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Greetings, and welcome to AkaiHebi’s review of the KYO Piston, a penis-stroking machine made by MotsuToys! Make sure to also read AnonymousD’s review of this sextoy, he also got quite a lot to say about it! And since he added many detailed pictures already, I’ll keep it summarized here.


Motsutoys. Among the few major European sextoy shops with a big collection of Japanese products available, they’re definitively noteworthy. I mean, they even have an Extended-Validation TLS certificate:

Yeah sure it’s mostly paperwork and company record checks. But it goes much beyond that: did I mention that their mother-shop even have a doll showroom in Breda where customers can see with their own eyes what the dolls look like and ask everything they’d like to know about them?

So, as far as innovation is concerned, Motsutoys is certainly not to be underestimated. That’s why I had a sharp eye on KYO Piston: is this a milestone-product towards realistic sexbots? Let’s dig in!


Targeting a wider audience, KYO Piston does not feature an anime girl illustration on the box. There’s however a neat picture of the product, just enough to make an unsuspecting visitor wonder if it’s a coffee machine or some other kind of slick kitchen appliance whose box you’re keeping on the shelf.

But at some point they may wonder if it’s something to stick a penis in, so yeah it’s tame but won’t hide in plain sight.

As for the other sides of the box: blank on left, right and top, a bit on the backside, and the barcode underside.


Inside the box, neatly packed in plastic wrap, the machine. You’ll also find:

A charger (Europlug format), which accepts 100-240 volts at 50-60Hz, so you can use a simple plug adapter if needed. It outputs 9 volt direct current, up to 1 ampere.

And also, instruction leaflets translated in English, German and French. I noticed a couple mistakes (like: “plug in the USB charging cable to theBack side”, when it’s not an USB charging interface) but overall it’s well explained.

Also can in: a 12 mL sample of KYO Lube, a rather good water-based lubricant.


So, here it is! It’s not heavy, but quite a chunk to hold in the hand. And if you happen to have wet/sweaty fingers, it will easily slip away. Adding a holding grip or some rubber would help the holding, while not bumping up the price much.

Side by side comparison with the VORZE A10 Cyclone SA

Out-of-the-box, the entrance is sealed with a transparent plastic “lid”. Let’s follow the instructions.

Simply do the inverted operations to replace: put in sleeve (letting the “head” of it stick out from the carrier), close down the carrier, slide the locking bracket, close down the shell, and lock the cap back in place.

While simple, this mechanism holds the sleeve well in place and the carrier is better designed than the VORZE’s one.

Again: I’m summarizing. AnonD posted much more details about the product, about the sleeves, about the controller, etc. Instead of repeating what he already wrote, I’ll move directly to my user experience 😉


I must say, I’ve had mild expectations from this toy, since it’s principles are close to the A10 Piston by RENDS, which didn’t live quite up to user’s hopes.

That’s the thing: I more enjoyed using the sleeves alone, “manual mode”, than using them with the machine.

KYO had no choice: they kept the toy compact, and this means even for an average-thick penis like mine, it feels cramped in the sleeve since it can’t expand in the carrier. All the sleeve structures get compressed, and get less felt.

The motor struggles when I use the oral sleeve. Like: it makes the whole thing more “jump” on my crotch than slide around my dick.


  • …………………….
  • –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    …..
  • –    –    ……    –    –    …….    –    –
  • –    –    –    ………………    –    –    –    ………………..
  • –    –    –    –    –    –    –    ……………………   (stroke begin alternating)
  • –    –    –    –    –    –    –    ……………………   (stroke begin “up”)

My main dissatisfaction is that the strokes are “brutal”, as if the toy may be mainly used while watching a porn tagged “hardcore fuck”. Heck, does it reach 4 strokes per second?! Simply no way to edge or keep things spicing up gradually. A person who gives head at that speed would definitively suffer concussions. At lowest speed setting, mind you. The machine just rams the sleeve around you.

Sure I cum, but I don’t get the satisfaction I wanted. As if my body goes “let’s end this mess” and releases cum and be done with. Part of this is because of the constant readjusting of the angle of the toy, the strategic insertion-depth, the fidgeting with the controls when getting closer, and that in a noisy hell, a lonely porn content left unattended on the screen, lube soaking the inner thighs and seat, and this unpleasant question: “do my neighbors hear what’s going on?”

The heating function may prove quite nice in winter times, for additional comfort on first insertion. However the sleeve would heat up by the penis rather quickly, and the heating function logically drains the battery faster. So that’s noteworthy and good idea, but not absolutely necessary.

When used alone, the sleeves feel somewhat similar to TENGA cups. Quite remotely of what they’re supposed depicting. The thin walls allow tightness-play with the fingers. Your own pace. The “anal” sleeve comparatively better feeling than the others.

I understand such toy is complicated to get right, for everyone. But as KYO Piston is, I know I won’t be using it often.


The system allows easy removal of the sleeve, which can then be washed and soaped up properly although it’s shape may hinder turning it inside-out.

However the cap remains attached to the main body, so you have to use a wet wipe or something to clean around the crotch-facing side if spills got to it. Wet wipes also for fingerprints and other traces on the main body.

Overall, not bad.


With KYO Piston, Motsutoys released a quite affordable sex-machine, with a slick design and several good ideas.

However, those constraints also place tight limits the user may bump into: the size of the toy is unsuitable for medium/large sized penises, and using the toy means constantly checking angles, depths, and pressing control buttons.

Additionally, the rather high noise and fast/brutal stroking speed can get one off guard, and this all impacts the user experience significantly (thus the quality of the masturbation). The oral sleeve got the motor stuck on me, although my penis is simply average..

I really had more fun using the sleeves as stand-alone.

The cleaning process is rather easy thanks to the simple removal of the sleeve, and it’s worth noting KYO Piston’s sleeve-carrier is of better quality than, say, VORZE A10 Cyclone SA’s.  Really good stuff may be made in the future, maybe even integrated to a silicon doll!

KYO Piston
  • 2.5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 2.5/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Packaging and addons - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ price + design fundamentals + easy cleaning + heating function
– little errors in the user manual – too narrow for convenient use – noise – brutality of the motor / patterns – unadapted oral sleeve?
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