Lilith Uterus Soft

Lilith Uterus Soft

Lilith Uterus, soft edition, made by TOMAX !

There are a couple products that are in my wishlist for years, and are not easy to get a hand on. Lilith Uterus Soft was one of those.

Most TOMAX products have limited availability and only a few authorized sellers exist.

Check out your best option (taking into account customs import taxes and such) because the price difference can be steep ! Availability can be a pain too, it took several weeks until the onahole finally went my way.

The Lilith product series use the same base shape (weighting 350g), but with different kinds of internal structures: Spiral Waves, Spiral Dots and Uterus. For each, you can choose the material: soft, medium, hard.

And… TOMAX has one of the saddest websites I’ve ever seen. How can they still proudly print the URL on their product boxes ?!


Lilith Uterus comes in a box with wrapping, featuring stylish elements, a green stripe color, and the shadow of a feathered creature.

That character isn’t an angel, but depicts Lilith, a demon of the night who became a succubus. Willing to loose all your vital energy to her ? 😉

The box and wrapping have the same illustration. The box opens a bit like a trunk, and inside you’ll find instructions:


Inside the box, you’ll find a 12mL sample of “Insomnia” lubricant, and the onahole.

Quick word about the lube: it should be enough for 2 uses. The lube is quite watery, so prepare a towel if you wanna avoid messing up your chair ! It has surprisingly good performance and doesn’t dry off fast, and since it’s thin it allows to feel every structure of the onahole.


Lilith Uterus is made of TOMAX’ special skin-like phtalate-free material. It’s soft and flexible, and with some baby powder it’s very smooth. They say doing careful quality check of their products ? I’ll give them that: I couldn’t find any imperfection on mine.

Uh yeah just one issue: the smell when opening. Significant. I can be forgiving for that since Lilith products really aren’t recent on the market but yeah keep that in mind: you’ll need a few washes with soap until the smell faded away fully. Aside that, the surface gets a bit oily.

Now let’s check the inside:

The Lilith Uterus single-layer onaholes have a tunnel with lots of tiny detailed structures, somewhat tighter near the entrance, leading to a larger space ended with a cervix-like opening and an “uterus” with nubs which also acts as vacuum chamber. Overall, TOMAX did their best reproducing a vagina.


Due to the subtle structures of the onahole, you may want to use a thin lube (like the included sample), or slightly watering down a standard lube like Onatsuyu. If you produce lots of precum, you may wanna try using that only.

Lilith Uterus Soft is.. soft. You penetrate the onahole and quickly reach the first structure, slowly expanding around your tip in a quite cozy fashion. After that, you’ll find yourself in the second half of the “vagina”, giving a snug feeling with aah so subtle structures, a bit like Nama Kanshoku.

Going deeper you can reach the “uterus”. Don’t place too much hopes for it: it’s too soft to be distinctively felt, aside a “tickling” when rolling the bottom around your tip.

This onahole shines in slow masturbation, taking your time climbing up to climax, making your penis ache to cum like there’s no tomorrow. Not that you could do a quick fapping conveniently: due to the great softness of the material, the onahole “bends” when you’re inserted shallowly, and wobbles around as you slide in and out. Not so great to have a wiggle worm flopping all over the place when you’re trying to focus on a porn. Normal and hard editions may not have this issue.

Alternative solution: daki sex. Attach the onahole above a towel, with a belt around the dakimakura, and you’ll achieve quite a sweet time with your favorite cuddle character.

Nevertheless: Lilith Uterus Soft is an onahole for people with sensitive penises, and who don’t mind extending their fun for a whole hour. Not for a “quickie”.


Since Lilith Uterus is a single-layer toy, you can safely and easily turn it inside-out to wash away any remaining lube and fluids, clean it with soap, rinse and pat dry with cotton pad or microfiber towel.

Then, let it dry fully by air (or inside breathable storage bag), and optionally you can pat some bay powder to make it’s surface smooth and silky.

To sum up: pretty straight forward maintenance and no particular hassle.


I may have had slightly higher expectations for Lilith Uterus Soft and the elite/premium rank it claims.

For overseas the price can be hefty and the limited availability delays shipping from the only few authorized sellers.

The packaging is well designed and feels premium, but IMO the material pays the tribute of it’s legacy: nowadays onahole makers are able to create toys with little or no smell and oily surface. There is much worse out there but yeah you really want to give the toy a good soaping to remove the out-of-the-box smell.

TOMAX did a really really good job with the structures inside, with notably a medically accurate vagina (cervix and uterus being obviously not realistic). For a sensitive penis and with a thin lubricant, it does wonders. However if you have a circumcised penis or otherwise lower sensitivity, you should rather pick normal or hard edition.

Definitively an onahole I’ll use occasionally 🙂

Lilith Uterus Soft
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Packaging and addons - 7/10
  • 5/10
    Price - 5/10


+ lifelike vagina structures
+ soft and snug feeling
+ perfect manufacturing
+ good packaging
– light out-of-the-box smell
– hefty price on overseas sellers
– limited availability and stocks
– TOMAX’ website as of today is a shame for a quality product maker
User Review
4.25 (4 votes)

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2 Replies to “Lilith Uterus Soft”

  1. I got myself the Hard version, after there was long wait on their website.
    BTW I can understand that you call their site sad, as it is outdated, but it certainly does it’s job and I think sites with Javascript & co are overrated.

    The Onahole is weird in the sense that it brings me to orgasm quite quickly if I use it carelessly, but it does so without me feeling alot of structure and feelings overall. I use Onatsuyu.
    That doesn’t need to be bad… but
    the actual problem for me is that the lube drys out quite quickly, and then the front part of the onahole, the tight part, sticks to my d*ck. Since it sticks, it moves my skin, and therefore it’s not rubbing on my sensitive parts anymore but rather on the outer skin that is pulled back & forth.
    Quite weird, lol.
    I don’t want to hold my skin back all the time, but that would be a solution, lol.
    Anyway, any tips?
    Thanks for the review

  2. I have the Lilith soft, and you are correct, it would be best described as comfortable. The uterus function is barely discernible when entering it. so I purchased the hard version, but it is still barely noticeable, and the hard version is not comfortable to use unless you are a fleshlight fan.

    Is there a good sleeve with an effective uterus function?

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