Scent of a School Girl Love Juice

Hey buddies ! Today as my very first review, I’m going to be presenting to you a unique product made out by Tamatoys ~ Scent of a School Girls Love Juice.

In fact, I didn’t plan on buying this product but since I had some free space in the package of my last order from OtonaJP, I decided to give it a try =)

By the way if you haven’t read my article yet about all the shit that happened with this purchase, then just click here.

But seriously, am I the only one here who gets aroused as fuck with those smell fetish ? I mean, I agree that MOST of those fetish thing are made by Tamatoys and don’t always seems to be the best smell to try… like Holly Water of High School Student. But all in all, I’ve always been super curious about trying one of these thing since to me, it can truly be an amazing feature to any of your precious onahole !

First things first, here a few pics of the packaging itself.


I love it ! And what a cute girl, that artwork is so adorable and exciting ! But it’s a good way to introduce the product you’ve paid for since it illustrates clearly what’s inside this small bottle :3 ~ a cute girl with her panties pulled down and cute pinkish vibrator inserted inside her virgin pussy, making her feeling heavenly good and wet with love juices pouring out of her crotch and sliding down along her tight… *-*

Also the plastic packaging is very useful and smartly made since it holds the bottle of “juice” with only two little pressing knob allowing you to reuse it for the storage of the bottle. So if you’re a real planning freak of onahole’s stuff like me (which include collecting boxes, content etc…) and if it also breaks your heart to throw those amazing illustrations away, then be reassured :3


In fact, she comes from the same illustration as the bottle of lube from the same series, also made by Tamatoys.


Now let’s get further into the details ~

How does it smell ? What’s the texture ? Is there a good amount ? Does it worth the price ? Is it that useful for an onahole ?

But what I was the most worried about was truly the smell. In the worst case, I was expecting some kind of a fishy stench or something… I was even afraid of feeling dizzy or nauseate in case the smell might be too awful no kidding.

So… when I opened the package up I was like ~

“Mmmh… ok let’s go… ~ *kun-kun-kun~* ohhhhhh… ~ *kun-kun-kun* ~ Hey it isn’t that bad… *kun-kun* It’s even great ! This.. *kun-kun* smell is nice ! I like it, *kun* I even love it, that’s amazing I didn’t expect it to have that smell ! It’s really good ! *kun-kun-kun…* ~

Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened when I unpacked it… anyway, all jokes aside it’s great. But again, describing a smell is way more difficult than for an onahole. I’ll try to be the most accurate as possible, but please be aware that these are my personal tastes/preferences so my opinion may not be the same as yours.


Small bottle with 10mL of a sweet girl’s love juice 

First of all, I haven’t tried it yet (and I’m not sure if I ever want to…) but I’m 99% sure that a 3D girl’s love juice doesn’t smell like that. Or if it is, then I’ll regain confidence in reality. So if you’re expecting for a “real scent” just keep walking, that is not for you.

In fact, it smells GOOD ! It’s maybe not as good as Channel but all in all it’s great and I like it. It’s really a fresh and sweet smell, the kind of smell you would expect to sniff while watching at such a cute anime girl :3


I honestly can’t say how it truly smell like… ~  maybe sweet candy mixed up with some strawberry ? That’s the most accurate way to describe it…

The bottle itself is nice, nothing that special about the design it’s just plain and simple. The content is like water, so it’s not sticky. However the plug is really smartly made since it only allows you to pour the juice drop by drop so as to avoid using too much ~ it would definitively be a waste and since the smell is rather strong, your room would end up being filled up with the odor of that school girl’s love juice (which isn’t that bad either, in my case)

So I think that at this rate the bottle can last for quite a while, and that’s good !


What is also really nice is that you can use this scent for barely everything. Of course, onahole come in the first place and it’s truly arousing me as fuck.

Good onahole + well powdered + warm + wet + scent is definitively gorgeous and it’ll surely make you cum gallons. Well, in my case it does.

But I’m also using it for plenty of other things, like dakimakura. I put a few drops on my waifu’s lips, boobs, butt and pussy… ~ and holly FUCK, that’s amazing ! I mean, if you’re used to kiss them before going to sleep (like me), then smelling this scent while approaching your face from their lips is just… WOW ! Mind blowing !

I’m also using it for my plush, some of my anime t-shirt, bedsheet and even figures =)

So with that being said ~ 

  • How does it smell ? Good, kinda sweet lolicious smell :3
  • What’s the texture ? Like water
  • Is there a good amount ? Yup, 10mL with awesome cap for displaying
  • Is it that useful for an onahole ? Hell yeah ! And for plenty of other things too ! 
  • Does it worth the price ? Definitively, remember that it’s fragrance after all… it’s not that cheap :/
  • Does it worth buying ? If you’re really into smell fetish like me, or if you want to upgrade your onahole gear class to master II ~ then go ahead !

At the very least, if you’ve got free space when ordering onahole and if you’re looking for a small article then this might be a fairly good choice =)

Hope you enjoyed my first review, stay tuned for the next one buddies :3

Scent of a School Girl Love Juice
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


A must have for people who love smell/scent fetish. Definitively a good and affordable gimmick to own for anynone who wants to upgrade their onahole’s set =)

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4 Replies to “Scent of a School Girl Love Juice”

  1. Vagina shouldn’t smell of anything. If it does smell she should go get a Doctor’s appointment.

    I asked a medical professional this and they said no smell. Biologists say there are pheromones emitted from women to men and vice versa. But pheromones are not a conscious olfactory response. Maybe if a woman is attractive and is wearing scented body lotion or you smell Febreze fabric softener detergent on her g-string heated up by her body temperature.

    True you CAN smell vaginal juice on panties after it turns after a few days. I once sniffed an escort’s panties I secretly swiped when she scammed me. Had to put them in the laundry after 48 hours though

  2. Honest review

    It smells nothing like real girl’s juice. Trust me real girl’s juice smell worse than what you expected. This thing smells somewhat like a women perfume, with much stronger pheromone smell (imo). btw, the taste is bad, do not try to taste it. Just smell it.

    overall, the smell is pretty good, but not quite worth the price, if you have money to spend, buy it.

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