News and updates: Fall 2014


Important stuff was going on lately, so I thought I’ll update you with the current stuff, and what’s next πŸ™‚

Blog traffic, web hosting

So the blog is now having a steady 25000 visits/month, that’s 3 times as much as last year. That’s an awesome development, and I don’t see it weakening anytime soon, that’s definitively too much load on the old hosting service. Just a few days ago I smoothly rolled out a scalable VPS server in Canada and enabled CloudFlare SSL, making the blog both faster and more secure. Now it’s ready for hefty loads from the USA and elsewhere without giving up on visitor privacy ! account

Privacy, that was the concern when I switched from “Tumblr Ask” to, because the later doesn’t require you to register to send questions. Tumblr’s mainly a visual content stream anyway, interesting questions would be buried far deep away in the tumblr-blog, that’s not exactly what I had in mind. I see in a nice and fun way to share Q&A without hassle, background noise or dumb user registration πŸ˜› You find the button to the anytime in the right sidebar, along with the other stuff (feed, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, email form). Can be any question πŸ™‚

Kinkly top bloggers

The other day I was browsing Twitter, looking for interesting sextoy bloggers to follow. Needless to say that I didn’t find any other onahole-bloggers there, me and Infernal Monkey remain the only ones πŸ™ I noticed most of them are in a kind of competition on the Kinkly top sex bloggers, so I thought it would be fun to join the club, poking the bloggers community about the existence of all the Japanese toys in the market, maybe inspiring existing and new bloggers to start reviewing onaholes too ! Wanna help ? Vote for Onahole Review and Infernal Monkey, and any other noncommercial Japanese-sextoy bloggers that may appear there, let’s pervert the world more and more πŸ˜‰

Tailstelltales’ reviews !

Last July you were surprised to see Tailstelltales’ first review on Onahole Review,Β  not only because she actually reviewed female sextoys, but also because she did video reviews, something I can’t do with my horrible English tongue ! I’d like to thank everybody for your feedback, it was a very positive experience and Tailstelltales became Onahole Review’s first author ! As an author, she can create and publish her own reviews here and explore further into Japan’s sextoy maze than I could do alone, giving helpful opinions for female visitors seeking advice ! Because everyone should have fun πŸ™‚

Characters !

Introducing these two:


You spotted them on the (new) banner: spent some time vectorizing from existing material since I’m not good at drawing, they will randomly appear in the reviews, guiding you and giving useful hints, a bit like the couple from Onahodouga:


Hints, expressions, illustrating the mood during a review, various clothes, hair accessories, maybe we will have to give them names, background stories and occupations, bringing them to life here… just throwing a few ideas, I’m not able to draw manga myself. Call for illustrators who wanna do something with these ideas, may it be paper-drawing or vectors πŸ™‚

About life

Those following me on Twitter/Tumblr had a short summary of my life lately, which sums up to: back to family’s house, without decent income, running a sloppy business that doesn’t even pay. I’m worse off than most healthy people my age. Yeah you guess, running this blog and seeing it grow up above expectations pretty much prevented me of becoming depressed and jobless and alcoholic and homeless and bankrupt and drug-addict and whatever shit may have happened to me on top of the initial events, so yeah I’m keeping the motivation to move on and put my life back on tracks ! And that is partly thanks to you, anonymous visitors who bought products from the shops with commissions, who voted for the stuff you’d like to see reviewed here, who shared your opinions in the comments and in the boards, who made it possible for Tailstelltales to join the ship ! The month is not over yet, but I can already tell you: the Chokyo Shojo is finally reachable, an exclusive onahole I have been dying to review for so long ! Meanwhile, Tailstelltales and me still have a bunch of stuff underway, this blog won’t run cold this winter πŸ˜‰

See you soon !

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10 Replies to “News and updates: Fall 2014”

  1. “the Chokyo Shojo is finally reachable”

    can’t you just order from Japan like a lot of us do? unregistered mail is dirt cheap and triggers no customs from me, ending up at half price at what English shops charge including shipping from them

    1. Shipping isn’t the issue here, the selling price of KanojoToys is :'( Nowhere else to be found since it’s an exclusive product. Have to deal with it..

      1. It’s really easy to order straight from Japan though forwarding service, KanojoToys is a total rip-off (jlist and others just as well for that matter. You could also just ask NLS per mail to order it for you, I’ve asked them similar requests before!

        Shoot me a mail if you’d like help with forwarding, I order holes quite often this way. (not through tenso btw, tenso doesn’t take adult items)

        1. I was just about posting a reply, then you found those links πŸ˜€ Oh shit, $21 on Amazon… I guess I’ll go through NLS then ^^
          I saw Manzoku a few times in my Twitter, how are they ? (price tags, shipping overseas, customer service, ..)

          1. Honestly I only use manzoku to find new products, I haven’t used them before, not sure they even do international shipping πŸ˜›

  2. I’m still learning to draw, but I’d love to try drawing for your website. ^_^ Maybe we could share ideas and I’ll send sketches to see if you like my style! :3

      1. Sure! I’m not very smart with creating a new thread on the boards though @_@ I’ve been trying a few times, and all attempts have failed x_x; I’ll just join the thread once someone else creates it πŸ˜›

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