Chitsu Pita Lolinco

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Chitsu Pita Lolinco

Hellow fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you Chitsu Pita Lolinco, an onahole made by RIDE JAPAN. NLS  sent it to me for a review, and here it is! ~


A cute loli onahole, with an average-looking loli on the box art who can’t hold her sexual urges just by seeing you. The box art is decent, and the size too, it’s not oversized like for other onaholes like My big brother is a pervert.

1_1418349187_1_wHb3M IMG_20150216_153551 IMG_20150216_153556

It’s not very protected like with a plastic case, but I think the box itself is good enough. Inside we can find the onahole in the typical plastic bag and a sample of lube. With the cheap price for this onahole, I didn’t expect a bottle, so it’s fair what they offer.

The design is interesting.

IMG_20150216_154249 IMG_20150216_154433 1_1418349185_m_I3DFT

The labia looks nice, well shaped specially for holding lube to lube your glans, although it looks a bit mature for a loli onahole… it does not look loli at all. The other part is a bubble-like texture, is not a body or something good looking, but it’s very nice to the touch.

The onahole is durable too, I haven’t seen any damage so far and probably won’t have some, since the inner walls are thick enough to not break.

Here are the insides:

1_1418349185_m_I3DFT - copia 1_1418349185_m_I3DFT - copia - copia (2)

There are 2 ways to fap with this: just using the entrance to please your glans, which is a good feeling, or going all the way in, where the feeling is decent, but there is one problem, the onahole sort of feels… dry. Even if you pour a lot of lube, it feels dry and ruins a bit the stimulation, and that’s bad because the onahole kinda sucks on your penis. But the feeling is ok, I mostly use just the first part of the onahole and I don’t go deep.

1_1418349185_m_I3DFT - copia - copia

Now, this would be a pretty decent onahole for its price, except for one thing: the hole at the back. It sucks for both using and cleaning. While fapping, I was testing if my ejaculation would spill out if I did not tap the hole, and yes, it did, it shoot through the onahole landing on me… so, you have to take care of that. Another thing, when cleaning, normally when I finish using an onahole I leave it in a plastic tray to clean it later, and when I picked it up, I forgot about the hole and the fluids spilled on my bed, ughh… But, there is one fix. If you have a soldering iron, and an old broken onahole, you can cut a piece of its flesh, and melt around the hole, then put the piece of the other onahole on top, and you will close the hole. It worked great for me, and I recommend doing it. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my review, hope to see you again for more!

IMG_20150225_153439 IMG_20150225_153451

Chitsu Pita Lolinco
  • 7/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 7/10
  • 3/10
    Materials and cleaning - 3/10
  • 7/10
    Packaging and addons - 7/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


Big and cheap, but gotta close that hole.

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