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Something happened with me these last weeks. You see, I love onaholes. I still have many onaholes. But.. one onahole.. it wants me to get rid of the others. Day after day, it clings tighter around me, and wants my penis only for itself. I’m terrorized. Just yesterday I heard it giggling in the dark. I’m afraid. Please save me. Please g…

*onahole cabinet opens with a creaking sound, and Yandere, an onahole made by ToysHeart, drops out*



One thing I love about onaholes is their variety: the onahole makers go into every crack, every corner, every trend of manga/anime for inspiration of new toys. Futanari? Tentacle? Alien? Feet? Shibari? Got you covered. “It’s not like I wanna make you feel good or anything, dumbass” tsundere onaholes sure happened, and quite logically yandere got explored too.

Yandere. A portmanteau word with “yanderu” (病んでる: mentally/emotionally ill) and “deredere” (デレデレ: lovey-dovey). A character who first appears loving and caring, devoted to the person they love, but then shift into a psychotic mania, over-possessiveness, extreme jealousy, brutality and murderous violence.

For the illustration, ToysHeart commissioned εΌ±ι›»ζ³’ (their Pixiv and their Twitter). Right from the cover, you can tell this girl seems a bit.. “too much” into you, too obsessed. On another drawing she’s to be seen peeking at the door, and one can guess what she saw made something “snap” inside her. πŸ”ͺ

Also: one kanji I now know well is ε¦Ή, pronounced “imouto” : little sister. Turns out she’s the little stepsister. Not blood-related, and a huge crush on you. You’ve known each other since childhood, and she well remembers how you randomly promised to get married with each other.







Inside the box, you’ll find the usual ToysHeart plastic tray holding the onahole, and a 20mL bottle of “Moisty” water-based lubricant. With the generous amount of lube you’ll need, that should be enough for 2 uses.


Total length of 150mm, weighting 330g, 75mm wide, and a tunnel length of 135mm.

Thus, a medium-sized onahole made in Japan with the Fine Cross material: hardly any smell, and the surface doesn’t get too sticky. Safe material complying to Japanese Ministry of Food and Health regulation, and the box even includes a short line stating that you can safely.. lick it.

The connoisseur will notice the familiar shape of the onahole, it seems ToysHeart found their base design.


According to ToysHeart:

β€»If you use this product, There is a possibility that you will not be able to feel it for other products.

Oopsie. Is Yandere the end of my onahole reviewing? Am I cursed to using only Yandere till death do us part? 😱

Inside, the onahole shows where it got it’s name from. The structures are simply insane.

At the entrance, you’ll slide through a spiral-like structure, a still gentle yet distinct rubbing around your glans.

Further in, the suckers. Some time ago I had Chu version 3, so I wasn’t all that surprised of what those suckers do to the glans. However those are rather harder, so it gives quite a fierce “rubbing” sensation. You really wanna make sure you put enough lube down to there or you may feel discomfort.

And finally, a little “cervix” opening, leading to a quite big vacuum chamber. Expect some strong suction happening from there!

All in all, ToysHeart really don’t lie when they describe Yandere as being a very intense onahole. Again: make sure to use enough lube, at least a teaspoon worth, or this onahole will get you whimpering. May it have been slightly tighter, I’d tag it “penis bully”. No doubt.

There’s no in-between: either it will milk you very quickly, or you’ll reach a kinda ruined orgasm if you kept at it for a long play. Better surrender to it’s brutality!


Since it’s a single-layer onahole, you can turn it inside-out to wash and soap every little crevice. Then, just pat it dry and leave it completely drying in the air.

You can use antibacterial spray for additional hygiene, especially if you share the toy with your partner(s).


Yandere ticks the checkboxes. I slightly regret the illustration wasn’t as guro as I’d hope, but I guess this would have somewhat restricted it’s international export.. or even it’s domestic commercialization. You know, anime girl threatening to slice off your dick and making a dildo out of it and have “you” inside of her anytime, in case you refuse to marry her and live with her.. always… inside the house.. chained to the bed.. for your own safety..

The design of the onahole is pretty nice and includes some nice features, like those suckers. This makes for quite an intense play session.

For a ToysHeart product, the price is pretty fair, or a tad high after EU import.

And as a final note, this is what the entrance may look like after ~20 uses.

Durability is a problem!

  • 8/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Packaging and addons - 8.5/10
  • 7.5/10
    Price - 7.5/10


+ INTENSE. AS. HECK. + material quality + yandere theme
– almost penis-bully – price can slip up overseas – this design may cause a rip of the entrance
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7 Replies to “Yandere”

  1. Honestly stuff like this is why I find sex toys interesting for more reasons than “I want to stick my dick inside” because you get stuff like this which fits the theme with function.

  2. Hello, I have been following him for a while and I would like to know if he can do a review of (SIRI (Butt) Girl) since I have thought about buying it but I want to know your opinion

  3. Jesus man, what you were doing to her? I mean, I used mine more than 10 times already and it’s still looks almost like new from the outside (and I think from the inside too, I never turned it upside down to find out).
    Overall – good review, but I don’t fully agree on “penis-bully” part. Yeah it’s intence, but not that much, at least for me.

  4. But did it really make you stop using other holes?!?! This one looked interesting from the inside design would a thicker lube work better? I know if its a hole that only has ribs I’ve found that thin lube works best such as the Virgin Loop one but even this one works great with the Onatsuyu lube.

  5. does it still work as intended even with the rip? as a thicker guy this is important to me.

    1. Yes the “inner workings” are unaffected, and since the tunnel is narrower there’s still vacuum happening πŸ™‚

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