Knocking Up Press

Hi everyone, impregnation fetishists gather around because today I’m gonna write about Knocking Up Press, an onahole made and kindly provided for review by ToysHeart !


For packaging illustration, ToysHeart chose this young lady with large breasts whose innocence and cuteness call for hugs and headpats, here have a full view (artist page on Pixiv):

Well, the comic strip tells the viewer that this lady’s gonna be mother of a healthy child:

Thankfully, Google Translate helps us understand:

uh..  ToysHeart ?

『What is a Knocking up Press?』
It is a posture in which men usually climb onto women’s body and push them with weight.
Can deep inside put inside, so you can aim for sure pregnancy
She can not resist

oookay I get it. Maximum impregnation success rate by shooting cum as deep as possible down into the womb !


Inside the box, you’ll find the wrapped onahole and a little 20mL bottle of “Moisty” water-based lubricant inside a plastic tray.

Very standard package from ToysHeart, to get started right away with the impregnation process inside a Takarajima 24.


That touch <3

Knocking Up Press is an onahole made of ToysHeart’s Safe Skin material, a thermoplastic elastomer that feels soft to the touch, doesn’t get oily and has as good as no smell even right out of the box.

Review after review I’m throwing flowers at ToysHeart’s product material quality, basically begging for other makers to finally try to catch up.

The onahole is a closed-bottom type, with a total length of 14.5 cm (12cm of hole depth), 7cm width and weights 365g. A medium-size onahole.

Good manufacturing, just minor imperfections on the cut at the bottom which doesn’t impact experience at all.


ToysHeart describes it as rather intense toy. Thanks Hotpowers for sacrificing one for the internal view:

For sure, it includes several things. First thing after the entrance, you stumble upon a…. how to describe it… a stuff with things? On top, a classic bump with small ridges, making sure you scrap at the thingy below. And press you from both sides, so it says.

Further, a few.. bumps…  and finally a nub field at the bottom.

Sorry, I lack the vocab to describe what ToysHeart brought together in that toy, it’s quite uncommon and not something you’d usually find inside a vagina.

As-is, it’s sure intense but is not that pleasurable (and even slightly painful if you don’t get the lube amount right). One noticeable improvement is when you turn it around: that more standard bump near the entrance works well on the frenulum.

And uh: if you slide deep inside it (which the theme strongly suggests), you’ll notice that gradually a quite strong vacuum build up. Nice, but can add to the lube-amount-guessing problem and ruin long play.

I’m definitively not fallen in love with Knock Up Press.


The process of cleaning the onahole is pretty easy: since it’s a single-layer onahole you can safely turn it inside-out to wash away any fluids, soap up the surface, rinse and pat dry. You can additionally use some antibacterial spray or a hydrogen peroxide solution, especially if the toy is shared.

For adding a little bonus smoothness for the outside surface, you can apply some baby powder.

As with common onaholes, store it away from direct sunlight, in a breathing bag.


All in all, Knocking Up Press gets my disapproval.

Yes the illustration girl is absolutely adorable, but the internal structures don’t provide that much of a pleasurable experience (if not downright annoying if you try to use it for extended sessions). Over time the onahole adapts a little bit to your need, but the main concern remains: you’ll quickly prefer it always turned around (which is, medically speaking, one of the best positions for impregnation: doggy style).

No doubt the material is as always a major expertise of ToysHeart, and the cleaning is hassle free. But seeing the retail price… no no, that doesn’t seem worth it.

Knocking Up Press
  • 3.5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 3.5/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 4/10
    Price - 4/10


+ hellish adorable character + ToysHeart’s renowned TPE material
– retail price definitively too high – not pleasurable without some tweaking
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