Shrine Maiden’s First Time

Finally, AkaiHebi releases an onahole review again ! And it’s no less than Shrine Maiden’s First Time, by ToysHeart !


Shrine Maiden’s First Time is part of a 3 onahole series featuring girls doing various jobs:

  • shrine maiden (miko)
  • slave waitress (like maid)
  • erotic cabin crew (flight attendant)

Each of them featuring different internal structures. But for now let’s focus on the shrine maiden !

Shinto is the oldest religion in Japan, and was the only official religion until Buddhism was imported from China/Korea. Up until today, the Japanese Emperor remains the representative of the shinto cult. Shintoism is locally implanted in many temples and shrines around the country, preserved and managed by priests, priestesses, monks and nuns.

The figure of the miko, the traditional shrine maiden, is widespread in manga/anime culture. I think I fist saw a miko in the anime Inuyasha, with Kikyo: a very interesting character, very complex, strong yet so humanly weak.

Of course, miko aesthetics have already been used as onahole illustrations in the past, notably one of the Bumpy Sisters. There’s quite a bunch of fantasies to have with a miko, for example purifying you from the “stress-daemon” who possessed you ?

“Shrine Maiden’s First Time”, eh ? You’re maybe the shrine headmaster teaching your student how to cope with her horniness… I love the illustration, it has so many meanings and is simply beautiful.

Let’s open the box !


Nothing unusual with ToysHeart products: a plastic tray to keep the onahole in place, a small bag of Vanessa & Co lube (enough for 2-3 uses), and of course the onahole itself.

The onahole is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), ToysHeart made a really good material quality here: it has barely any smell, it barely gets sticky or oily, yet it’s sturdy and flexible. It’s similar to their “Love Skin” material type. Worth noting however: unlike most of their products, ToysHeart outsourced the production of that onahole: it’s made in China.


165mm in length, 65mm in width, it has 135mm tunnel length and weights 230g.


Out of the 3 onaholes of that series, Shrine Maiden’s First Time is the one with the most realistic inner structures. I mean, you can really see they did an effort with the inside, a narrow love tunnel with plenty random little ribs and nodes. However it lacks a suction chamber / cervix / uterus opening. It’s simply mimicking the natural vagina with a very complex plastic landscape.

That. Onahole. Is. Tight. ?

Should I made a top 5 of the most tight onaholes I’ve used so far, this one really ranks high. It’s tightness is close to what Virgin Age Admission achieves, strangling your shaft and bullying your glans as it resists to every stroke you make. It doesn’t really want you in there, it tries to push you out with strength. I tried using it a few times when I had a “soft boner”, and it really didn’t go well. And once inside, tightening around your dick, it prevents it from getting any harder by preventing the blood inflow. Make sure to get rock hard before inserting your junk into that onahole !

But how’s the feeling ? It’s good, it really feels good to feel every little structure wrapping the glans as you slide in, or when you roll it around your meatpole. One thing worth noting: it gets so tight it pushes the lube out from it, which will make long fapping sessions more difficult. It doesn’t want you to take your time and just wants you to cum already and pull out. Kinda breaks the lascivious miko fantasy ?

For cleaning, there’s no specific steps to take: just the usual for onaholes, rinsing out the stuff, soaping in and out, rubbing it clean, rinsing again, patting it dry. It’s surface remains rather smooth, thus rubbing powder on it’s outside is not really necessary.

Is it worth the price ? For a ToysHeart product of this kind, I say yes. Even for the variable performance, it’s still okay. But the lower price “comes for a price”: it’s not made in Japan. Should toys made in China have much success because of the lower production price, then ToysHeart will be tempted to drop any manufacture in homeland Japan. Let’s face it: China has much less worker safety laws and rules, and poor chemical waste recycling causes lots of pollution with massive consequences on people’s health. Ethically, I’d rather pay $5 more for safer domestic manufacturing. Or production made by robots with less humans involved. Take your personal choice ๐Ÿ™‚

Shrine Maiden's First Time
  • 7/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Materials and cleaning - 7/10
  • 6.5/10
    Packaging and addons - 6.5/10
  • 6/10
    Price - 6/10


This onahole is a good idea, the packaging illustration is sweet, the material is pretty good and we got nice tunnel structures providing joyful fapping. However, it’s tightness may be over-the-top for some people with bigger/thicker penises than average, and I don’t approve ToysHeart’s choice of having it made in China possibly for a lower price.

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4 Replies to “Shrine Maiden’s First Time”

  1. Have you tried VA Admission Hard edition?

    I bought it a second time because it lasted so long and makes for a great anal onahome if you just use your imagination. The first time I bought it, it was magical. The second time….i feel like they make it even tighter and smaller. Holy crap. This thing is hard to penetrate. A newbie could very very very easily hurt themselves. Putting in just one finger you can feel the tightness. two fingers and you can really feel it when cleaning it.

    How is the hardness/softness of this? Soft onaholes are okay, but not my preference. I like some resistence (though the VA Admission Hard edition is just too much until about 10 uses to (barely) lossen it up.

    1. It’s pretty much in between VA and VA hard in terms of tightness and firmness, however it has quite a bit more length inside and does not want to fly off like a rocket as VA hard does. The Miko only really wants to reject the first third of it which feels like VA but is easier once further in. Stick with VA/VA hard unless you need the length.

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