Silicon Nipples

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Fucking a pillow feels good, we all agree on that right ? I mean, you don’t have the feeling of faping, you can choose the cover of your choice lolis are the best! and must of all YOU can decide which onahole you’re going to fuck ! All in all, it’s perfect ! So why do we need 3D girls again ? Buy a pillow guys, simply go for it !

Howevere, since there are no nipples on the Insert Air Pillow… the guy’s of Tamatoys thought about some very interesting yet simple addon which are: The Silicon Nipples.

Lets take a look ~



Basically, the concept is pretty simple. Once the pillow is inflated, you just stick those cute nipples on the side of your choice and then thoroughly adjust their position in order to match with the nipples of the girl which will be on the cover you will place over it. So instead of having a “flat” girl, it’ll look like she really has some cute developing breast ! (or simply her nipples are getting hard because she’s excited)

The result ? Well, it looks pretty good to me ~


But let’s first take a quick look at the packaging of those cute nipples.

img_20161025_202228 img_20161025_202238 img_20161025_202247 img_20161025_202257

All in all for such a cheap item, I find the design of the box is pretty cute and nice ! We got a nice artwork of a naked anime girl on the front I would have prefered a loli…

The colors are great, and the illustrations at the back clearly tells us what this item is aimed for =)


Now this is how those two little cherry will look like right out of the box. The base of each nipples is made out of a very sticky material in order to properly hold onto the pillow. I tried using them a couple of times and never encounter any problem of them coming off during faping.


Now this is how it looks like with my loli cover. I personnaly find it is great and looks freaking cute on her, but this is my own personnaly opinion. I think on covers which display girls with large breast, it might look kinda weird though… but here it’s really appealing since it litterally looks like she has some tiny developping breast !


The most annoying thing with those nipples is to correctly adjust them to the cover’s character. Here I tried my best, but since the pillow don’t stay inflated the entiere time (air gets out during using) placing them correctly on the loli’s breast quickly becomes a real pain in the arse…

However, the sensation of playing with them while you have her jumping on your lap is definitely mind-blowing ! I highly recommend using some of your favorite onahole (here Virgin Age ~ Admission) while heating the inside with the New USB Onaho Warmer and you’re good to go !

Anyway I’m still really happy with this product, and considering the cheap price it really worth it. Now excuse me but I have a loli pillow to fuck, matta ne !

  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


+ The box is really nice
+ Good design
+ Looks great on any loli air pillow
– Dirt and dust might stick to the adhesive part
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2 Replies to “Silicon Nipples”

  1. You think these would work with normal daki’s or would they just slip off? Definitely looks like a fun thing to just try since they’re pretty cheap.

    1. I tried on my regular dakis and… it’s not perfect. It holds if you don’t move it, otherwise they slip off. Thing is that the air pillow from Tamatoys is in plastic so it sticks pretty well on it. On a normal pillow it doesn’t, plus you get to have dust and dirt stuck on the adhesive part resulting in a lack of adherence.

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