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Greetings, hedonists of the world πŸ™‚

It’s been years. Literally almost 7 years since I last used a Tenga product. While the Earth keeps spinning, Tenga simply keeps selling it’s toys, launching here and there a new quality product, a re-edition of the flip hole, the Iroha product line, cool mint versions of the cups for Summer…

Some time ago they released the “Spinner” product line, Tetra, Hexa and Shell. Let’s take a look at the latter!


As usual, Tenga keeps it slick and simple for the packaging of the Spinner product line. No anime girl, no chibi character, no emoji, basically a product that wouldn’t turn off a non-otaku. It’s just a plastic wrap around the case.


Once the plastic wrap is removed remains only the stylish case with the barely visible “Tenga” branding. Put that brand on the backside, and nobody would think twice when seeing it sitting on your shelf, next to your Tenga 3D collection, Iroha companions, loyal Flip Hole, and perhaps model ship. Unless they already know of those toys~

Once you open the case, you’ll find the following:

Quick usage instructions, a transparent drying-cup, the toy, and inside of it a little plastic container with a pack of “Tenga Real” lube inside. That’s enough lube to get started right away for one fap.


Now what makes the Tenga Spinner toys noteworthy, are those plastic “spirals” embedded inside. While the user penetrates the toy, they stretch the spiral, which then applies a rotating motion to the toy body, effectively making it circle around the penis during strokes. Quite an interesting concept.

The user has some control on which part of the toy will rotate: by holding the toy at it’s entrance, it’s the bottom of the toy rotating around the penis tip. By holding the bottom of the toy, it’s the entrance of it rotating around the shaft. This gives a variety of sensations.

The Spinner product line differs by colors, and also by internal structures:

  • Tetra: wider tunnel, smooth ribs
  • Hexa: sharp and intense hexagons
  • Shell: tightness, scales-like structure

Aside that, Tenga Spinner are not groundbreaking: they’re made of transparent TPE material, and have a rather strong smell upon opening. After some washes it gets better, rather comparable of medium-grade onaholes.

Tenga Spinner Shell video overview


Fancy a little video on how it works?

Tenga Spinner Shell video demo

The sensations are quite intense, it’s by no means realistic but really attack with intensity, and the rotation indeed adds a little something to it especially around the glans. What caught me most off guard is the suction: once all the air has been pushed out, the toy tightly fitting around the penis creates a strong vacuum when pulling out. It doesn’t wanna let go that easily!

So about the playing, it’s a rough ride. Something to make your partner overwhelmingly whimper, not edge to meltdown.

It’s up to you on where to hold the toy, deciding where the rotation motion may apply. As a personal favorite, I hold at the entrance and concentrate the circling around my glans πŸ™‚

Tenga Spinner Shell is serious business, it fast tracks you to orgasm and leaves you panting for a little while, the orgasm itself isn’t gonna reach a “mind blow” level. If you are affected by death grip, you’ll certainly enjoy the punch of that toy.

spoiler: masturbation, penis


Due to the spiral inside, the Tenga Spinner toys can’t be turned inside-out for cleaning. Instead, clean out all the remains with water, soap up inside with your fingers, rinse.

And here shows Tenga goes the extra mile: they included a drying holder, so your toy can stay standing hole downside, water dropping out and inside drying. Convenient!


Spinner Shell shows what Tenga’s engineers can come up with. A spiral piece making the toy rotate itself during penetration? Such intense sensations? A drying stand? All while remaining pocket-sized and discreet? Wow. It does compensate the not-odorless material.

Considering this toy can be used over and over again (unlike Tenga’s cups), it’s price is… yeah quite honest.

The Shell version is not kidding, the sensations are fierce, and the toy creates a significant suction, just so hinting what may a handjob-with-spiky-glove-and-mouth-tightly-wrapping-the-tip-and-applying-suction-to-it feels like.

And that’s somewhat too much for me ><

Tenga Spinner Shell
  • 7.3/10
    Appearance - 7.3/10
  • 8/10
    Sensations - 8/10
  • 9.1/10
    Price - 9.1/10


+ discreet
+ intense sensations
+ convenient dry stand
+ affordable
+ great engineer work
– material odor
User Review
5.17/10 (3 votes)

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  1. i was really disappointed in this product. Maybe i’m not using it properly, but the sensations were nothing like people were describing; it was not intense at all and the climax was very dull.

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