Squamate Hole


Finally, finally I have some time talking ’bout Squamate Hole, from Ligre Japan πŸ™‚


Ligre, Ligre, that brand may not ring a bell for you since they’re fairly new in the market, but NLS decided to give it a shot and I think they weren’t wrong. Ligre Japan, Try7 and Nobunaga Shoten are somehow associated but I don’t exactly know how, however the latter is an adult lifestyle shop (brick and mortar). Ligre Japan seems to be testing waters in the adult market, I see they make a few onaholes, some lubricants/lotions, vibrators, underwear, and they recently released the hard edition of Squamate Hole.

I would totally have skipped that onahole on NLS if Squamate Hole didn’t receive praise on 4chan’s /jp/ “Eternal Onahole Thread”, so thanks I guess πŸ˜‰ It made the overseas flight painlessly.


Sorry, since it’s not on Amazon there aren’t many high-quality pictures of the box so I took that one from MS-Online. … oh wait, I made scans πŸ™‚


I wonder in what context you’d meet this busty blonde mermaid, maybe you’re a fisherman hearing the mermaid singing, you get closer, your boat crashes into rocks and you sink in the deep blue waters and as you open your eyes, you see her, the mermaid, happily swimming around you, “come here, try to catch me if you can and I’ll make you feel good ❀ and then you’ll drown

Let’s dive in ! The content inside includes the onahole, a lube sample, and a .. “fap card” ?


This puzzles me a bit.


EXPOSED NIIIIIPLES ! Well she doesn’t look so proud and assured anymore, her wrists seemingly tied together, and.. where the hell are her fins.. was it only a dress ? She’s now in stockings and her pink panties show a wet spot, and that’s not seawater ^^



It’s been way too long since I last saw that certain Disney movie (…did I ?), so I’m not gonna elaborate on the political and biological implications of marrying and/or fucking a mermaid no matter if she has fins or legs, and please stop me right now or I’ll request Ursula being integrated in a normal Japanese hentai (tentacles and stuff.. oh, thanks internet). Also: Ariel is 16, you sickos. Luckily for our sanity, Ligre’s mermaid choice points towards.. mid-twenties / early thirties ? I don’t know how much time such big boobs take to grow underwater but on the SIMBS (Shinryaku Ika Musume Breast Scale) this seems accurate to me ?If you need a shiver down your spine, have a look at some 19/20th century paintings of mermaids on Wikipedia. Whatever floats your boat.

The onahole

Sorry for dragging you down into dark depths, let’s reach for that onahole.

1_1436165757_m_HYqA3 1_1436328491_1_IHDkD 1_1436328492_1_pConR

Medium size, average weight, average flexibility, nothing groundbreaking so far. Oh. Yet there is. I totally expected for the onahole to smell quite bad, like usual A-One or NPG products, but it does not. I sniffed it a few times but yeah: it stinks just like ToysHeart onaholes: almost no smell. Nice, real nice !

On the material, I somehow remember of RIDE Japan onaholes like Nurse’s Uterus, or Bangee Shake. It has a very similar softness, just slightly more oily. It feels real nice to the touch and that’s not the last surprise.


No trouble entering inside, and right from the start you’re welcomed by.. uh… little scales, seashells, oriented towards the back. A little curve, and at the bottom a small vacuum chamber and ribs. While the ribs don’t do much, all those little seashells are amazing. Slide in: “yeah okay it feels funny”, slide out: “holy sh-“. Trust me, you’ll quickly mainly use the first half to get all the stimulation. Just like Bangee Shake, it’s a kind of penis-magic that isn’t easy to explain. You’ll have to experience it πŸ™‚

The suction effect of Squamate Hole is rather mild, and overall it’s rather loose. If you ask me, the “hard version” does make sense for those who like it more.. hard. Normal version still makes sense for blowjob-fantasies. So yeah even if Ligre Japan’s other onaholes seem weird (like their Twitter profile pic), I’ll definitively keep an eye on them.

On processing quality and material, I think there’s some margin for improvement: there are bubbles here and there, on the bottom, at the entrance, inside. However this didn’t result in noticeable damage of mine, after 20-30 uses. I didn’t torture it much but the durability seems good.

Cleaning is real easy, since it’s a single layer onahole there’s little danger in turning it inside-out, and the drying speed is average. I didn’t dry-pat it on purpose but no mold or fungus appeared (however those are pretty uncommon in my place).

And lastly for the price, the 20-30 $ range sounds fair to me for this quality and for a new maker. So grab one and keep an eye on Ligre !

Squamate Hole
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 4/10
    Packaging and addons - 4/10
  • 8.5/10
    Price - 8.5/10


Nicely surprised by that first onahole by newcomer Ligre Japan, the material seems very good although showing some processing shortcomings, the structures are nice and it has a good price. Welcome in the onahole market, Ligre Japan !

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13 Replies to “Squamate Hole”

  1. I’m interested in getting a onahole and it’s my first time picking one out. I’m thinking about either getting a Daisyuki Hold or thishttps://jlist.com/category/adult-corner/toys/omo566
    I’m wondering which one I should choose?

  2. which do you recommend more?
    the Virgin Puni 1000 ?
    puni ana dx hard?
    Kaitai Shinsho?
    puni fuwa mocchi 2000?
    which gives more pleasure?
    Which do you think is better??
    Thank you.

      1. Wow Hebi you’d recommend this one over bordeaux? I remember you gushing over bordeaux like a young bride over her very gifted husband though.

          1. Just passing by to give my own opinion on this fine onahole :
            -Pretty much everything AkaiHebi said, if you want vacuum suction that makes your eyes pop out Tex Avery style then you’re going to be disapointed. The scales are what makes this hole truly shine (apart from the pretty much odorless material in my case), they give a great stimulation that isn’t overbearing but definitely felt and will surely bring you to a satisfying climax.

            I strongly recommend this onahole to newcomers ( haven’t tested the hard version but the stimulation might be too strong with it )

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