You know, sometimes I’m much more attracted by the box of the onahole rather than the onahole itself, and that’s the reason why I bought this product in the first place. Uuuh, what did I just say ? I’m such a weird person don’t you think ?

Anyway, Ju-C PUTI 1 also known as the first onahole of the same series produced by the AWESOME guys of G-Project. It’s really fun though because I only tried a single product of this company and I’m already in love with it ^^

In fact when I said that I’ve bought this onahole because of the packaging only I kinda lied, of course the box is truly amazing, really small, cute with a nice artwork and a cute girl at the front (Wearing skirt and thigh high guys ! Freaking SKIRT & THIGH HIGH !! ❀)

But after all it’s the review from Akai Hebi of Ju-C PUTI 2 which made me bought this one !


The internal structure looks kinda simple, Dots! – Meh.. – Dots! – Meh.. – and again DOTS!

Nothing that impressive here. However I was highly surprised by how wide the “tunnel” was. I already own a bunch of onahole so I’m kinda used to this now, but it’s the very first time that I see something like this. I gave it a try with my middle finger and I was able to slip it inside without touching any parts of the walls. Impressing, isn’t it ? Well, maybe not that much, let’s carry on.


As I said previously, I truly love the artwork of the box. It looks so cute and sweet !


In fact the box is mostly made out of plastic, so with a good lighting you can see the onahole right through it ! It’s really fun, that’s the very first time I see an onahole box with such a feature. Usually it’s rather plain and simple cardboard, but here it seems that Outvision wanted to distinguish their product from the other company, great idea !


This is how it looks like when you open it up ~


And here all the content out of the box: Onahole & stick of lube (very good btw)


Hey ! What are you doing u stupid dragon ? Give it back, that’s mine not yours. Go buy one for yourself if you want to masturbate, or simply ask Peach to help you out with this ! But hey, carefull man. Mario will beat the hell out of you if he catches you up in the middle of the act. That plumber is crazy as fuck I swear to god…

Hey wait a minute, aren’t you supposed to be green ? Why the fuck are you blue ? Did you eat too much Schtroumpf or something ?

Huh what ? You’re getting all blue when you’re excited ? Da fuck is wrong with you man, you’re such a strange and weird dragon no kidding…


Wut ?



Oh… yeah that’s right… I’m freaking strange too right ?

*Nod, Nod*

Hmm… well then nice to meet you bro !



The material used is awesome. No smell, not sticky, and feels pretty durable. The only bad point here to me is the design itself. Plain and simple. Meh… kinda looks like a famous sausage from my region ^^

Or also the onahole warmer from RENDS ~

new usb onaho warmer

However thanks to it’s rather small size, it is very easy to hide it or take it away with you if you’re going on a trip or somewhere else. Even if you’re living with your family (like me) you can simply hide it under a bunch of clothes or inside one of your pocket on the way to the bathroom =)

Other important point to notice, the noise it makes is very weak. At least if you’re putting all the air out to create a good vacuum, you barely won’t hear anything.

Now, the most important part. How does it feel ?

AWESOME. In fact, you remember when I said that the internal tunnel was rather large and wide ? Usually before penetrating an onahole, I’m used to press it so that all the air inside will get out and I’m sure to enjoy a nice vacuum.


Simple looking entrance, but very good to retain lube from leaking out ! 

But for this one, holly cow ! What an intense suction ! It truly feels like this pussy is going to swallow your dick without letting down her grip. It, it really is mind blowing! At first, I didn’t expect to have such an intense sensation but WOW ! I’ve never felt such a strong suction before. Plus, the lube inside don’t gets dry after a couple of strokes and doesn’t leak from the entrance. Usually, I’m only using a few drops of onatsuyu lotion and it can last until I climax ! And with all these little dots, feeling them clinging along your penis while you’re moving it back and forth feels heavenly good.


Finaly, after cumming her comes the cleaning… *SIGGGGHHHHH ~ *

But don’t worry it’s very quick, I stopwatched it and it took me LESS than a minute to wash it and get all the fluids out. Very stretchy material so no problem with that part. I still recommand using cornstarch or baby powder after a couple of uses once the outside gets really sticky and dirty…

Down below, the promotionnal video from G-Project ~

  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


Awesome onahole for such a cheap price and very good for newcomer looking for new sensation. If you are searching for a light and cheap article to complete your cart before ordering, this onahole might be a fairly good deal too =)

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7 Replies to “Ju-C PUTI 1”

  1. I’m a bit worried about the size. Will the material last very long if you have a large member? T-T I’ve never owned a toy before and I was thinking about getting one but I am not small so to speak..

  2. So according to the promotionnal video there are two versions of this onahole?
    What is the great difference to the “blue” version? I only see that the tunnel shape is different.
    Are you going to review the blue one as well?

    1. Akai Hebi made a review for the 2nd “blue” version: https://blog.onahole.eu/reviews/onaholes/ju-c-puti-2
      I honestly can’t tell which one is better between those two since I’ve only tried the first one. But they look pretty similar according to the size/weight/design. The only parts that changes are the inner structure ribs/dots and the color. To me, this first version is perfect and I’m using it quite oftenly. But the second and even 3rd version seems to be awesome too so it’s up to your own preferences =)

  3. This may be a bit off topic, but do you remember that circle with four colors in the back of some onahole boxes? Do you have a page explaining it? What does each of the four colors mean? I know Virgin Age: Admission has the star in the upper right part of the circle, so I’m guessing that area means “Tight”, and the star for Seventeen Bordeaux Soft is on the bottom left part of the circle so does that mean it is the opposite of Admission? I’d like to know exactly. Thanks

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