KYŌ Lube

“KYO Lube” ? I bet you guys have never heard of that brand before right ? I must say neither do I, but I recently learnt that it’s the actual lubricant created by Motsu Toy’s itself. Surpising isn’t it ? At least to me it is since I’ve never seen any retailer creating a product under it’s own brand name… maybe in a near future they’ll also try creating their own onaholes/onahip ?! Wow, that would be awesome !



I could only find 2 “official” pictures of the product though… but anyway first things first let’s talk a bit about its design. For lube it sure looks, uhh… a bit plain don’t you think ? I mean, those are my own personnal tastes but I would have prefered something a bit more… flashy, I would say ? Colorful ? Lewd ? …

For instance, a design based on Tony Taka’s best girl with an upskirt view on their wet panties and cunt would have been a great idea !

 Mio and Saeki from Fault! Series (Mio is MINE, don’t dare touching her or I’ll beat the hell out of *** !)

So yeah, plain and simple design. You sure won’t get an erection by simply looking at the bottle…


KYŌ Lube is a water-based lubricant, safe for both your skin and onaholes/hip/torso or whatsoever…

The size of the bottle is rather big, in fact it’s barely the same one as Peace’s. With a quantity of 360ML, it holds well in the shape of your hand so you have a good grip while pouring lube inside your onaholes. A small downside to me would be the lid which you have to unscrew at each and every use (you can’t open it up with your thumb like PEPEE 360 Wankers for instance)

However I found the solution to this problem, which is in fact pretty simple and obvious : Just don’t put it back on right after you’ve appplied some since you’ll surely reuse it in a couple of minutes.

Probleme, gone ! Call me a genius now please…


Honestly the feeling provided by this lube is pretty good. I would say it’s rather close to Onatsuyu ~ Female Nectar Lotion considering the texture, so not really thick but rather slimy.

Also I noticed that unlike some other shitty lube oftently delivered with onahole and onahip (Yes, Magic Eye’s this note is adressed to YOUR attention!) this lube doesn’t gets dry after 2 minute of use. Finaly, there are no factory or strange smell ! It simply smell like, nothing. I tried to stick my nose as close as possible but even though I couldn’t smell anything…

It doesn’t really bothers me actually, but on an other hand I would have loved having a faint sweety smell of an anime’s girl cunt… *sob*


Cleaning is rather quick and easy. Beware though, sometimes this lube was WAY too slimmy for some of my onaholes and my masturbation periods ended up looking like complete chaos because all the juices kept on pouring out from the entrance hole ! So please, always pay attention to the kind of onahole or onahip you’re going to use before wisely choosing your lube !

And of course, think about cleaning the cap too from time to time…otherwise it will soon get messy.


The design is maybe not the best but the bottle itself is very functional, even with that “unscrewing” type of lid. But with a fairly good quantity of 360ML and a great texture, this lube will still allow you to spend countless hours playing with your favorites onaholes =)

KYŌ Lube
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Packaging and addons - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


+ Good feeling + Functional bottle + No smell at all + Great slimy texture + Easy to clean
– Plain boring design – Unscrewing type of cap (which doesn’t really bother me)
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  1. Ive been thinking that it would be fun to do a little more then just jack one off in an onahole. So I wanted to ask if there is an onahole that is non-toxic and safe to lick and have oral fun with, and is there a lube that is also non-toxic and and possibly edible, that will work well with the onahole, to make for a more realistic eat out session. (Note: this specific onahole And lube will only be used for oral purposes. I’m not a fan of tasting ones own…….essence.)?

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