easy thanks to the small size, simply turn it inside-out and soap it up, rinse, pat dry, done! A breeze!


The illustrations of both toys are very cute, fuelling little-sister fantasies about how twins with widely different personalities can corner you into lewd stuff.

For a mere handful of US Dollars you can get one toy of the W series, the Mischievous Sister or the Lovely Sister, maybe even both or several exemplars of the same. Totally an onahole you can consider adding to your order if there’s free space left in the parcel.

Those little toys can serve as “appetizers” or “main dishes” for a fap session, or to “spice-up” your sex games with your partnerΒ·s, and the small size comfortably fits into the pocket to carry around and use on the go. It’s not like the masturbation experience of regular-sized onaholes, but there’s fun to be had nevertheless in combination or single.

The material is, as expected, what I consider one of the best in the onahole industry and Toysheart remains unmatched on this aspect. And those toys are proof they can scale down use of this material also for small onaholes.

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W - Lovely Sister
  • Appearance - 6/10
  • Sensations - 5.1/10
  • Price - 9.1/10
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+ cheap
+ material quality
+ easy cleaning
+ play options
+ cute illustration
– unrealistic sensations
– lube dry-off/spillage
– mindful where you ejaculate onto!

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