Ashi Koki Musume

Hello everyone, thanks for dropping by ! We at Onahole Review have lots of fun talking about all kinds of fetishes, and the Japanese sextoy industry is more than happy to create wacky toys to meet your every needs and fantasies. And so, Outvision made a footjob onahole: Ashi koki musume, or “footjob daughter” !


As many of you already know, “footjob” is named “ashi koki” in Japanese ( θΆ³γ‚³γ‚­ ). It’s a quite accurate translation of the concept: a work with the feet. Some love it, some don’t, as in all sexual activities. As for me, footjob has a grip on me as not being gender-specific and basically being the baseline of any tsundere hentai/roleplay (“I’m not gonna touch your dirty dick with anything else, you should be grateful already I’m going this far for you, prepare yourself to lick your own cum off my feet afterwards”).

(thanks to @Flauschwurm !)

The onahole industry mostly makes “pussy” onaholes, but luckily they also explore more corners, including the classical blowjob, the very popular oppai, paizuri and nipple fucking, some anal stuff and of course: feet. Footjobs are still lacking available toys, one of the first being made by NPG, I see Tamatoys also came up with a concept, and I wonder if Magic Eyes and ToysHeart will make something too. For now, let’s talk about the footjob onahole made by Outvision !


Her face ! Look at her face ! She made you cum buckets and now she’s gonna kick you in the balls until you lick her semen-covered toes clean ! You know, it’s really that kind of pose that makes ashikoki interesting to me: having a complete view from face to feet, including exposed pantsu. What’s more: a schoolgirl uniform, and that ribbon exactly between her boobs. Really nice art choice.


This uuuuh…  is not a very good picture quality, Amazon. Whatever.


Upon opening the box, you find the onahole itself in plastic wrapping, and also a sample of lube. About the lube: seems like my sample was waiting for too long for a customer, it dried up and created a kind of “jelly”. Don’t be shy to add some water to it if you are in the same situation ! The lube performance is medium, imo it lacked squishiness for that kind of toy.


Good ! I’m presently holding up an onahole in the shape of feet held together sole to sole, it have some light smell but it doesn’t smell like feet obviously, but that smell fades away after a few washes. TPE thermoplastic rubber, very common technology, and Outvision provides us here with something quite standard in quality. Feel pretty much like Puni Ana DX. The good surprise with the molding is that every toe has it’s nail, clearly drawn and very precise ! It’s quite impressive. Actually, I felt like painting them with blueberry jam.


Good ! The space between the toes is perfect for keeping the lube in place. With this onahole, you have two options on how to play: you can either rub yourself with the little toes (sliding your dick between the toes, or rubbing your cunt with them, whatever applies to your anatomy), or you can insert your stuff into the hole, between the feet. In the first case it’s nice as foreplay and teasing, in the second case… let’s have a look inside !


It looks of nothing much, just a wavy structure in a zigzag hole, but buuuuuuuuut: that onahole is tight as fuck ! And I mean: almost as light as Virgin Age Admission ! It’s like she tries to squeeze the blood out from your penis, or stepping on it ! It’s ridiculously tight, you have to force yourself to even stay inside, bullying your glans on the waves, grating pleasure from the fight. You thought footjobs are nice and smooth and soft, well, fuck it: this onahole is unforgiving and will bully you into cumming. On my first tries I thought about using this onahole for my first orgasm, but hell it ruined my horniness so much I just hadn’t the energy to use another onahole for the second shot.

And using Ashi Koki for the second shot ? Not only it achieves it quite easily, but I even came faster with it than for the first cum with the other onahole !

But still. This overwhelming intensity is too much, for an onahole more intended for long plays, teasing, tenderness even. Honestly, Outvision, keep that internal structure but make an anal onahole of it: tightness, intestinal shape, it’s all there. Hell, you can even add a little chunk of plastic on one side and call it an otoko no ko onahole, if you don’t wanna go straight into shotacon. But feet ? No.

The high tightness of the onahole also makes the cleaning more difficult, you must try to reach the bottom with your fingers while holding the hole open, but it doesn’t want to ! And as Infernal Monkey pointed out in his review, Ashi koki looks a liiitle bit like a tooth. Don’t forget to use some corn starch powder after cleaning, to make the surface very smooth ! (that’s if you want to touch and rub them; if you want to lick them, then I’d suggest you use yogurt to help fantasies πŸ˜‰ )

And for that price, it’s still okay. Have fun !

Ashi Koki Musume
  • 3.5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 3.5/10
  • 6/10
    Materials and cleaning - 6/10
  • 6/10
    Packaging and addons - 6/10
  • 6/10
    Price - 6/10


Way too tight for correct footjob fantasies >_<

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  1. Great review. I love real life feet but for some reason i’ve never found sex toys based on feet very appealing. They never seem to get it right for me.

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